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Tuesday's Letters Eat 11: 'G' is for Gratin Dauphinois

Only disConnect

It is official, I am addicted to the internet. Yesterday I had no connection for over twelve hours. My ISP was down all over the state, but my internet wouldn't reconnect when the problem was fixed. I had to ring and ask for help. The help desk was great and I was soon up and running again. I couldn't check to see who the actors were in Morse, as the TV station cuts off the credits. Couldn't access my Amy Johnson recipe, luckily I found one I had printed out earlier. (note to self, print out recipes from Monday Munchies and save them, or better still, print out the MM blog as a book!!) No checking of emails,  no proudly proclaiming on The Ravelry that Freshly Cut Grass was freshly finished. Blogs all over the world remained unseen, and newspapers and the ABC must have missed my attention. The internet is not a toy, it is a part of my everyday life, like the phone, TV, oven or car. It's a big book, waiting to be explored. Welcome back internet, I missed you!!!

Freshly Cut Grass, AKA Shiraz, is complete. Apart from buttons and that is a tricky task, so it doesn't count.  And best of all, my new cardigan fits. It is so warm and I feel like I am wearing something lush and luxurious. It is too hot to have a proper test wear, but as soon as the weather cools down, it will come into its own.

FCG needs buttons
I used almost ten balls of Debbie Stoller's Full o'Sheep, and knitted the body on 5mm Knitpicks/Pro circular needle and the sleeves on double points, because I like them best of all. Amazingly I had the correct tension with the needles specified. I was a little confused by some parts of the pattern: there weren't stitch counts for all the stages and I was not sure if I was on track at times. I also managed to make the buttonholes at the end of the row instead of the beginning. I made the hems with picot edging and although they are doubled over, they  give a nice firm stability to the edges. I am having little paroxysms of delight every time I think of my lovely new cardigan!!!

Now I am at a loose end as I must decide what to knit next.

Peri and Lorelai Gilmore have been enjoying the delights of the garden. Peri has been on the alert and chasing away the birdies that are scrabbling about in the Autumn leaves. Do not worry, she is not agile enough to catch any. She keeps an eagle eye out and likes having a job to do. Apart from sleeping and eating and playing rough and rowdy rebel games inside with Gilly.

Peri keeps an eagle eye out
Gilly likes to choose a different toy each day and at the moment she likes the squeaky soft bone. She hasn't quite mastered the bringing it back to me part of the game. If I go inside she runs in and sits at my feet and gives me the toy, but if I am outside she stays at the top of the steps. Taunting me.

Gilly has a toy

MrsDrWho gave me a lovely gift. It is a birthday calendar book, with a page for each month where you write names and dates and two Labrador/Golden Retriever cards for each page. It is so lovely and I am under orders to use it. So I shall.

Birthday book

Today I took Miss Muppin, MrsDrWho's kitten, to the vet to see Dr Marion. She was a very good kitten and had her vaccinations and behaved very well. She doesn't always behave well at home, but I think she will be happier when she can go out the door on her lead. There is a video of Muppin here. On Thursday I am going to fetch Cleo and Caramello. It is their turn. I am not expecting they will enjoy their outing.

I bought myself a fat quarter of fabric at Esme's. It looks like little cross-stitched nesting dolls. A fat quarter is like sock wool: they don't cost very much but give hours of pleasure!!

New fabric
It has been just a tad over a year since Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey died. I have been thinking about her these last few weeks, and marvelling at how time flies and how Peri and Gilly are now a little family on their own. I did have a tiny little cry but they were happy remembering tears for a lovely girl.

I am catching up with friends this week and feeling OK, even though I am rationing outings. Daylight Saving ended at the weekend, so Gilly wakes us up and hour early and I have to remember to feed them tea an hour early too. The days are noticeably shorter, Winter is on her way.

I shall now be spending a little time putting the 47 episodes of Xena Warrior Princess saved on my HDD back into a Group after I accidentally ungrouped them. Ah, the fickle finger of Fate..........



Congratulations on the lovely Freshly Cut Grass, just in time for Spring in these parts. It will be fun picking out just the right buttons.
Aaaw, Harki. :-)

Jennifer rose

lol at gilly taunting you, she must want you to come outside, enjoy the sun. or she just likes taunting you :p

the cardi looks great :D I think I'd still be on the first row lol

ooh i loved Xena :D cheesy tv at its best :D


I'm addicted to the internet as well.... :-)


Another internet addict here...sometimes email and blogs are the only way I venture into the "outside" world! I am almost bereft whenever it isn't working!

