Tuesday"s Letters Eat 20: 'L' is for Lemon Meringue Pie
Tuesday"s Letters Eat 21: 'M' is for Mushrooms en Papilliote

Smashing Cupkins

Damn and blast, I just broke one of the really nice cups that match my dinner plates. Still, I have managed not to break the other three of them in the six months since Christmas, and it was empty, so it's not too bad. I caught the handle with my sleeve and precognitive-ly, I saw it all happen: the catching of the sleeve, the toppling of the cup and then the smashing on to the floor. I did just google Smashing Pumpkins to make sure it was the name of a band and not a phrase from the Urban Dictionary which meant something really inappropriate. I am not up with the lingo. As you can tell.

I am very happy to have had Judy-May's guest recipe this week with her delicious Lemon Meringue Pie.  I haven't really cooked at all. Peri wasn't well, she has some little convulsions. Luckily it was 6-40pm and so I rang The Vet and because we live close by she was able to see Dr Malcolm. She very nicely had a little convulse in front of the nurse. Dr Malcolm gave her some injections of cortisone and Valium, and said her pulse and temperature were both normal and being the gannet she is, she probably ate something weird. He thought it was a one off. And so far, he has been proved right.  Poor Gilly was left Home Alone, but coped very well.

Peri is dopey
We all had a big sleep and then after a short walk spent most of yesterday in bed too. She seems to be back to normal now, though I am watching her like a hawk. Peri and Gilly played their usual rowdy rebel games with a plastic cup after tea tonight, and Gilly won the Cup. She usually does.

Gilly wins the Cup
Today I sorted out a few issues: I bought a card reader so I can transfer photos from my camera to my computer. I uninstalled the Kodak Software, it used up waaaay too much of my ever diminishing hard drive space. Cost? $9, but priceless because I don't have to try and find any drivers or fuss about with my camera.

Priceless solution 1
In transporting my machine for the jelly roll adventure the bobbin winding apparatus broke off. I thought of a metal pin and glue or maybe a proper machine shop fix. Instead, an electric bobbin winder. Cost? $25, but priceless because I don't have to leave my machine anywhere to be fixed and I can wind bobbins to my heart's content.

Priceless solution 2

I am White Rabbit late for MrsDrWho's birthday but I have been working on gifts, and now I have a bobbin winder I can finish some sewing. I have been doing a special cross stitch.

A cross stitched thing to be sewn
I have been knitting too. This is not really green, but I used the free online Photoshop editor and I turned it green just because I could.  It is inside out.

Not really green
Now I've talked for an hour to MrsDrWho on the phone and made another cup of tea in another cup. I didn't have my rest today, but I did manage to solve two problems, so we might just go to bed soon. I forgot to take a picture of the finished Jelly Roll quilt, Peri has decided it is hers and she must have it flung over her while she lounges on the bed!!! I bought three Alistair Maclean novels for $10 at the supermarket check out. An excellent impulse buy, so I shall have some comfort reading: When Eight Bells Toll, Ice Station Zebra and Where Eagles Dare. I am a big fan of MacLean, Hammond Innes and their ilk, but Desmond Bagley is my very favourite!!



Oh no, isn't that the most awful slow motion feeling watching a precious cup break? I hope Peri is lots better and it was only a little something she ate. What a clever solution to the bobbin problem, I'd never have thought of that, and my sewing machine needs a good service, but it has to wait until my car has one first.


Breaking pieces of a good dinner set always seems to be a slow motion moment, doesn't it?!

I do hope Peri is ok, and that it was just something bad she ate. How co-operative of her to convulse in front of the nurse. Brave Gilly to hold the fort and keep the home fires burning, so to speak.


I'm glad Peri is better! I hope it was just something she ate. Too bad about the cup, but these things happen. You are very clever to solve all those problems.
I've started reading ebooks, just a couple of clicks and I have a book to read. It's still a novelty to me, and I enjoy it. I just have to remember to recharge the iPad. So far I've only read free ebooks. I don't want to pay for books, as long as I can get them for free at the library.
Hope you and the girls get a good night sleep, after this busy day.


I hope Peri has no more episodes, poor girl. Make sure the 3 of you get those daily rests, preferably snuggling with the Jelly Roll Peri has claimed!


Poor Peri :( Please pass on lots of ear scritches from me.

I drop my absolute favourite cup a few years ago and it's taken me until now to find a replacement. But it's still not the same!


oh wow I have learnt new things, I didn't know electric bobbin winders existed what a fab idea and I didn't know there was free online photoshop! how cool thank you, you are a wealth of information, glad Peri is OK, am so missing The Doc :( ps have you seen the animateds Doc Who? we had it last week didn't know about it until then, it's quite entertaining and all of David T's best moments on the disc too


Glad Peri is better!! What a scare to go through. I'm sorry about your cup. I have a hard time keeping sets together. I just hate when I break a matching glass! I think the bobbin winder is such a great idea, even if the one on the machine works, you don't have to stop what you are doing on it to wind a new bobbin...at least on my old machines, it's a bother when I run out of thread. Saffy and Silas are well and enjoying the fan or air conditioning depending how hot it is. They are shedding clumps of hair that seem to drift all over the house. I can't keep up with it all this time of year!

