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The Cowl Of The Wild

Technically I suppose it should be The Neckwarmer Of The Wild, but where's the pun in that??

This is the same green as the warm Kathmandu zippy jacket I wear to walk The Labradors in the Winter. It is the Candle Flame Cowl from The Ravelry. It is written for 10 ply, but I used 8 ply and cast on 112 stitches and two thirds of the way through I made the purl rib P3, just to make it a little wider at the bottom. It is extremely warm and snuggly and I have worn it twice now.

Cowl of the wild
Peri looks very snuggly in her chair, on my little quilt. She loves lying on it. I will have to wash it tomorrow when she's not looking.

Peri is snuggly
Sometimes there is a little playful dispute about who really should be in the special chair.

Labradors all love The Chair

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you have to lie on the Otto instead. Lorelai Gilmore is a good loser!!!

Gilly on the Otto
Thank you for all the recommendations for a cardigan. In the end I did choose a very simple rib cardigan where I will be able to use the whole 20 balls of wool. I have added the other cardigans to my Queue and I am looking forward to knitting them anon!! I am starting with the sleeves because then I will have quite a good idea about how much wool I will have for the fronts and the back. There will be a lot more buttons too.

The Chosen One
The gloves are continuing on as well. I started the right glove because it was easier to knit that and talk to my mum than to do fingers.

Running the gauntlet right
The weather is wintry, we've just had our coldest May day in 22 years ( by 0.1 of a degree) and there is snow on the mountains already so skiers are champing at the bit. I am not a skier, but I am glad we will have a ski season this year, the last few Winters have been light on snow.

This weekend I plan to do more knitting ( surprise!!) and maybe read The Name of The Wind again. It came at The Library today and it is so long since I read it (2007) that I have to re-read it before I can tackle his new book.



this is my third and final go at posting a comment, the previous 2 have somehow been lost in the microchasm of Friday the 13th ?? love the green cowl and the doggy differences over the special chair - maybe there should be 2 special chairs :)


Oh it's very wintry here too, brrr rrrrr. I finally put the knitted cardigans on this week, and the flannelette sheets on the bed today!

I really like the look of your ribby cardi with sensible buttons all the way down. Looks great in your green yarn.


Love the colors of the cardigan you are making, and mitts seem perfect for our cold weather at the moment!


Oh the cowl is lovely! I like that shade of green very much, and the leaf pattern is so fitting! It's so cute how Gilly tries to tell Peri she's the boss of her, and Peri does not care at all. Both are so pretty in today's photos!


your new cardigan looks gorgeous you are so clever, and gloves too, remember my sad sad wrist warmers??? I haven't even attempted anymore since showing you those. I am loving this cold weather. For the first time ever it is not liking me much, sore stiff joints that usually aren't this bad in winter, it's either old age or it's just that winter seemed to hit us in the blink of an eye and I am not complaining mind you, give me winter anyday! xxx


i think the candle flame is one of my favourite stitch patterns, that and the fir cone. it looks lovely like that, very warm against all those southern snowy winds. its suddenly very cold here too but its nice to be able to wear the woolens isnt it? do the girls need little vests perhaps?!

Jennifer rose

love that knitting pattern :D amazes me how someone can do that :D
gilly looks a little put out ;) but not too much


That is a lovely cowl. I'm a sucker for cowls, I wear them almost constantly all winter, they're perfect - don't fall off like a scarf, keep you warm, and look gorgeous!


That's a beautiful neck piece and in oh so appropriate colours for you :-)
The navy blue one I'm working on looks like it will be beautifully warm so I hope your one is too.


Haha, I love the post title! :) Your cowl looks very snuggly indeed - I must admit, it's snuggly cowls that call to me to take up knitting myself. I'm silencing that voice in my head until a later time, however.

I love the colours in your cardigan, too :)


I love your Candle Flame Cowl....I have this on my to-do list one day. It should be nice & snuggly for those doggy walks!!

The variegation in the Basics yarn is knitting up nicely in this ribbed pattern. It should look very smart when finished.

You sound like me with your second glove. I find I get to a part in my knitting where I have to make a decision or do some thinking & all I want to do is do the easy bits on all my other knitting....or if that fails, cast on something new :)

Gilly looks so funny perched on her ottoman!! LOL At least she's a good loser after all that fun of trying to kick Peri off her seat.


Obviously weather for warm things around necks, what with your candleflame and my chunky cables, and three scarves happening beside me at a cafe yesterday, and a cowl on the other side...
I think the ribbed sleeve looks great with that yarn - nice way to use that short-stripe variegation.
Enjoy the sunshine today!


The cowl is lovely. I have been wanting to knit a cowl but somehow have not done it. Now you have inspired me. Keep warm.


Love the cowl!!! And of course it has to be green in colour since it's for yourself :P

We hard our warmest May and you had the coldest May. The weather is very fickle minded isn't it???


The cowl is lovely and just right for burrowing a cold nose in to! I have been using allot if my lovely warm woolies this week as it us cold my way too. The dogalogs are extremely adorable captured in their chair romp! xoxo


Poor Gilly looks very sad to be on the otto!

Enjoy rereading The Name of the Wind, I bought his new one at the beginning of the holidays and devoured it in a couple of days. I enjoyed it only a smidgen less than the first one. He is such a good storyteller it so easy to get all wrapped up in it.


I love the cowl, color and pattern. And I love seeing the labradors. We are back to two at my house, but they haven't made it to the blog yet, shame on me.

Laurie (Moo!)

I love that cowl and you did it in my favorite shade of green!

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