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'Cause Making Up Is Hard To Do

I think I am recovered from my mum's visit. My mum always carries a scarf in her bag, just in case she wants to put on a clean top, or try on a new one. That way she doesn't get make up on anything. Except the scarf. And I do wonder when she uses it a few times in one day if it isn't impregnated with make up and so ceases to perform its task??

My mum also can't understand why anyone would leave their home to travel overseas, because it is just not necessary, and neither are computers.

Everyone should carry a little rain bonnet so your hair doesn't get wet.

All cups and cutlery in cafes must be wiped clean. Not even surreptitiously!!

Never a dull moment!!!

I did have a lovely time with my mum and aunt but I needed almost a week to feel back to normal. It's all the having to be bright and cheery and entertaining for three days. I don't usually have to be entertaining for so long.

MrsDrWho and I entertained ourselves today when we made a quilt top in 56 minutes. This does not count the first step where you sew the strips together which took 32 minutes. It's the Jelly Roll 1463. It sounds better in yards: Jelly Roll 1600.

We used my 20% off card at Esme's and purchased Jelly Rolls and batting and cotton and then we were away.

Jelly rolling
To begin, you mix up the jelly roll and then pick up a strip at random and sew it to the next. You sew a diagonal seam across the ends.You do this for all 40 strips and cut 40-45cm off one end.

Then comes the real beginning: pick up both ends and put right sides together and sew along the long side. It takes ages, it is about 2 kilometres. We called this The First Pass. (It amused us because in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of PERN books a year is a Pass. We are easily amused) You cut the fold at the end, and then repeat the process making strips of 4, then 8, then 16 and finally 32.

Jelly Roll top
I accidentally deleted the photos of MrsDrWho's quilt with Cleo the cat lolling about on it. Perhaps she will post one?? It is school holidays so she might.

Over the next few days I will sandwich the batting between the top and the backing and then I am going to hand quilt along the centre of some of the strips in green, of course. The binding will be the final step. We are already eyeing off Jelly Rolls overseas, where they cost far less even with postage. We saw a very green one!!

So for us, after preparing the initial long strip, it was 56 minutes, interrupted by tea breaks and some chat, and we had made our quilt tops. Very satisfying.

Softie panel
My lovely Saffron Craig Softie panel arrived. Look away ToddlerElectric's rellies,  I am going to make it for her birthday. It is just lovely and I know you can buy them online and at Esme's too!! Thank you Saffron Craig for the lovely prize!!!

Winter is truly here, it was only 5*C yesterday and we had so much rain there were floods in town and power outages. The road to the ski lodge on Ben Lomond was blocked by snow!! On our walk it was an icy wonderland, all the grass was stiff with ice and frosty white. Peri and Gilly have the best time playing in the cold.

Icy grass
I was late for my counselling appointment today. All the other appointments are on Fridays except this one. I have been prescribed a rest for half an hour every day. A relaxing rest free of worry, where I just lie down in the late morning in the hope of feeling less fatigued in the afternoon and I can perhaps complete a task or two. As you can see, Peri and Gilly are being supportive already!!

Napping in the Sun
I am looking forward to finishing my quilt over the next day or so, I'm very excited!!! I am eager to make another one. MrsDrWho and I think Jubbly'sMum could bring her sewing machine next time and we could make three quilts.



I'm glad the girls are setting a good example of resting for you, they look very snuggly in the sunshine.

I had to read the jelly roll quilt instructions twice to understand, but by gum I got it! How cool! I think even I could do that! How clever you both are!


I like your colorful Quilt top a lot! I also love the last picture of the girls napping. :o)


Hi Cindy! That photo of your mom with the scarf over her face is too funny! She sounds a lot like my grandmother was! You just have to love them, right? :o)

What an interesting way to make a quilt top. Sounds like you and MrsDrWho had a delightful day. And I am glad that the Labradors are helping you with your nap time...Noah and my cats help me with mine, too!




Lovely quilt top and what a great way to use up any bits of fabric offcuts laying around.

