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Food and Leverage

Winter has set in and it has been quite cold (3*C) and today very wild, windy and rainy. We've had lots of warnings and I made sure I have the candle and matches ready in case the power goes off. I know it is cold because when I go out Peri waits for me at the back door on her rug, and spurns the garage. Lorelai Gilmore just spurns me altogether and sleeps inside on the comfy chair.

They do love the cold weather and run and leap and play with vigor. The creek is really full so they can achieve Total Saturation in no seconds flat.

Pups playing
Pups in the creek
I have spent the last week watching the first two series of Leverage. It is Very Good Indeed. I can highly recommend it, and I don't know why it hasn't been on 'real TV' here. I watched the second season lying in bed but I have saved the very last episode to eke out the excitement.

I did do some WW Knitting in Public a week or so ago and I accidentally turned up a week early on Saturday for our Knitting in the Library. Oh dear!! I like to think I was just very prepared for this Saturday. I knitted a square for Save The Children, but it will definitely need blocking. The decrease half is not as tight as the increase half. Which is strange. It's less of a square and more of a rhombus.

Not really a square
It is MrsDrWho's birthday today, but she is home ministering to the kitten, Muppin, who is recuperating form her little operation. Muppin likes me again now, I think she was so happy to see a familiar face when I collected her from the Vet, though all the nurses were keen to adopt her as she is so cute!!!

I shall be having a Guest Post tomorrow for Tuesday's Letter's Eat: Judy-May. We are both very excited!!! As you can tell. I am looking forward to cooking her recipe!!

Last week my computer had only 4MB of memory left. I have now deleted everything except the things it needs to actually run, I can't even open PDFs, and I had to custom install my new printer. I was going along quite well again until two Microsoft Updates ate up lots of memory. I have a back-up hard-drive that I bought from school that I can plug in and use, it's just a question of doing it. Apparently I always put off till tomorrow what I could do today.

Right now I am going to take my tablets with a nice cup of peppermint tea, and we will go to bed and listen to the rain on the roof. Jimoein tells a joke about a can opener, the ones that always do a lap of honour around the tin before they actually start any kind of can opening. Lorelai Gilmore likes to do a lap of honour before she goes to bed. When they have been outside and we are turning off lights and computers and TVs, she runs to the back door, and looks expectantly at me. I open the door and she goes out, walks in a little circle under the porch, and then runs into bed. It seems she has made sure all is really right with the world!!! And so, to bed.........



It's funny how the girls don't like the cold, but are still quite partial to full immersion in the creek!

I saw an ad for Leverage the other day, it might have been on the Foxtel, I can't recall now. I think I might need a backup hard drive for my memory too...

Jennifer rose

gilly is making sure there are no lurking zombies near by :p


I also attended a Knitting In The Library to celebrate WWKIP & it was a great event. There were about 50 knitters & we had lots to eat. I am so happy that it's winter.


those girls make me feel cold looking at them in that wintry creek ! we've certainly had our fair share of winter weather this week - I feel a sunny day is in order to replenish our supplies of vitamin D :)


L is for Leverage!! How funny that you are watching it. . . I discovered it last year when a fellow knitblogger insisted that I watch it, and I love it, love it, love it. The new season in the US starts next week, not sure how long it will take for you to get it, though I do wonder if maybe you could watch it online instead of waiting for the DVD's.

Laurie (Moo!)

We love watching Leverage. It's one of our "good time" shows. Good for you, watching it while in bed. You need to take care of yourself - the girls can take care of "Total Saturation" just fine.


They look like happy labradors! Hurrah!


That must be a cooold swim!
I've shown up a week early for a dentist appointment, and last time, an hour early. I've got to write more clearly on the calendar.


You know the saying, "Be there or be a rhomboid!", as it turns out you were there twice! Although that's always better than not turning up at all.


Very cute! I like how cats (and often dogs too) do a mini lap of mini honour on their bed or designated sleeping spot before actually lying down!

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