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Two Dogs' Breakfast

The YouTube has changed their 'thingies' and I can't have a green border anymore. I am very sad. In fact there doesn't appear to be any kind of border at all.

Peri and Gilly are eating their breakfast. Gilly doesn't so much eat her food, as inhale it, and then her next thought is always to see if she can eat Peri's food. Peri is wise to her wicked breakfast stealing ways, and she picks up her bowl and takes it away somewhere safe!!!

This morning they had kangaroo, basmati rice, grated carrot, sweet potato and some delicious thinly sliced raw celery.

I have almost made one owl, it is larger than I thought it would be. I have three more owls that need eyes and wings. MrsDrWho has some toddler socks in the bag at her house which are going to be smaller owls. I forgot to take them home after we had been shopping in town today.

It's almost a hoot
The Hatty Potter is going well. I increased till I had 288 stitches and I am doing a double yarn forward and then knit two together each 36 stitches (eighths)  just to make it a bit more interesting to knit. I can't do a pattern because of the lovely colour variegations in the wool.

Hatty  potter 20 rows in
As per usual, Peri has been rolling in something smelly at the dam. She is currently experimenting with some gymnastic variations. I think this is a somersault with half pike, double back twist and a pirouette. Yesterday she lost her collar and so now she is wearing Harki's special green and white one. There are lots of grass seeds that want to stick into her skin, so when we get home it is an excellent excuse for a very long pat and cuddle to check there are none left in her fur. Vundy the German Shepherd had a grass seed that borrowed through her skin and was actually inside her insides, making its way towards vital organs.

Peri is a gymnast

Lorelai Gilmore is just looking sweet and lovely. There are lots of wallabies and potoroos about and she is intent on keeping them in order. She is so obedient, when I call her she comes straight away and then she sits at my feet. She is a lovely pup.

Gilly is sweet and lovely
MrsDrWho and I had thoughts of going to the pictures, but there is truly nothing at all that we want to see. I am happy to report that we shall be able to see The King's Speech. It was not going to be screened here, but now they are advertising that it will start on February 10th. I made a written and phone complaint (fancy that!!) and I think many other people did too. I am very much looking forward to seeing it.


Judy Edmonds

What good girls they are! How lovely to see them eating nicely :)

I have been trying to get to The King's Speech, it will probably be finished by the time I try. That is usually the story with films that Angus does not want to see. That is one reason why I have such a humungeous DVD collection!!


Dear dogs are such efficient bowl cleaners. Unlike 2 cats of my acquaintance who love to lick off gravy and then leave the rest of the stuff until it is eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww.


They are so well-trained, waiting until you say they can eat before they start (I assume, I always have the sound off on my computer). And such efficient and healthy eaters! (and I love how Peri protects her food!)

I hope to see the King's Speech at the movies too. I wonder if I can get to the cinema tomorrow...


grass seeds can be very nasty things.
Someone else food is always better than your own........LOL



Yes Jake tends to try and eat Tess' dinner as well but Tess now growls at him to tell him off so he walks away. Your owl softie looks very cute. I made the giraffes and they turned out quite cute too. I think The King's Speech will be fabulous to see.


yum - I could have eaten that dog's breakfast myself (except for the kangaroo !) - they certainly polish it off with great enthusiasm !
Love little owl's big boofy eyes :)


I went to see the king's speech the other day. It was brilliant. The acting was superb. Guy Pearce was in it as Edward who abdicated and at first I thought 'that's Guy Pearce' then I thought 'no it's not' then 'or is it'. He did such a good job. It was amusing and touching too I have to admit to shedding a small tear at the end. (but here's a confession- I cry at tv ads and almost all children's movies especially ones with happy endings!)
It's funny how some dogs just inhale their food like that isn't it. Pablo is not one of those types of doggies. possibly because he doesn't get such gourmet yummy breakfasts!


Meal time with dogs is indeed interesting, though none of mine have picked their bowls up and run away yet! Very adorable owl you have. And I never heard that about the grass seeds. That is awful and certainly does require an extra long going-over.


Ah - the inhaling of labradorables! I was going to the pictures again these hols, but never made it - never mind!


I love the way Peri takes her bowl off to eat in peace.

The Kings Speech is supposed to be really good. Haven't had a chance to see it yet.

Jennifer rose

awww love the floppy ears :D sky has been ill the last few times she has eaten, so a trip to the vet is called for :/

i hate those grass seeds. my old dog ( a bouve) was always getting them stuck in his paws and they would dig in and end up hurting his toes :/ we had to keep his feet shaved a lot of the time to try to help the problem.


the breakfast sounds delicious!!! Do you always make their food??? I'm a bad Mummy :P I just give my doggies the dry food and can food :P

btw...the love owl!! it's so cute!!!

Pet Sitter Los Angeles

Both are really hungry, check the video and tell me who is the winner?


Peri is such a clever girl. It almost looks like they're racing to see who finishes first. I'm going to see The King's Speech sometime this week - it's part of my goal to see all 10 Oscar nominated movies before the Oscars actually air.


Gilly really doesn't come up for air very often. This breakfast looks delicious! Do you cook it fresh each morning?
Love the photos of Peri rolling, and Gilly just being pretty! It's so nice to have an obedient puppy! As bad as Denny is, he listens best of all three so far.


Clever girlies! And very good table manners too! Our kelpie from my childhood, Tricky, would carry bowls also. She and my Grandparents dog, Rusty, would spend time together often at either their house or ours and when they were fed at the same time they were both very well behaved, no attempts to eat each other's food. When Tricky had finished she would take her bowl from the lawn and bring it to the back step. Then when Rusty was finished she would do the same with his bowl! Very cute :)

I'm keen to see The King's Speech too - it looks wonderful and my Dad tells me it is very much worth the price of admission!


mmmm breakfast, you are such a good puppy mum! and im thinking that self service at the perfume counter was in eau-de-kangaroo as well! i just ADORE that owl, its so cute, i wants one :)


This is my 2nd comment post....I musn't have followed through the copy image letters/numbers step last time :( I have no idea what I wrote 1st time around!!

So glad you got the grass seeds off Peri, that must have been scary with Vundy!! What a good, clever puppy Gilly is. She needs to give Daisy some lessons! LOL

Just love the cute owl & the breakfast u-tube!

Laurie (Moo!)

Less than 2 minutes from full to empty bowls. That's a land speed record. Peri is so funny, moving her bowl. Sometimes little sisters are a real pain! And all of the judges give her a 10 for her gymnastic maneuvers!

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