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Ruby, Don't Take Your Dog To Own.

There I was, minding my own business and suddenly in the letters I was opening was one from the Microchipping Records company saying someone was transferring Lorelai Gilmore's ownership to them. What??? I rang them immediately and they said they had a Stat Dec saying that her ownership was to be transferred to someone else. I was more than a little taken aback and slightly panicking. It turns out 'someone' had made a mistake with the microchipping numbers, either the CAR people or the breeder, and they used the same number twice. So someone's new puppy had been given Gilly's number. Then we had to wait for a form to be emailed, go to The Vet and be scanned and have forms filled in and  photocopied and then go home again to scan and email said forms. I haven't heard back yet. I am pretty sure it is sorted out now though. The lovely nurse at the Vet said it has happened a few times before. Peri and Gilly had a lovely time at The Vet, it was Very Exciting to go for an extra ride in the car too.

It is compulsory to microchip your dog now, but Vundy and Tori were microchipped in 1989, so it has taken a long time to percolate through to The Powers That Be.

Yesterday Peri and Gilly had the most wonderful game at the dam. Lots of running and chasing and leaping: such fun!!! I especially love the one where they are both leaning into the bend and swerving as they run.

Labs like to play rough
MrsVally and I met up and went to local vineyard for lunch. It has such beautiful scenery and even though the weather was brisk, it was nice enough to have a short wander near the car park!! This morning it was colder in Alice Springs than on the top of Mt Wellington in the South of the island. That's very strange weather!! We spent almost four hours on our short drive and long chatty lunch, it was a perfect Autumn afteroon.

View from the car park
Mrs Valley had the beetroot and feta tart and I had the risotto: baby beetroot, feta and spinach with the most gorgeous roast lamb on top. You can click through to the Cafe on the website and see the menu. We both had some Sparkling Rose. Yum!!

Posh lunch

I was finally able to give MrsValley her Valley Girl Hat (Rav link) which she really liked!! She gave me some lovely lilies, but it is too dark nw to take a photo. They are on the sideboard being cheery!

The back of my cardigan is complete and I have started on a front. I haven't done much knitting, what with being out yesterday and my appointment with the psychologist this morning and the whole microchip saga this afternoon. I plan to sit and knit and watch Lewis after I have posted this.

Taken a back
Saffron Craig has beautiful fabrics, I love her prints and designs. I used some to make my aunt a little quilt. I don't have picture, but it is the first picture in my December OPAM mosaic, the nine patches with a kind of fuchsia surround. I also bought AuntieDutch some fabric with reindeer/elk/moose/caribou. I am mentioning this because I am soon to be the proud owner of a Softie, and she has free postage till the end of May. I have had lovely service and friendly emails!!!

I bought two other Fat Quarters today. One is just for my stash, I liked the houses, and the other green one is for me.

Last year started a Coin Quilt, and it was going well until I was sick and couldn't continue. This is because I wasn't just adding a rectangle of fabric, whizzing along on my sewing machine, every day. It was because I was embroidering the date on each piece and sewing by hand. No wonder it fell by the wayside. MrsDrWho spluttered and laughed and was incredulous. With my new effort to cope more realistically, I'm going to pick it up and continue on, just sewing a new piece every day. No embroidering or other fancy stuff that is just too much for me to do. It's just going to be a quilt for my bed that The Labradors will lie on!!!

Thank you to everyone for their kind words of encouragement and support. I really appreciated the comments and found them both reassuring and cheering. I am feeling more positive and slightly less anxious, which is good.



Wow, those labrador photos are fantastic! So happy and playful :)

Your lunch location is simply stunning.

So glad to hear you're feeling a bit better :)


I love the Labrador photos! I am glad you started out the microchip thing (I hope it is sorted). That must have been a bit of a shock!


Look at those girls go! The microchip mishap shows computers don't solve everything, what with human error.
I'm glad you didn't ignore your mental health symptoms and sought professional help quickly. Hoping you will feel back in balance soon.


That was quite a mix up with the microchips!! We don't use them with our pets, but they do seem like a good idea. That is a beautiful vineyard and what a nice day out you had. You've been keeping busy for sure! Glad the dr appts have helped to settle some anxiety.


What a wonderful view at the vineyard and the food looks lovely.