Jennifer rose

ack! poor peri! glad she is doing better tho :) so scary when something like that happens

thats why all our nice cups are behind a cupboard glass door lol I am always hitting or knocking them over :/

that bobbin winder is a great thing to have :D wish I had one lol would have to go buy thread just to use it all the time lol


Hope Peri is better. Labs are known for being garbage guts so it seems as if vet was right. Scary for you though. Another photo editor you may not know about is http:/picnik.com Easy to use and you don't have to download it to take up computer space.


Oooh a portable bobbin winder - shiny. :) Poor Peri, so very worrying when they are ill. If you post a pick of the cup, I can look in my usual boutiques for a replacement.

Judy Edmonds

My late unlamented father left a huge collection of that type of thriller and I am slowly working my way through them. They make excellent commuting reading, now that I have to be a regular commuter :(

Considerate of Peri to convulse in front of the vet. I still can't get my kids to perform. Actually that's not quite true, Tamsin keeps having fainting spells and managed to pull one off at the doctor's recently.

Hoping very hard that Peri is OK and just ate a nasty convulsing thing - labradors!!!

Love the knitting. Even if it isn't that colour, it could be!!

Lots of love


Hope Peri is better now. I love the electric bobbin winder as I hate winding bobbins on the sewing machine. I must get one.


oh how scary. dog convulsions are awful to watch and make you feel so helpless. just a one off would be really good news. and the cup oh, i hate that! its funny how we know how its going to happen, and still, we cant stop it. so many things out of control. nice cups of tea and strange knitted things are not, however xx

lynne s of oz

I hope it was just a once off, well day off, for Peri! And how peeving breaking a cup!
And I have one of those winders. They are great since you can use power for them, not just batteries - the power thing is in the bottom of the box in the secret compartment (though we have two powerpoints in the loungeroom and umm 12 devices to plug into them, and we don't even have a tv or stereo!).


Poor Peri, hope there is no re-occurrences.
Shame about the cup too :-(


Oh, poor Peri! Dogs do seem to want to eat unusual things, don't they?

It sounds like you have been very busy and productive - I hope you enjoy reading your new books and thus having a rest!


Oh it's horrible when one of our babies is sick isn't it!?! I always feel so helpless. I'm so glad that Peri seems to be OK now though....& hope it genuinely was a one-off!!

I've thought about getting one of those side-winder bobbin winders. Considering I still haven't unpacked my 2 yo overlocker I just can't bring myself to do it yet :)

I have a card reader too....they are so much faster to download camera pics with.

I'm sure MrsDrWho will love her birthday gifts....albiet a bit late :)

Happy reading....I like these authors too.


Haha, we called each other gannets as kids!

Laurie (Moo!)

Poor Peri! I'm sure she let Gilly have that cup, just to make her feel good. :-)
Camera card readers...aren't they wonderful? Once I got one I quickly forgot where all of the camera cords were.

Hooray for the secret, cross stitch gift/project! MrsDrWho will be so pleased!!


I've completely given up on having matching dishes, glassware or silverware so I've gone in the total opposite direction. I pick up random bits of dishes and flatware at thrift stores and garage sales so that nothing matches at all. It's a very eclectic mix. As for slo-mo breakage? I had a moment last night where I was putting an almost full bottle of one of my favorite white wines in the fridge after pouring myself half a glass and it slipped out of my hand and shattered on the floor. Truly a tragedy. The labs are adorable as always, give them a smooch for me. ;-)


I hate breaking parts of sets!

I've never seen a bobbin winder like that but I think I rather like the idea of one. Nice!

Adele and I talked at length about the lemon meringue pie. Wonderful!


Oh, poor Peri! I once had a dog who did the same thing! We found it was those nasty squishy red berries that grown on a viney weed just everywhere! Why do dogs do that?!


Wow you have a lot of comments today! I had to scroll a long way to the bottom!
I feel like you have communicated a great philosophical lesson today - something about not always doing the thing you think you should or doing things the 'right' way (or what people or corporations tell us is the right way) but doing the thing that makes you happy and is the easy road! There is nothing wrong with the easy road!
I also wanted to give you this link as there are some cute Labradors working on Macquarie Island at the moment and you can see their photos here: http://www.antarctica.gov.au/41565 (page two)


Hope Peri is ok now. I hate it when I break something that is part of a set :(

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