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Home Again, Home Again......

Well, that was a little unexpected trip to hospital. I am home now, and it is very strange to be at our house with no Labradors, very strange. I was allowed home after I ate something. I had beakfast on Monday and then nothing else till tea last night. Auntie Dutch had ticked the menu and it was chicken schnitzel, creamed potato, peas and carrots. I almost ate it all!!!

MrsDrWho and Auntie and Uncle Dutch looked after everything for me, I am so very lucky. The Labradors were fed by my Next-door Neighbourand spent the night at home alone, then The Dutches purchased special food for Peri and The Labradors were taken to the kennels. Interference was run with my mum so she wouldn't panic!!! MrsDrWho hates hospital, but she came to see me even though it was the first days of school.

I turned up at the DEM* with just the clothes I was wearing, but everything I expressed a need or desire for was magically acquired. All I had to do was lie there and be poorly!!! It took a while to find me a bed, so I was in the ENT/EYE room in the DEM wearing a lovely gown-that-ties-at-the-back for about a day.

DEM for 30 hours
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I read them and it made me feel a bit teary, and then very happy!! You are all very kind.

The Doctors (and more importantly Uncle Matthew, who is an excellent nurse) think that normal bacteria that was just floating around inside me gravitated towards my infuser port and when my port was flushed it was pushed through into my blood stream and that makes a septic shower. So I have had two days of last resort IV antibiotics and then the lovely surgeon Dr Luke took my port out under local anaesthetic. The theatre staff realised after a few minutes that when I said I was not very brave, and they heard my beeping pulse monitor getting faster and faster and higher and higher, that I was not joking. They gave me some morphine to 'take the edge off' but it didn't hurt at all really. Of course now it does!!! Oh and my heart is good too, my ultrasound was fine and there were no bacteria growing in my valves. The report said I had no vegetation!!!

I must have something to eat, take my drugs and then I think I willl go back to bed and sleep again. I have probably forgotten something, but I can't remember what. Oh, except that everyone should really have bag, packed with a few essentials, ready in case of emergencies. I am going to pack two, one for home and one to leave at MrsDrWho's house.

It's been an interesting week, and I am very grateful for all the excellent treatment in Hospital (free!!) and from my GP, and especially for my most wonderful friends. Without whom.....

*DEM Department of Emergency Medicine




very glad to hear you were so beautifully looked after :-)


Happy to hear that the problem is taken care of and you are home again. Thank goodness for faithful friends and competent doctors. You and the girls can look forward to a happy reunion! Stay well!


its lovely to hear your 'voice' and know you are alright, in the scheme of things. im so glad you are being well looked after, and the girls are too. wishing you lots of love and hugs and flowers and a speedy recovery xx


You sound brave as you write about it. Have many naps and things to eat and get well soon. Yay for lack of internal hearty vegetation.


I am so glad to see a post from you so soon! Glad everything went well (or as well as possible, I suppose), and yum, chicken schnitzel, I would eat all that up too.

I am not very brave when it comes to hospital procedures too, so I think I would have had the same reaction.

Glad you have no unwanted vegetation! And good advice about the emergency bag. I hope you shall never need it though.

Jennifer rose

so glad you are out. its never any fun going into hospital :/ i have a love hate relationship with morphine. it takes away the pain and makes me stoned, but i really really hate the withdrawl symptoms.

yes, everyone should have a bag ready in case they need to go to the hospital at a moments notice those stupid gowns are horrible to be stuck in for a few days. and a little drafty too :p


I am so, so glad to hear you are home. I was so surprised when Mrs Dr Who told me you were already home. It is great that everyone at the hospital and your friends looked after you so well.


I am so happy to hear that you are well & back home. Hospital stays are never pleasant as I can still remember the days when my daughter was in & out of hospital every other month for 3 years! Take care.


Stop scaring us like that!!! Your guest hostess was wonderful and we all enjoyed her visit, but we missed you. Glad you are on the mend. As an RN, I know you are a lucky lady to have come through so well, so quick, and soooo spoilt!! You have such a great support system.

I can't imagine a home without snuffles and muddy feet right now. Bet the Labradors are missing you muchly.


Dear Cindy,

So glad to hear you're back home now. Make you sure rest well and get a speedy recovery. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Lots of love and kisses,
Michelle, Momo and Coco


so glad you are home and doing well.

septic showers are nasty things..I know a little girl who has these kind of probs with her port also.

take it easy.

lots of love


Very glad to hear you are home again and on the mend. A septic shower conjures up all kinds of unpleasant imaginings! I prefer to keep my septic and my shower seperate! xo


Good to hear you are home. take care.


Glad to see you back. I might make myself a nice nightie and keep it for such an emergency.


Cindy, I'm very glad to see your report. Get lots of rest and love from all and recover quickly.

I hope this spells the end of the poorly spell you've been having. Perhaps things were gurgling away quietly before a final eruption.


I am so happy to hear you are home again. Have lots of rest and be kind to yourself. hope you feel less pain soon.


Welcome home. It sounds like you had an extraordinary adventure of the type you do not want to repeat again. Sending you healing thoughts across the interwebs. Take care of yourself. L

bella's mum

I'm so glad you are back home after that unexpected stay and I'm sure the lovely labs will be excited to be home with you. Look after yourself and I will ring you soon.


So pleased to read you are on the mend and back home!


so sorry to hear of your ordeal - have been off air for a couple of day due to visitors and trip down south - hope all is well and better very very soon - lots of love to you and "girls' and catch up soon as you're able xxoo


I thought I was the only person in the world that has a hospital bag packed! LOL You should see the weird pyjama/clothing choices my Hubby makes if left to our many emergencies!

It's funny, but I only just recently updated my hospital pyjamas with some new ones. They aren't really pyjamas. but rather 'sport'/casual wear from Millers mainly. Usually when I'm in hospital & able to mobilise, those horrid physios have me in rehab quick comfy clothing is a must....& certainly pants, not nighties. The pants thing was learnt very quickly when trying to mobilise a recalcitrant body in a mixed ward with other Gents!!

I hope the 'girls' are enjoying their 'holiday' & am so glad that you have such wonderful friends looking out for you!!

Get well soon!


Glad you are out of hospital and back home again. Get well soon!


Well, it was a little scare to read about you in the hospital so suddenly, but I'm SO HAPPY, that you are home again!!! Yeah for that. Now you have to get your strength back, so the girls can come back home!


Thank goodness you are home again and on the mend. True friends are really the most amazing family aren't they, they rally round when you need them, you must be a good friend to have such good friends!
When I was still married and my daughter was a little baby (about 10 months old) She got a terrible fever and I ended up in hospital in the middle of the night in my vomited on daggy PJs. I beggeg my husband to bring in some decent clothing. He bought me one of my oldest gardening windcheaters in warm orangey red and a pair of jeans I had hidden in my cupboard from my pre pregnancy days that I couldn't even get over my thighs...he took them back and returned with a pair of old tracky dacks in a cool red that exactly didn't match the red top he had brought in, they clashed dreadfully! I spent a couple of days hanging about the hospital looking very shabby felt very embarrassed once the baby improved and I was aware of the other people about me. I should have had a bag packed.
Take care, rest, recuperate and let your friends take care of you.

Judy Edmonds

I'm so glad you are all right! It sounds nasty but at least it was quick. I hope the girls will be OK and not TOO bouncy when they are allowed home. Take care of yourself, lots of love Judy x x x

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