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Tuesday's Letters Eat 16: 'J' is for Jelly: Philistine's Trifle.

Tarte Tartan

I am very much enjoying the back of my cardigan and it does look like a tartan pattern. I have knitted 50cm, and even though the colour and dyelot numbers are exactly the same for each ball, there is quite a lot of variation. I don't mind at all, it is just interesting. You can see where each ball begins and ends. I've knitted 110 rows. I don't like this number.  I don't like 112 either. I like 120, so I shall knit ten more rows and then cast off for under the arm. I have decided as I have so many balls left I will make the sleeves a little more generous as well. They are slightly form fitting, ie my arms look a little like sausages bursting out of their casings!!

Back proceeds
After I took the picture of my knitting I went away and when I came back I found this.

Gilly and the naughty ears
At first Gilly looks nonchalant, but then she starts to get worried and then she has her Naughty Ears on. I didn't growl or even look cross. The Knitting's not for lying on, obviously!!!

This afternoon I cooked corn fritters for MrsDrWho. They look very large but I measured half a cup of the mixture: corn, chives, spring onions, garlic, SR flour, an egg , milk and salt and pepper. I made myself a potato cake. Yum.

Fritters and cake
Whether I like it or not Peri wants to swim. The swimming is fraught with gluggy mud, but if I don't catch her eye at the top of the track, she's off like a bride's nightie!!! I really do say that, I'm not just inserting colourful local vernacular. I love all the ripply water.

Peri's muddy swim
I often talk about being unwell physically, but now I'm a tad unwell mentally. I am a bit depressed and I have anxiety.  I have had little feelings of despair, and it is as if my evolved brain watches the silly part of me think things, but I have no strategies to stop myself. I have been to see the lovely and very effective and insightful psychologist, and I have five more appointments. If your GP fills in a Mental Health plan, Medicare pays for quite a lot of the cost, and you can have up to twelve visits in a year. This makes me less anxious. I have some thinking exercises to do to try and be less anxious as well. Apparently it is no surprise I might be feeling a little unwell mentally. I also think too much, I have very complex thinking processes and I over-think things. So there you go. I am glad my sensible brain made an appointment to see my GP.

I deleted all my saved Sent messages yesterday. I had thousands. I don't know why I was keeping them. Just in case?? I do tend to keep things just in case. It freed up quite a lot of memory on my computer and now it doesn't keep saying Low Disc Space. It just has to limp along till August, when my tax return arrives. Fingers crossed.

Labradors are cute
Peri and Gilly were extremely serious during their walk. It has been foggy and the fog doesn't clear till after 11am, but then the days are beautiful and sunny.

On MasterChef on Friday a chef made some proper jelly, with leaf gelatine, just like the recipe in the Delicious magazine I've been eyeing off for Tuesday, for a trifle,  Hers used incredibly expensive Champagne, fresh raspberries (7 punnets), lots of marscapone, rhubarb, gin, almond meal and chocolate..well click through to see. I think you would need to be very rich to afford to make this, maybe a one off for a VERY special event?? Still it is a sometimes dessert!!



those naughty ears look very cute indeed ! How could one enjoy a swim in winter - oh to be a dog and be so totally carefree-they certainly know how to seize the moment :) Gosh those corn fritters look yummy - one of my faves ... I know what you mean about overthinking things, I find myself doing the same and getting quite tied up in knots - am always trying to tell myself to be calm, peaceful and serene it the winter blues do you think ?


I too have a Mental Health plan,and hence am seeing a psychologist.She seems quite nice and easy to talk to.My 2nd appt is on tues..right before I go to see the latest Pirate movie.

gentle hugs.
I AM glad you are getting some help.


2paw, your knitting is lovely. One must always have either kitty or doggy approval of projects and the best way to achieve this is of course by lying all over the fabric (goes with the territory!). This is one of my favourite colourways and I do love the way a pattern is emerging. Looking forward to seeing this one complete!

I thoroughly enjoy your postings of the doggy walks and swims. I'm always amazed animals can simply jump into freezing water and enjoy themselves.

I so enjoyed the MasterChef trifle, but agree it is a very expensive way to make one.

So hope you will be feeling your old self again soon. You are very good to seek professional help. xx


Sometimes I find myself worrying about silly things, usually when I can't sleep and I let my imagination get away from me. It's not good is it. I'm glad you are being sensible and getting some help. In addition to puppy dog cuddles, which I hear have great medicinal effects.

Just like fancy tartan knitting, also very good for the health!


I'm sorry you are suffering from anxiety. Last year I was seeing a very good counselor in Latrobe, and it helped that she was an introvert like me and taught me to accept it and not feel bad about it. I hated talking about myself at first, but it definitely helped me in the long term. Good luck.