What a heart-stopping moment that must have been with Gilly's microchip. Human error meets computer error!

I am rather in love with the fabric you bought - I'll have to keep my eye out for something similar over here!

You've made great progress on the cardi - the end is nigh?

Jennifer rose

glad that gilly's chip has been sorted out. my heart would have stopped if the microchip company sent us a letter saying that. with so many collies in the area and if someone nicks sky, I really wanted her chipped. we take enough photos of her and most people in the area know who she belongs to so if she does get lost or stolen people might wonder what happened to her, but its an added bit of security for her. most of the kids around here know sky and come running up to her. i'm glad she likes kids because a lot of the kids here only think to ask to pet the dog after they have started to pet the dog :/

love the photos of the girls :D 2 happy bouncy dogs :D


gee the microchip thing sounds scary.

Love the pics of the dogs running about.

your lunch looks delish!!!!

so glad you are feling a bit better.



Those labradors look like they are having such fun. I see your progressing quite well with your green cardigan too. I have to say the new fabrics are very pretty - I quite like the tree one!


Yikes - that microchip thing sounds scary. I only had Tamyra's checked yesterday. Your dogs are so cute and I love the new fabrics you bought.


those girls certainly know the joy of life - what a wonderful time they have at the dam - the vineyard lunch photos look fabulous - vineyards always have their own special ambience don't they ! love the little houses - they look like something out of a childrens story book :)


I too hope the microchip saga has been well and truly sorted. What a worry!

The new fabric is gorgeous.

The cardigan is looking great. Not long now and you'll be posting photos for our enjoyment ;)

So love the photos of Peri and Gilly. They so know how to enjoy a walk.


Hi Cindy! Oh, it has been such a long while since we've chatted and I was sooo happy to see your comment on my blog!

I love those photos of Peri and Gilly....they are just as gorgeous as ever. I showed them to Noah and he is still smitten with your girls and sends his love to them! :o)

That is an absolutely beautiful color of yarn that you are using for your sweater. I can't wait to see it finished.

By the way...I have always wanted to follow your blog....do you have a thing where I can click to become a follower? I have looked but can't seem to find it! :o(

Have a great week, and please come and visit me again!


Cyndi and Noah


Sounds like a nice outing to the vine yard. I love going out for lunches at vine yards & used to do it once every couple of months. The food always taste better at the vine yards & the environment is so serene & relaxing.


Thanks for the pics of your sweet doggies. I just love (and envy) that abandon! Glad you are feeling better. I am sorry I did not offer my support earlier. Been busy with moving and work and not blogging much. Missing all my bloggy friends though! Give the pups a hug from me and tell them I said they should pass on a little love to you from me, too!


It's rotten that you are left with extra running around & paperwork to deal with someone elses mistake. I sure hope that I still own Daisy!! At least the dogs had fun even if you didn't LOL

The girls look very fast in those photos!! :)

Such lovely fabrics you bought. After the link you had I'm under no illusion as to which softie is yours. I'll have to see if I'm right!

I'm knitting a Noro Taiyo cardi at the moment. I've finished my sleeves (knitted together) & back & have just cast on my fronts to knit for the second time....this time together. The first time they ended up different sizes/tensions for some reason & I had to unpick the whole lot :( You'll probably finish yours before me though as I keep getting side tracked on other UFO's!! & JCO's (Just Cast On's LOL)


gah i was sure id commented on this post, about your lovely pix of the lovely girls running free with ears flying. and what a lovely island you live on!

Laurie (Moo!)

I'll bet it was quite a scare, thinking that Gilly was being transferred! Why can't we run and play like the girls? So much joy!

We've seen a few of "Lewis" but really miss Inspector Morse. :-(

That yarn has some amazing pooling - almost like you're doing intarsia. Can't wait to see the finished sweater.

lynne s of oz

I am not surprised that you are a bit anxious and sad! But I am glad you are seeing someone to help you and doing some mental exercises to help you along.

That material with the little trees? Snap! I saw some in a local quilt shop and bought some. Then I got online and bought, umm, two charm packs, a jelly roll, a layer cake and a little extra yardage... nothing exceeds like excess! If you want a few charms from the range, let me know :-)

lynne s of oz

Whoops, forgot to say that Gilly being transferred would be a bit of a shock! Weird how the numbers got stuffed up.

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