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The Smell Of The Greasepaint, (Princess) Aurora The Crowds

I remember the Disney film Sleeping Beauty where Aurora is surrounded by fluttering birds, as are most Disney Princesses, and if only my camera was able to capture the action you would see Gilly surrounded by fluttering butterflies, the brown and yellow sort. She wasn't sure whether to play with them or eat them: potential friend or snack.

Gilly and invisible butterflies
Gilly doesn't like these though, flying in trees or on the ground.

Peri is very blase about insect on walks. She is looking particularly thin, and a bit grubby, as she trots along I can see her ribs.

Peri Trot
After a long, cool Summer, the heat has arrived. It was 27*C yesterday and 30*C today. I just smelled the scent of rain and we had a short cooling shower, I love that smell. It is still 30*C inside the house. I made some Layered Garden Salad today. It has to sit in the fridge overnight before it's ready. I made enough for four days, or three days and one for MrsDrWho?? She won't read this as she is still in the throes of new kitten-dom.

Layered garden salad
The Harry Feet sock continues along, I'm almost at the heel, so it is not very exciting to look at. It is almost too hot to knit, but if I just knit slowly and surely, it distracts my mind from the heat.

Yesterday I sewed another shirred dress. I may even make another one since it has to be posted to Singapore. I'll have to find out the different categories and limits and then weigh the dress.

Shirrley not
Today  I was able to buy some of the rare plastic thingies that go in the curved curtain rail over the front bay window. Some of the centre ones had broken. The kind lady showed me how they click in and so I didn't have to put them in the ends and then slowly move the curtain over one hook at a time. I feel I have achieved quite a lot every time I see the curtains closing properly!!!

Happy Birthday Two You: Lorelai Gilmore!!!

Lorelai Gilmore is Two, she's a puppy dog, not a proper dog yet. For her birthday she received lots of kisses and cuddles and pats, some squeaky toys and a dried kangaroo bone and special slimming chicken breast cut up on her breakfast. Peri had a few tiny pieces. It was really hard to take a good photo of Gilly today:
Birthday Gilly is 2

This is the best I could do. Happy Birthday Miss Lorelai Gilmore, our lovely and loving Gilly!!!

Miss Gilly is 2
Not to be outdone, Peri has a sunshiny picture too. Peri also managed some Spirograph like purple ear adornment. I had a Spirograph set or two as a child which I LOVED so much. I spent happy hours making spirally circles and ellipses around curvy rulers.

Peri is almost a birthday girl
Yesterday I climbed up a whole lot of steps. I went for lunch at the Tea Rooms in the Gorge and there is no close parking. It is a long way down, and worse, on the way home, a long walk up.

Stairway to hell adise
Lunch was lovely with my friend whom I met when I started teaching at the same school twenty-two years ago now. I had lunch with friends at the Casino today and finally remembered to have the famous Club Sandwiches. I couldn't eat them all, so I smuggled one home in my bag!!! We say sangers, the British say sarnies, I don't know what North American Continental people say.

Lunch 5 jan Lunch jan 6
I have started my first knitting for the year, MrsDrWho's Harry Feet. I gave her two skeins and I am going to knit socks and a hat. I wanted to knit Hermione's Everyday socks but the subtle pattern was lost in the variegation of the colourful wool, so I am doing a rib and a pass the yfwd over panel instead. The wool is Harry Potter super-merino and nylon from the lovely Ixchel.

Harry feet start
In other MrsDrWho news, I am an aunt again, and Peri and Gilly have a new cousin: baby Muppin!!! She is so tiny and part Manx so she has a stumpy tail, which she wiggles when she is excited! The Big Cats are slightly noses-out-of-joint, but not too badly.

In other news, I am feeling a little better, but I know I am officially slightly pale from my last test, but not too much. I definitely feel better than I did last week.

I have seen The Easter Things in the shops and I have just taken a deep breath, and moved on.

This week has been full of days where I was going to do nothing and rest and but just didn't turn out that way. I sewed a dress for MissNeice, and she really likes it and as she will be going back home on the weekend, my day of doing nothing much tomorrow will involve sewing another dress. It is cheating though, it is already shirred so I only have to sew seams and straps!! And then maybe a cup of tea/coffee at the Kid's play centre along the road with MrsDrWho et al.

Easy dress

Right now, I am going to make another cup of tea, knit a few more rows and then we will retire to bed.

Tuesday's Letters Eat: 'A' is for Avocado

Because we live in The Apple Isle, I desperately wanted to cook something apple-y for my first Letters Eat. But it's not really apple recipe time, it was a warm day, so I decided to go Avocados instead and a recipe that didn't need an oven or any real cooking: what a cheat!! But very good if it's 43*C, which it is in some places today. After trailing to three shops I finally found an Avocado that was not too hard, or too soft, but still not just right.  Last week perfect Avocados were everywhere.

Avocado and Tomato Salsa    makes 8 bruschetta

  • 1/2 red onion finely chopped
  • 1 tbspn red wine vinegar
  • 1 avocado, peeled and diced
  • 1 ripe tomato, diced
  • 1 tbspn macadamia or olive oil
  • 1 small handful of rocket. I used baby spinach
  • juice 1/2 lime
  • salt and pepper to taste

Put the onion and vinegar in a small bowl and leave for an hour so the onion softens and sweetens.