Yay for finished cardi! Cardi weather is not far away, I think. The mornings are definitely much cooler now.

Aw, Harki. A little hug for you xx


OMG 12 hours without the internet! It would be like losing a right arm.


my name is Pixie and i am an internet addict.

I love your cardi!!!!

remembering Harki with love.


I always tell my friends, I can live without a TV but I can't live without internet!!! LOL

Love the "freshly cut grass"!!! I've been thinking of casting on a cardigan for the cooler weather but couldn't decide on the pattern yet!!


Freshly cut grass looks amazing. I am thinking of you as we head into spring and you are heading into winter. Hope you get lots of time to relax a bit.


I love the dappled light in those photos of the girls. And I know what you mean when you say that you are adicted to the internet- It is a wonderous thing isn't it, as long as there is balance. Well this is true for me because I sometimes spend far too long browsing, I'm giving up magazines because I am trying to save money and I've run out of space to store them- the internet is now my magazines but with a mag. you can flick through until you reach the end, but there is no end to the internet!!!!


Oh your Freshly Cut Grass looks fabulous!!!! I just love the colour & the subtle detailing.

I must admit that I'm pretty hooked on the internet too. As I don't get out that much, it's like dropping in for a visit when I can read someones blog :D I've often thought I should start a blog myself, but I haven't even updated my projects on my Ravelry page for over a year, so you can imagine how hopeless I'd be with a blog!

Harley & Daisy go troppo here over the possums at night. Sometimes I have to block off the dog door because I worry that they are barking too much at night.

I have a flower card book that now gets filled up with other cards when I see something I like. Your Labrador one is just tooo cute. I hope you like using it & that the recipients enjoy the cards.

I can't believe that it's been a year since Harki died. I still think of her often as the wonderfully sweet companion that she was to you! I miss reading about her antics with the other two....but am so glad that Peri & Gilly have you & each other as a family :)


Your new cardigan is so stylish and looks beautiful. I too am an internet addict and find myself at a loss when it goes down. Even if I have planned a whole activity like several hours of gardening, or going to a movie, just knowing that it isn't working makes me want to race back to my laptop every few minutes until it is active again. It's the only thing I am addicted to....apart from chocolate!


I'm with you about the internet, I NEED it. :o)
The sweater looks great, I would wear it too, such a nice color, and it even looks soft and warm.
We've been thinking of our Biko too, and of course always of Sam, and we shed some tears, wishing they were still here. But then a cold, wet nose nudges us, and another, and another, and we are glad that we have our pups, and of course will never forget the ones who came before them.


Gosh, that fabric is so pretty :) And what a lovely calendar book!

I'm so glad you can remember Harki with happiness, even if it does cost some tears. She was a lovely girl :)


Love your cardigan. I am sure it will be a favorite item in your wardrobe.

lynne s of oz

Congrats on finishing Freshly Cut Grass. I am sure it is lovely on.
And gosh it is over a year since Harki passed. How time flies, but you have lovely memories and pictures :-)


Your cardi looks fantastic! And I was thinking of Harki the other day as well. I can't believe it's been a year... Your other pups are just so gorgeous. I love the photo with the squeaky bone!


your Freshly Cut Grass is gorgeous!!! I love it and hasn't it been way too hot for such nice things, can't wait for cold. A very cute FQ you bought. Thanks for the cake love on my post but you neglected to mention my lovely eyebrows and hair do!!!!!


I love your new cardi! The stitch pattern really livens up a solid color top. It looks like a cardi that will get a lot of use!


oh i hate being with out the internet, and i hate the feeling of panic i get without the internet. its a complex relationship of mutual co-dependency i think. youve done such a good job getting that cardi finished so quickly. the colour is very, you! i have a photo on my mantelpiece of my lovely Scout who i lost a few years ago and im still sad but i also laught at what a little rat bag she was. im glad you have your memories of harki xx


oh it looks wonderful! I'm so glad you made it. It's a great winter cardi!

Total addict here too but I really try hard to manage it. I don't want it to control me.


It's always nice when you can bring happy memories to the fore.

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