Tuesday's Letters Eat 11: 'G' is for Gratin Dauphinois
Eee By Gum(boot)

The Truth, The Hole Truth And Nothing But The Truth.

Peri and Gilly were lucky enough to receive a little bag of treats from Elizabeth-Tim Brooke-and-Rod*. When we go for a walk I always put a few little treats in my pocket for when The Labradors are well behaved and do as they are asked. I think I left some treats in my pocket because when I pocketed treats today they fell out near my shoe. This is what had happened. It had happened not long before because the pocket was still damp from being chewed. Yuck.

Dear Liza a hole
It is a good thing that these are the Op Shop $5 dog walking jeans. No-one was admitting their guilt.

I met TinkingBell on Wednesday and we had Ten-ses**, and lunch and a little shop and a very long chat!! It is very considerate of her husband to have a car that must be serviced in the Northern Capital!!! Tinking has been inordinately busy and so it was lovely to catch up.  I sewed an owl Bag for her. I know she likes owls. It was also a nice moment when she said she saw how the material I used made me think of The Owl Service. I, in turn, was the recipient of a pair of fabulous green trousers!!! Now, if it will just be cold. It is raining heavily right now and we have a whole week of rain forecast!!

Owl Service
While I am between cardigans I am knitting MrsValley a hat: The Valley Girl Hat. Naturally Loyal now has a 10ply which is beautifully soft and this is a very old diamond pattern made with purls. I remember my mum knitting herself a jacket in this same pattern. I have almost knitted one ball now and the decreases are anon.

Valley girl starts
When we were walking today a man let four big dogs out of his car, loose, not on their leads, and I was afraid. They didn't look friendly and to me, four is a pack. I picked up a stick and we hurried back to the car and drove back up to another walk on the Fire Trail.  At the bottom there is a murky pond. Peri thought about it a lot.

Peri is thinking
I think she was thinking about diving in.

Peri might dive in
Lorelai Gilmore was more interested in being spooked by the squawking birds. I can see Peri lunging, ever so slightly.

Gilly hears The Birds
Yay For Yarn had a free postage offer and so I indulged in some of this: Dream in Colo(u)r Smooshy Spring Tickle.

Indulged in Spring Tickle
And it arrived on the same day I bought a lacy scarf/shawl (I dare not say shawlette, but there you go, I said it. And I don't care!!!) pattern from the lovely Ann of 1 More Row, Treasure Lace. I don't know where there is another Not Ravelry link.

Our original Museum and Art Gallery the QVMAG (say Q V Mag) has been undergoing restoration and renovation. About five years ago The Council wanted to close it, but there was community outrage, I asked all my friends fill out the forms to save it. The Council rapidly backed down and today there was an Open Day for a sneak peek at the empty Museum. MrsDrWho and I went along, as did so many other people. MrsDrWho took a photo from the ground floor, through the new opening on the First Floor, right up to the old ceiling. They seem to have retained and revealed the best of the old, and incorporated just enough of the new so as not to spoil it.

Now if they would just organise the Botanical Gardens we saw on the original plans, that would be fantastic!! Here in The Island State we have Botanical Gardens. On The Mainland I think they are Botanic??

I've been to see the Compounding Chemist. She spoke to our group last year and as I wasn't feeling 100% I though she could recommend something. I can't take Echinacea, so she gave me some minerals to take and some homeopathic sinus tablets. Which seem to work.

Spooks is on TV tonight, so I am going to make a fresh pot of tea and settle down to watch the news with my knitting while I wait. I might even finish the hat tonight!!

*Think about the surnames.....

**Like Elevenses, but an hour earlier



yes snap isn't that amazing we both mentioned Echinacea at the same time, it's true what you said to me how most chemists wouldn't know who should and shouldn't take such things so you really do need to educate yourself. That photo of the pocket did make me laugh out loud!!! thank you I am LOVING this rain yippeeeeeee


I love that owl bag..........very cute!!!

Could you get me some of that lovely Matroushka (nesting dolls) fabric and maybe we could do a swap or something???

LOL on the pocket!!


Oh dear, who was responsible for the eaten pocket, do you think? I vote Gilly...heh heh!

How lovely to catch up with Tink! The owl bag is very cool, you are so clever.

And I'm very pleased you spoiled your self with some spring tickle - that will cheer you through autumn and winter!


The owl bag looks fabulous! What a lovely gift. We don't go to the dog park anymore. Last time I was harassed by three Huskies. Thank god my son was there too. I was really scared. They came with two dog walkers, and they had about 20 dogs there.
I think it's funny that you could look at an empty Museum/Art Gallery! It's good, that they didn't close it though.
I have a many clothes with holes in them, where there are pockets for treats. It's all Denny's doing,he's so bad when it comes to fabric.
Looking at your girls today, I can't believe either one of them did it though. Are you sure it was not a mouse? ;o)


Lucky Peri was a good girl and you didn't end up having an impromptu swim yourself!
Cute bag!


