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Tuesday's Letters Eat 15: 'J' is for Jam, Easy Nigella's

J. J is worse than I. Undaunted alphabetically, I made some easy Nigella Raspberry Jam this afternoon. It only keeps for a week, but I made a cup's worth and I plan to make jam tarts for morning tea tomorrow and maybe a Queen Pudding.  I believe you can freeze jam in clean airtight containers and then it will keep for a much longer time.

I like to think of this as Emergency Raspberry Jam!! I would have had more if my hulking great forearm hadn't knocked the jam jar over while I was turning to fetch a cloth to wipe said jar.

Things I learned: use flat containers for the raspberries AND the sugar, and an oven proof glass jug would have been handy too.

I did sterilise my jar at the same time as I made the jam. Just wash the jar and lid in nice hot soapy water, rinse and then place on a tray, upside down, in the oven for 20 minutes. The timing was perfect.

You can use any amount of raspberries and jam, as long as they are equal by weight.

Do be careful as everything is dangerously hot.

As I found some Titanium Strength sheet gelatine in the deli at the corner, I might try a jelly next week. I usually use powdered gelatine, but I might just cook on the posh side.


Jam, Rasperry and Easy   makes 250ml

  • 250g raspberries
  • 250g caster sugar

Preheat oven to 180*C. Prepare jar if needed.

Place berries and sugar in separate flat oven proof containers and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Before the jam
Being ever so careful, remove from the oven and tip the sugar into the berries. It will look as if it won't work. Don't panic, it will.

After the oven
Then stir with a clean spoon till it is a jam.

Jammy dodger
 Pour or spoon into the sterilised jar and refrigerate when cold.  It seems to thicken a little on cooling too. This will keep, in the fridge, for a week. If you can resist it!!




Rasberry jam homemade is one of my favourites, although I dont eat jam unless I have scones and cream with it!


Oh yum, I've always wanted to try this! And it's such a lovely RED post!


Yum, yum.


That's an interesting way to make jam!


instant jam! Shortlived but infinitely useful if it's going into tarts. Nice!


That must be great just by the spoonful!! I hope you will post a pic of the tarts!


Looks delicious!


Deliciousest of delicious things!! It looks dreadfully yummy :D

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