I'm sorry to hear about your unwell feelings and I thoroughly empathise; I get very anxious too. Excellent that you have some coping mechanisms already - thinking of you and sending a HUGE warm hug xoxo


Oh my, does she ever know she's not supposed to lay on the knitting! So funny to see her change. Happy is like Peri, got to go for a swim even before breakfast, just as soon as I turned my back on him. My son has Learning Disability and he suffers like you do. It's hard being him. I hope your appointments and mental exercises will help you!


I love the naughty face. Rosie is a knitting sitter - or rather a knitting getting into-er. All knitting is for her and she loves her knitted jumper.

Glad the psychologist is being useful. Wish I could convince Mum to see one. Chronic illness doesn't just effect the body.

Hugs to all.


TypePad won't let me leave you a comment and keeps eating all the insightful things that I have had to say in response to your post, so I will leave it at ((HUGS)).

Jennifer rose

i am so glad that you are going to talk to someone about your mental health, talking about it really does help.
my head knows it is stupid to be anxious and depressed over what it is anxious about but it can be so hard some times trying to get over it.
really hope that you get the help you need and feel better both mentally and physically soon

gilly was protecting the knitting from any random knitting thieves :p yeah thats it


It's great that you are getting help & I am sure you will be better soon. I saw that episode of Masterchef & was drooling over the trifle but I don't think I like all the alcohol that was being used. Take care.


oh i love that mental health plan, such a good idea, ive used it a couple of times. im not surprised the mental stuff gets to you as well, i dont think you would be normal if it didnt. i love the fact that you only like 120, its a nice even number isnt it? and i see those naughty ears a couple of times a day when i come inside and find Someone lying on my bed. she puts her head down and her ears back as if by doing so i wont be able to see her. funny lovely dogs, i hope they give you lots of kisses that help you feel better. thinking of you xx

Michelle Lee

Dear Cindy

Hugz hugz hugz. So sorry to hear you're not feeling well mentally :(

With all the love around, I hope you'll get better soon.


Oh naughty Peri! I too suffer from anxiety and depression. I try and get out in the garden to make myself feel better and try not to think as much. If you ever need a chat just email me to talk things through, I know exactly what your going through!


Dear Cindy,
I too have a mental health plan it was a little scary at first I was surprised so many people have one.Things will even out and the days will feel cheery again.Your fritters look so yummy! I wish they were on my small list of Can Eat foods rather than the long list of No No's.Seriously your serious photo is seriously cute,Big Hugs.


I love how the back is making its own delightful patterns, it reminds me of how watercolour paints flow and mingle and shape themselves into lovely blendings of colour.
The fritters made me feel so hungry, they are one of my favourite comfort foods on a cold night.
You are not alone thinking too much. Your description could have been of my brain and how it works!. After years of nagging by my sister, I too have been off for counselling this year. It has helped me a lot already.


Hi Cindy - sorry to hear that you've been feeling down. I enjoy reading your stories about your dogs, knitting, recipes, etc. I hope you are feeling better soon!



I could just about have written that myself. I get anxiety too and my illness over the last few years has really led to a spiral of negative thinking that was a struggle to get out of.

It's so nice to see so many people commenting and lending you support :) Feel free to email me if you want to chat about it - I can recommend some guided meditation CDs if you like :)

Laurie (Moo!)

Poor Gilly and her Naughty ears. The pictures made me laugh!

My brain seems to do the same thinking, over-thinking, watching and wishing. I hope you can work it thru.

The US version of Masterchef starts in a few weeks and I can't wait! I love watching the food shows - especially with GRam. :-)


I'm sorry to hear you have been feeling not so good. A few years ago I finally recognised that I needed to go to talk to someone and used the medicare mental health plan. It helped me with my anxiety and depression and since then I work on it daily with lots of different strategies including meditation which I resisted initially. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and happiness. Please email if you feel like more of a chat :-)


Sorry to hear you've not been feeling too good. I was really bad last year and ended up sick and miserable but with the help of a good therapist and lots of prayer, I'm better now :)

Love that photo of Gilly. Her face is so expressive. I think I need to make some potato pancakes- they look good!


Let me know if you need to "talk" about mental unwellness (I've been there, done that, still wearing the t-shirt).


Oh Cindy - you are always so cheery and positive towards others, I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling with this. I also struggle with anxiety and depression, its a very difficult thing. Take care of yourself. My daughter marks off the days on the labrador calendar you gave me and this moth's dog has the cutest lollopy tongue hanging out to one side, very happy go lucky. we always think of you when we look at the calendar! Hugs, Nat xxxx


I am behind in blogs again! I'm glad you went to see your psychologist and that she is giving you some help and hopefully some useful tools to use in the future to keep that horrid anxiety at bay. x

Judy Edmonds

I managed to miss this post before. I love Gilly's naughty ears! Every hand-knitted item needs dog hair knitted into it to make it extra loving :)

I also think too much and have similar problems. Good luck. I have read the latest doggie post and I;m glad that the psychologist is helpful.

And I did so love that picture of the synchronised swerving, they look so sporty and practised!

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