The owl bag is very cute. I'm sorry but I had to laugh at your chewed pocket. Tamyra is terrible when it comes to cat treats. You have to lock them up!


I think the chewed pocket is a scream! I wonder who it was?

Love that hat, it is such a lovely pattern will have to go and favourite it.

Jennifer rose

it was a mouse...had to be :p

i love that hat :D great colour :)

there is a guy that walks his 4 spaniels in the park, i hate going there when he is there. the dogs are out of control and listen worse than sky does :p at least she doesn't pee on someone's leg :/ (mine, dumb dog). i have talked to a few other people in the park and they hate when he shows up with his dogs, so its not just me that feels that way. its just too many dogs for one person to control if they are not leashed. one is never leashed and that is the one that should be :/ oops, sorry for the little rant


Hehee! I wonder, did The Phantom Chewer simply smell treat crumbs on the pocket and think it tasty, or were there darker and more manipulative machinations at hand?! I would look to whichever hound was eagerly sniffing by your feet that day, there you will know the culprit!!

Always wonderful to catch up with a fellow crafted in person and the owl bag is gorgeous! The yarn is lovely too, they fo such a rich depth of colour the Smooshies Plus the name is very fun!

Our dog is antisocial so we don't take her anywhere without a lead, it annoys me that other people let their dogs off when they MUST know the temperament isn't suitable for free running....

The valley hat looks great, a nice solid colour to show the stitch patterning:)


the hat looks great, lovely pattern work :)
Peri certainly looked like she wanted a dip in the pond - guess it would have been a bit cold ! did "someone" get some extra treats by nawing the hole in the jeans - how clever ;)


Oh that yarn shop looks like it has beautiful yarns. I have to say I wouldnt mind some smooshy for myself! Yours looks absolutely lovely. Your owl bag is very cute. Hope the minerals help you out a lot.


I don't blame you for leaving when the 4 dogs turned up. Things can turn nasty in a split second, and there isn't a lot you can do to stop it when it starts. My last dog always seemed to be harassed by german shepherds, poor thing.


The owl bag is gorgeous. Great choice of yarn for the shawl & thanks for your support. Sorry that my pattern is only available on ravelry.


I love the owl bag! I have one of those hip bags that people take overseas which has had a hole in it for some time now and keep reminding myself that I must buy a new one as I carry my keys and phone it and also the plastic bags to pick up poo with when I take my boy for a walk. Four large dogs without leads are very scary & I would have left quick smart too. I don't go to dog parks with my dog either because not everyone has control over their dogs and that's when things can turn bad.


I'm sure the girls ain't telling who is the guilty party! Pocket, what pocket?
Spring Tickle is going to make something beautifully Springy.


Our lot did the pocket trick to the fleece I wear out walking. They cooperated to liberate it from the peg in the laundry and then tried to hide the jacket in the garden once the deed was done. Terrors ;)

Laurie (Moo!)

Ha ha! I don't think any of our dogs ever chewed a hole in a pocket. It's funny...to me. Probably not too funny to you, right now. Maybe Peri thought she'd be forgiven if she caught you a squirrel.

Spring Tickle is a wonderful green!

"Spooks" - is that MI-5? We used to watch it. What season are you up to? I can't remember where we left off but I might just start at the beginning.


Oh those dogs are a clever lot aren't they! At least you can sew the end of the pocket closed again. Would that make the jeans wearable in your next "Me Made" stint?


Ahhhh, the old "chew the treat out of the jeans pocket and then look innocent trick", huh? This is why pups don't have fingers - to save them the indignity of point the finger at one another! And what is up with the man with the four dogs? Very poor manners, I believe!


So, I have to ask...why can't you say shawlette? I must have missed something.

I think it's smart you took the girls to a safer park. Some people don't know how to control their pets, or can't predict what their pets will do in every situation, so it's always good to stay safe.

I'm so glad you were able to help save the museum!


hmmm very smooshy smooshy! a well earned treat i think. i missed spooks on tv first time around so ive been buying the dvds, but abs shop has been out of stock of season three. might have to try the internets. and i laughed out loud at the pocket. that is so very labrador!


I'm so glad the homeopathic sinus tablets are working for you. I'm like you...there are some herbal remedies i have to be careful of.

I love the spring tickle....it should look lovely in that pattern!

That was pretty irresponsible of the dog owner to let loose 4 dogsat once with other dogs around. i agree Cindy 4 is a pack!!

MrsValley is going to be very happy with her hat I'm sure....i know i would....especially purple!!

Tingkinbell is lucky too with her owly bag. i hope it helps her with her knitting & what-not :D

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