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Tuesday's Letters Eat 2: 'A' is for Almond

I have given up on apples for now. Maybe in the 'G' week I can cook Granny Smiths, or Cox's Oranges or Ladies in the Snow in their appropriately lettered weeks.

Today I baked Almond Macaroons, the old fashioned kind not the new fangled sort with one 'o'. These are so easy. You can mix them by hand, but it took two minutes in the mix-master and there are only 3 ingredients, well four it you like to decorate your macaroons. After they are cool, you can pop them in the freezer on a tray and then when they are frozen they will keep in a sealed bag or container for quite a few months. They only take an hour to defrost, so they are very handy for unscheduled afternoon teas!!


Almond Macaroons   makes about 16

  • 100g ground almonds
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 1 egg white
  • flaked almonds to decorate or glace cherries???

Preheat the oven to 200*C or 180*C fan-forced. The correct temperature is very important for macaroons.

Place the ground almonds, sugar and egg white in a bowl and mix well by hand, or use your mixer for about  2 minutes. It must form a paste. I could hear the sound of my mixer change as the mixture became clumpy.

If you squash it together it forms a nice paste or dough. I used a dessertspoon to make the macaroons more or less the same size. I took a spoonful of the paste and then scraped off the excess on the side of the bowl. Then roll into balls, wet hands help. Nigella anoints her hands with rosewater before she rolls hers.

Place on a lined tray and then squash a little to make each biscuit flatter. I put a piece of flaked almond on top as I pushed the biscuit flat. I felt a whole blanched almond would be to much for such small delicate biscuits.

Bake for 10-12 minutes. The aim is for a pale biscuit that is barely browned at all.  I swapped the trays over half way through and mine could probably have come out at 10 minutes but I left them in for 11. Cool on the tray and then a rack and keep in an airtight container. The recipe is easily doubled. They are resplendent on my new plate!!!

Almond macaroons


Rose Red

They are indeed resplendent! What a simple recipe! Very nice!


Coconut macaroons are delicious so I bet almond ones are even more so! I tried one of those newfangled macaron thingos and didn't rate them at all. The proper ones are way better!


they look delicious and they are GF!!


Does this mean your dinner set no longer lives in the car?


That plate is delightful and those biscuits look good! I have a friend with a wheat intolerance so this recipe looks great for her! Happy belated birthday to Peri!

Judy Edmonds

Nigella would, wouldn't she! I made these a while ago and they lasted almost no time at all.


Yum! Almond is a favourite flavor of mine! They wouldn't last long at all around here!


hehe, i love the look of your old fashioned one O sweet things. almonds are so versatile arent they?


You have inspired me - I dug around in my baking box and found 100gm almond meal - nummy bikkies for me today!


I made some - now I'm having trouble shoving my greed back into the box whence it came, they are so yummy!

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