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Oh dear, what can the matter be?*

My computer has a 'thing', and not a good thing. On Good Friday, and I am not using the word good in a good way, a Windows Security XP 2011window popped up on my computer and then it went all weird. That is my technical term for it. Can't connect to the internet. At all. It says I have 47 viruses and malwares, but I know I just have that one. My anti-virus and spyware etc were all up to date and I was just browsing blogs from my Google Reader.

It is apparently Very Bad. The pop up entreated me to click through and register. Do Not Register. I am quite cautious so the first thing I did was unplug the internet conntection from the wall. Stupid Trojan keeps telling me the same thing even when it has no internet access.

So, my computer will be off to the fixer-er this week, to see if it can be fixed. I hope it can.

I am, therefore, bereft of internet. I am making a list of all the things I want to look up when, and if, my computer is fixed.

Here's a picture of Peri Naughty and Lorelai Gilmore at the next door neigbours annual Good Friday party. Which I never quite understand, but still, Peri spent all day at the fence. Gilly spent some time there.


*Two old ladies locked in the lavatory,

They were there from Monday to Saturday,

Oh what a calamity!!



LOL It's that cat again!

Oh so sorry to read your computer dilemma. Do hope all is fixed soon.

Hope you had a Happy Easter just the same. :)


"Oh what a calamity!!" The version I know of that ends, "Nobody knew they were there."

I am so happy to have a Mac and be free from that nonsense. Clicking on such a link is an invitation to trouble and very often it's just a ploy to get you to click. There's often no virus until the link is connected.

Hope you get it sorted soon. A short week for paid work too.


oh dear..........hope your puter is fixed soon.



Argh! I hate it when the computer gets all weird, also my technical term. I'm glad I have two stations, because I can't be without it anymore!
The girls are funny. As long as they watch silently, and don't bark their heads off, it must be an interesting day for them.


Oh no, I hope the computer doc can get it all sorted for you. Good on you for disconnecting too!
Hope you have had a lovely Easter :-)


Computers!! So great when they're working fine, but so horrid when they aren't. It's amazing how much we rely on them isn't it!!? I'm still waiting for my son to retrieve all the files (if he can) from my computer. I bought myself a removable hard-drive as a back up.....but did I back up?? No :( Thank goodness Fletcher had only recently bought himself a new computer that he is oh so graciously sharing with his Mum! What a good child (almost man!!) :D

Peri & Gilly are doing what we all would like to do if we could get away with it....a good sticky beak!! LOL Good to know that they're keeping their eye on things :D

Jennifer rose

:/ ah the joys of computers. we have a hard time thinking of not having one, but at the same time when something like that happens it can make someone think, whats the point of having to deal with all of this :/

aww peri and gilly :) hopefully they didn't sneak any alcohol :p


Oh noes!
It is awful when the internet turns nasty; it makes me think of those dramatised TV shows - "When Good Internets Go BAD!! This week, when the internet ATTACKS!!"

Good luck to the fixer-er, hopefully they will make everything better again :)


Oh, darn it! Isn't it awful that those folks spend so much time creating software to make other people miserable? Tell your computer to get well soon!!!


It's just so difficult to understand what went wrong with a computer. I hope yours will be alright soon. I don't think I can live without one - thank goodness, we have 5 at home.


Best wishes to your computer for a speedy recovery!

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that Peri and Gilly were at the neighbour's 2010 Good Friday party?


I had that virus earlier this year. So annoying! I knew I didn't have any program called windows XP security so I didn't click on it either but it just wouldn't go away. I had to reformat my hard drive. Hopefully yours is fixable also.


Oh no - I fixed someone's computer last week who had that. It is horrid.


eep! i hope it is banished and computer fixed soon. life is awfully hard without the internets these days.


A pox on virus creators.
The girls are nosey neighbors! They know how to enjoy free entertainment.

Laurie (Moo!)

Dirty, rotten computer viruses!! I hope you're not "without net" for long!

Those gals, always finding something fun to do. :-)


I miss your posts! I hope your computer is fixed soon! Love the pups looking for party favors ;)

Michelle Lee

I hope it's nothing serious. Sometimes those pop up notifications itself is a virus. I'm not having much luck with my laptop either. I know it's dying as it has been shutting down automatically everyday for a few times. Grrr....and it's only more than 1 year old.


It's been almost a week and I'm hoping that you will be online again soon. I miss your tales of the labs exploits and walks and am curious as to how far you have gotten with your knitting. I'm guessing quite far if you've not had the distraction of the internet! Hope to see you back online soon.


oh no Cindy I hope you can be back online soon, I know how hard it can be when your computer has to go to the doc. I hope you are well? hugs


I hope your computer hasn't caught my lurgy! The radio silence from your end is making me nervous!

lynne s of oz

Heh, not much point me posting a comment but we are still waiting for your computer to come back all well.
I'm with Jan, nobody knew they were there. And Mum used to put various of us kids' names in instead of two old ladies.


How very annoying! I had one of those messages on my Mac computer... I closed everything to get rid of it. Good luck! (not that you'll read this till your computer comes back...)


Hope you will be back with us soon! I am enjoying all of your wonderful recipes, and wish I could taste them through the screen.

Jennifer rose

hope everything is OK!

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