Your mum sounds like a hoot! I'm with her on the cafe cutlery though!


oh the girls look so snuggly buggly, The quilt top is AMAZING you two are legends I am so impressed and such pretty fabrics it is so gorgeous. I must tell you a secret I bought 2 softie panels off Saffron Craig to make for my girls for xmas. I haven't made them yet even though they are so simple and I bought them in Oct 2009!!!!!!! In fact I know they are in my fabric/stuff cupboard but not sure where. I feel a little bit inspired to get off my bum and make them now I have seen yours. Yours is very cute she didn't have that one when I bought mine I have an owl and I can't even remember the other!! how dreadful

Jennifer rose

awww :D they look so cute snuggled up together :D

the scarf thing is actually a good idea :) i think everyone should travel overseas at least once in their life, and really touristy places dont count ;p i think travelling is such a great experience that helps you understand other people

the quilt looks great :D and i can't believe you guys got that finished in less than an hour! o.0

Judy Edmonds

Gorgeous quilt and clever idea. I have a jelly roll that I bought because it was pretty. Maybe I should use it!

Nice of the labs to encourage you in your resting. They do look all snuggly and warm. It;s been cold here too, not as picturesque as yours but wet and windy. Lots of hand knits for Me Made June this week!


the joys of visitors!!!!not......LOL

your quilt looks fabulous!!!well done.

I love the pics of the girls snuggled up.

Laurie (Moo!)

Ah, Mums. Always wonderful to know they're coming to visit, then exhausting and recovery time is needed. Love the scarf! Yes. Take a page from the girl's book and get that rest, every day.


Aww, such snuggly sunshiny labradors! At this time of year, Tess has to go lie in the dirt if she wants to get any sun. She doesn't mind, but I would love to have some sunshine indoors!

I hope your daily resting helps :) It is so hard to fit these things in, isn't it? There's always something that has to be done, I find it quite hard to just rest.

I love your jelly roll quilt :


I am glad the girls are helping you out, I think I'd like to join you all. I went to school on tuesday after a busy work filled long weekend and hat to leave not 30 mins after the bell with a migraine headache. Bring on the end of this exhibition. I had a good giggle about you and your mum...my mum and I are chalk and cheese and she had to come and live with me and the kids when she was between houses when I was at art school, she tried in vein to get us organised! I remember once upon a time many shops had scarves in the change rooms for exactly that purpose, although I didn't like the thought of putting a scarf someone else had over their face over mine.
I've been thinking about how cold it is over there because my nice is over there at the moment playing in a tennis tournament. Their game was rained off the other day.
Take care and make sure you take your prescribed rest sessions follow your puppies' example!


Your Mum sounds just like my MIL. LOL

I love the colours in the jelly roll. I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt & the softie finished.

I wish my 'rest' could last 1/2 an hour. I need about 2-3 hours in the afternoon to be able to function for teatime. I hope you benefit from this new regime Cindy & we get to see lots more of your achievements here on your blog :D


What a great prescription, and so nice of the girls to assist you in a daily rest!

After recently having lots of company for the wedding, some of whom overstayed their welcome, I can empathize with your post-relative relief.
Love the bright colors in your Jelly Roll quilt.


Love the quilt & the colors & so quick to make. You can make one a day. Having visitors is always tiring but at the same time, it's great to have company. Have a good rest.


i want to come snuggle in the sun with your puppies. its pouring here, we may never see sun again. puppies not happy :( your jelly roll quilt made me smile, so bright and cheery. and as for visitors, aaagh. the bright and cheery there is really hard work. let alone when you have your cutlery being organised. i hope youre recovering ok.


Oh, your comments about your mum's visit had me dying with laughter. It's always entertaining to be around someone with such a strong character, though I can understand why a houseguest with such a strong character can be a bit tough on the nerves.

I don't know if this is the way with all mothers and daughters, but sometimes after I have spent a lot of time with my mother I wonder how I survived childhood in her household. It seems likely that I would have been thrown to the wolves (or jumped of my own volition). Then I remember, she has changed and so have I, and we will keep on changing. (Of course, I have changed for the better!)


Love this post. Your mum sounds funny. I guess if she doesn't see the point of computers, that she won't read about herself? I must say, that I've been known to wipe cutlery in eateries, but not openly. lol


A rest sounds like a good idea! Labradors are good role models. I had a love and frustrated relationship with my mum so can understand a little of how you feel.

I love your jelly roll quilt top.

lynne s of oz

My mum had some funny ideas but I think your mum outdoes her! (though I wiped the cutlery in a cafe the other day, then I wiped the stuff I had washed myself! LOL)
Thanks for the link to the jelly roll quilt - that is brilliant! Now if only I could sacrifice one of my jelly rolls to it...
If I lived nearby, I'd come and sew with you. My cats would get jealous - they don't like dogs.


Oooooh delicious quilt top! And how inspiring and motivational to see it come together so quickly!

Excellent plan to incorporate a half hour chill out in to each day, I imagine it will make a remarkable difference :)

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