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The Smell Of The Greasepaint, (Princess) Aurora The Crowds

I remember the Disney film Sleeping Beauty where Aurora is surrounded by fluttering birds, as are most Disney Princesses, and if only my camera was able to capture the action you would see Gilly surrounded by fluttering butterflies, the brown and yellow sort. She wasn't sure whether to play with them or eat them: potential friend or snack.

Gilly and invisible butterflies
Gilly doesn't like these though, flying in trees or on the ground.

Peri is very blase about insect on walks. She is looking particularly thin, and a bit grubby, as she trots along I can see her ribs.

Peri Trot
After a long, cool Summer, the heat has arrived. It was 27*C yesterday and 30*C today. I just smelled the scent of rain and we had a short cooling shower, I love that smell. It is still 30*C inside the house. I made some Layered Garden Salad today. It has to sit in the fridge overnight before it's ready. I made enough for four days, or three days and one for MrsDrWho?? She won't read this as she is still in the throes of new kitten-dom.

Layered garden salad
The Harry Feet sock continues along, I'm almost at the heel, so it is not very exciting to look at. It is almost too hot to knit, but if I just knit slowly and surely, it distracts my mind from the heat.

Yesterday I sewed another shirred dress. I may even make another one since it has to be posted to Singapore. I'll have to find out the different categories and limits and then weigh the dress.

Shirrley not
Today  I was able to buy some of the rare plastic thingies that go in the curved curtain rail over the front bay window. Some of the centre ones had broken. The kind lady showed me how they click in and so I didn't have to put them in the ends and then slowly move the curtain over one hook at a time. I feel I have achieved quite a lot every time I see the curtains closing properly!!!



The dress is beautiful! Love the fabric.

The Layered Garden Salads look scrumptious.

Have just visited MrsDrWho's blog - Muppin is so adoreable. Do hope Cleopatra and Caramello adjust to the new addition soon.


Don't you get frustrated when the camera won't or can't capture the things you want it to - or perhaps more correctly in my case that I don't have the skills to make the camera do what I want it to, (I have quite a good camera, with some high techie bits but I just don't know how to drive it properly!)
Love the blue fabric of today's dress. We have been having fairly cool days too - in the thirties but our hot days go over 40. I really don't like those!

Rose Red

Another lovely dress! Even though it is blue and not red like the last one, I think I like it better (oooh sacrilege!). Lovely fabric and perfect for humid Singapore!

I love the smell of rain after a hot day too. We don't get the lovely smell as much in Sydney but in the country, wow, it almost knocks you out with the deliciousness of it!


goodness that is warm weather for your summer. we have had more rain and storms everyday here. Off to Brisbane Monday and then flying with my family into Launceston on Wednesday, driving to Hobart Thursday. Trying to decide what to pack is proving difficult :-). Hoping to escape the tropical QLD heat for a little bit!


Tell Gilly not to eat the butterflies! I have heard that they taste awful! And that bug on the ground looks like it would stick in her throat. We call them June bugs here because they swarm in June, though I don't know their real name. The salad looks yummy and I think prepping ahead is a fine idea! Very cute dress. It can's weigh that much!


My Zara chases everything - flies, butterflies, birds, bees! If only she would chomp snails, too, but alas they seem to lack that essential zippiness she finds so attractive...
That smocked dress is very cute, I really should follow your lead and make some more things for my girls.


The blue dress looks so pretty! I could just imagine all those butterflies flying around. Our kitty Bella seems obsessed with dragonflies and has to catch them everytime one flies by her. I wish she wouldnt do it as they look so pretty flying around our garden!


Yowza, is that horsefly as big as it looks on my screen? (At least it looks like a horsefly to me; don't know if you have them in Australia.)
The salads look so healthy and delicious.


oh how little you know me I lurk despite the kitten.....yep one salad for me thank...and the dress is very noice. We have to post a birthday present to Singapore...the dress can just go in our parcel.


This little shirred dress is just as sweet as the first one!! Yes another one is a good idea too!

Your garden salads look yummy. A good idea to make a couple at a time.

If Daisy was surrounded by butterflies they would definitely be on the menu!! LOL


I've just started making salad ahead and putting it in airtight containers to keep it fresh - I'm much more likely to eat it if it's already made and I don't have to make it from scratch!

Gorgeous dress too!


Lovely dress - perfect for the tropical climate in Singapore I'd imagine. The layered garden salad looks very interesting; have you done the "recipe" for that before? It sounds familiar.


Oh dear, 30 degrees sounds rather cool to me!! But I know it is all relative - at the start of summer 30 seems very hot! Now I just can't wait for winter.. sigh..

That is a beautiful photo of Gilly trotting off into the distance :)

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