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Tuesday's Letters Eat 15: 'J' is for Jam, Easy Nigella's

Love Me Or Sleeve Me And Let Me Be Lonely

My sleeves are lonely for the fronts and back of the You Only Rib Twice cardigan. I love the way the sleeve are pooling. I adore pooling and the way the colours weave about is a little bit mesmerising!!

I have seamed one sleeve. Mattress stitch is so good, I can barely see there is a seam, well except for the colours not matching. I have cast on for the back, I am making it longer so I cast on more stitches. The garter rib makes a wider fabric than ordinary rib, so after a huge wodge of garter rib, ordinary K2 P2 rib will give the cardigan some shaping.

Here's the proper finished edging on my Treasure Island (Lace) scarf. It looks yellow, it must be the dull Autumn light affecting the camera because it is very green in real life. I wear this a lot with my aqua greens, the limey green looks great with aqua.

Treasure Island
At the Craft & Quilt Fair I only made one purchase: some green material. I think I see green chillies, green grapes, green lettuce [perhaps Cos], green cabbage and finally limes. MrsDrWho bought a fat eighth of every fruit and vegetable which will make a fabulous Greengrocer quilt!!

It has been so cold in the mornings that there are puddles with ice over them when we go for our walk. Lots of mud too, and muddy paddy paws!! I have taken to being a little organised and we get the Dog walking clothes all prepared in the bedroom the night before. Then it's a quick leap from the bed into the dog walking clothes, and the shoes out by the door, and we are ready to go. As long as I can find my little ear bud things for listening to the news etc while we walk.

Ice and mud
It is like The Olden Days on our couch now. Lorelai Gilmore has taken Peri's spot and Peri has taken Harki's. Peri and Gilly together are smaller than Harki and Peri together, so there is actually room for me on the couch!!

Labradors on the couch
Peri is looking particularly gorgeous, though I do notice she's getting a little paler and white around her muzzle. She's getting older. I think she's an OAP in dog years, though you'd never know the way she runs and plays.

Peri is pretty cute
Miss Lorelai Gilmore is also cute, but her ears make me laugh!!! Gilly is the most obedient pup, she always comes and is an excellent sitter when she does come. There is often a treat!! She looks so serious. She must be homing in on a treat.

Gilly has weirdy ears
On Mondays I always talk on the phone to my mum, so I must get timers on DVD recorders set and my knitting all ready to go. I'll make a quick cup of tea at 7pm and then I will fine. Now I just have to think about tomorrow's cooking and the letter 'J'.......



the greens in your cardy are particularly love those doggy expressions, if only they could converse :)


Nice photos of the pups.


I love pooling too, and your sleeves have pooled most delightfully! It is going to be such a pretty garment. The lace shawl looks elegant. (Wish I had the patience to do lace.)
The picture of the two girls snuggled on the couch is so cute!


Love the photos of the pups! And the fabric is very cool, I think a greengrocer quilt would be a lot of fun to make and very happy to look at!

Hmmm, J for ... um ... Jelly? Jam? Jerky? How exciting!


I normally don't like pooling too much, but it looks fantastic in your sleeves! I love the fabrics you've gotten at the Fair! Your pups are especially lovely today. I like the one where they cuddle on the couch best. Your lace scarf looks gorgeous, even though it does not show the right color. :o)
My day to talk to my mother on the phone is Saturday.


Love the colours of your cardi to be! Your dogs seem to lead the perfect life...

Laurie (Moo!)

That scarf is beautiful (must click link for pattern). I like the pooling on your sleeves, too. Very "watery".

The girls look so cute on the couch. They look like they're so small! Isn't it funny how they can appear able to fit in the palm of your hand?


Oh, that edging is gorgeous!! Dare I ask whether you blocked that lace or whether it looked that nice right off the needles?


Your lace scarf is looking beautiful! The green cardi is looking lovely too. Nice to know you can all fit on the couch and snuggle!


I lover your 'You Only Rib Twice' cardi. The multi colour is a beautiful combination!

The Treasure Island scarf is lovely. I'm yet to make myself a lace scarf - so many to choose from ... where does one begin.

The girls look so cosy on the couch. So pleased there is room for you too! :)


gorgeous sleeves indeed. mattress stitch never ceases to amaze me either (perhaps i need to get out more). and ice on the ground sounds painful! love the picture of them cuddled up on the lounge, just too cute. such happy well loved girls!

Jennifer rose

awww they look so cute and peaceful on the couch together :D big bonus that you can sit on the couch too :p sky takes up only one cushion on the couch, but grumbles at you when you sit down next to her lol :p


I like the colors on your sleeve - nice pooling. The Treasure Island scarf looks gorgeous & you did a great job. Keep warm.


The girls look so cute lying on the lounge together. I do hope Peri has good control of her 'gas' LOL!

I agree that the pooling on your sleeves looks great. I also love the lace pattern on the edging for your scarf. I followed your link to the blog & the shawl is just lovely. Your colour choice of lime green is superb & I'm sure it looks good with anything aqua.


I love how snuggly the pups are. Both S&S are getting a lot of white hairs, but they still act so young too. Saffy had her stitches out last week and is healing up wonderfully.


Gosh, your lace scarf looks just gorgeous!

And what a snuggly pile of labradors, they look so warm and soft :)

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