Drain thoroughly and then add the rest of the ingredients and mix gently.

Serve with fish or bruschetta. I made some quick quesadilla with cheese and added some sour cream and lime wedges. I am a bit disappointed with the avocado's appearance, but it still tastes fresh and spicy. I might also add some chilli because I like things a little fiery.

Avocado salsa

Individual salsa

A Whole 'In The Head'

You put your whole head in,

You put your whole head out,

Peri's head in the bbq Gilly's head in the bbq

You put your whole head in:

And you shake it all about.

Two heads are better than one
Now Peri had shown Gilly how to investigate barbecues!! I have to make sure there are no bits and bobs in there they might perceive as edible.

Last year I bought myself a new kitting book, the Vogue Lace Knitting Stitchionary. It was only $15 with free postage, and it has charts!! The lace patterns are written out in full, and there are also charts. I like it very much.

Today I caught up with Kate Knight and her lovely family. We lunched and chatted and exchanged some gifts and I received Best in Show, a book where you knit your own dog!! Look, a Chocolate Labrador and I know WeeJackandBessie's mum and dad will be getting some tiny Westies and The GardyGardeners a corgi!! It's so lovely. I have looked at this book myself and really wanted it, but didn't need it. I am so lucky: lovely friends and a such a wonderful thoughtful gift!! There was also a journal, green and covered with dogs!!!

Knit a lab
I am slightly obsessed with the tetrahedron bags so I made some of those with a few things inside!!

MrsDrWho gave me Nigella DVDs for Christmas, in fact lots of Nigella. It comes in a lovely slip cover and then it is arranged like a book. I shall have to cook lots of Nigella things this year.


Speaking of cooking, this year I think I shall be posting on Tuesdays: Tuesday:Letters Eat  I think, because of the alphabet thing.  Tomorrow, 'A' , so I shall be browsing some cook books and thinking about 'A' food!!

I have had a lovely long nap this afternoon and now The Labradors are napping. The weather has been sunny, but not too hot, though I still LOVE the air-con in my car every time I drive. The nights have been cool, I even had a hot water bottle last week, and I don't feel the cold!!

I haven't started any knitting, I want to knit myself cardigans this year, but I shall start with socks for MrsDrWho. I am thinking of Hermione's Everyday Socks, but she may like something a little flashier??

One Door Closes, Another Door OPAMs.

And now, the final OPAM post for my 2010 goals. This month I made three small quilts, one for my Aunt, one for WeeNephew and one for BabyElectric. I used, respectively, some Saffron Craig, Thomas the Tank Engine and Very Hungry Caterpillar material. Here they are:

December 2010

I have made a mosaic for all the OPAM things I made. One Project A Month really gave me the impetus to finish things I started, once it was written down I felt compelled to complete the task. I shall be having a rest from OPAM this year: much as I enjoyed it, I think a little sabbatical is called for, a gentler pace in 2011 I think. Thanks to the hosts, Kris and Peg for the lovely year, and to everyone who left such lovely comments and gave me encouragement.

OPAM 2010

This post is no longer sticky. It will be a novelty to see something new when I post after a year with the same post at the top of my blog!!!


I have joined the OPAM. Although I managed to add the One Project A Month badge to my side bar I couldn't make it properly clicky, so I'm just making a sticky clicky post for the year. I have, strangely, worked out how to make the picture a link but it makes my blog slow to load- for me, so click on the clicky words.(See how technology is here to help us in the 21st Century??)

January: I have sewn a dress, which I do not love sufficiently. I shall sew another.

February: I have re-upholstered the new foam cushion for the Ottoman, I have finished the Wee Spawn's Ark embroidery to be sewn onto his quilt.

March: I finished the Tempest Cardigan. I may have finished the Stargate Cardigan (ran out of wool, had to order it online) and the Otto, but Harki died and so I lost the urge to carry on.

April: The base of the Otto was easy to cover and I love the new ironing board cover. It is so nice to iron on a firm foam top. The Chappa'ai Cardigan is complete but I don't like it and it needs fixing.

May: I have finished my quilt, made with lovely fabric from the Fat Quarter Swap.

June: I want to design and knit myself a pair of ribby mittens with an opening in the palm so I can whip my fingers in and out to give The Labradors treats and take a picture if I want to. I would also like to sew myself a tunic top. Now my sewing machine is broken I can't sew a tunic so I am knitting a pair of socks instead!!! The mittens morphed into a cowl for MrsDrWho. I was all swappy changy this month.

July:I stuck to my goal and knitted myself a pair of lovely mittens. Green and snuggly!! I am going to wear them tomorrow morning for the first time.

August: I met my goals, I drafted a skirt pattern and sewed a skirt so I am very happy indeed.

September: I made my camera case, it is very successful as I dropped my camera on the floor and it was very protected!!

October: This month I finished knitting three pairs of socks that had been languishing.  I finished The Mystery Socks, so a win all round.

November : I made an Advent Quilt.

December: This month I made three small quilts: a Thomas the Tank Engine, an A Very Hungry Caterpillar and one for my Aunt. (see above)