Tuesday"s Letters Eat 28: 'Q' is for Queen Pudding
Meet The Dress

I Get To Buy With A Little Help From My Friends

Just when you thought it was safe to anticipate Spring, or Fathers' Day........

It's baaaaa aaack
Yes!! the First Christmas Sighting of 2011. I am not cross at all, I am just noting that it has occurred!! I checked them out there are no Star Wars or Star Trek figurines, but if you like, you can have a Twilight Keepsake.

Help!!! My tax return has arrived and so now I am in the market for a desperately needed new computer. I am going to have one 'built' for me. I don't really do anything other than use the internet and save pictures and documents, but if anyone has any advice or ideas, I would be extremely grateful. I am not very knowledgeable about what I might want, and though I feel sure I will be well looked after, I would like to know what I need. I know I don't need to burn DVDs or have spectacular video game thingies!!

It's raining again and the North East is having their fifth flood this year so far. This means road closures, sand bagging and no school!! It is warm, really warm. I knew that Spring weather, with its rain and wind, was not far away. Every year as soon as my white camellia flowers along come the gales and downpours, just in time to ruin the beautiful white flowers and turn them brown.

Spring and the camellia
We walked in the rain this morning and Peri and Gilly love the wet and wild conditions. They run so fast they are too quick for the camera. Or me?? I love their happy expressions. Adults laugh fewer than fifteen times a day, children more than a hundred: I laugh at all the Labrador fun when we go for a walk, and I can see the happiness on their faces.

Peri and Gilly running fast

Gilly came home and insisted on playing with her Squeaky Toy. It is not technically new, but it was lost somewhere in the garden. She is very good at the start of the game, though she looks as if I should be wary of picking the toy up, and races to fetch it. Then she just stands at the top of the stairs and drops the toy. When the toy is a ball it usually rolls down the stairs to me, but when the Hot Dog Toy won't, she stands there and waits for me to go up the stairs, and then she grabs it and runs away. A great game!! You can see the poor Pink Squeaky Pig With No Legs that didn't roll down the stairs either.

Gilly has a toy Gilly has a toy so there
Peri is far more sensible, and old, so she spent her time more wisely. She curled up in a cuddly ball. I love the raindrop on her head.

Peri all curled up
MrsDrWho gave me some wonderful teas. I bought some nice BPA free containers and I am drinking my way to happiness. The tea is, L to R, top then bottom: Gunpowder, Lemongrass and Ginger, Peppermint, New Guinea, Assam and Blue Mountain.

T 4 me
To celebrate, I bought a very necessary new tea strainer and a cup, on sale, for $2-50!!

Tea accoutrements
I also bought an emerald green cardigan, for $14 instead of $40 at the Archery shop. The colour doesn't photograph very well. It is woollen and quite thin and just what I wanted for Spring. I am planning on wearing more emerald green this year. And they had green Reg Grundies (Australian Rhyming slang, Reg is a real person, but I am hoping he won't attract weirdy people when they google Reg Grundies. I never actually say Reg Grundies now, but I did when I was little) They are so hard to find, and I am going to go back and buy some more if there are some I particularly like. I don't draw the line at teal or aqua!!

Green things
Someone emailed me and asked how they could 'follow' my blog. The truth is, I have no idea. I don't know how following works or if the Typepad even does following: sorry about that.
I also have had a few emails asking me to do advertising or reviews on my blog. I just delete them as Spam. So if you are reading this, Ad and Review people: don't bother!!!

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, stop copying me!! I saw the ad on TV and I bought my copy this month and they are making: Queen Pudding!!  The odds must be astronomical. I should buy a ticket in Tatts!! Their recipe is much more modern and trendy.

Stop copying me
There has been knitting. I have finished on sock and am about to start the other. I've also traced off a pattern for a possible Rooibos dress. I am making a toile and it was cheaper to buy a doona cover to cut up- 4m x 2.2m which is about 8m of fabric for $10- than fabric.

One sock Rooibos sal

MrsDrWho and I are trying to see the Glee film. We are not fans of the show itself, with all its Home & Away/Beverly Hills 90210 teenage dramas, but even I know lots of the songs, because they are Very Old Songs. Our local cinema is not playing nicely, and unless MrsDrWho's school is closed, we can't go. No evening sessions. We hope there may be a weekend screening.

I am reading Geraldine Brooks' new book, Caleb's Crossing. At first I didn't like it, well I read the first page and I was tired and I sort of gave up, but MrsDrWho encouraged me to keep reading and not to be so silly and now I am really enjoying it. I have read all her books and I'm glad I persevered with this one.

Shopping has worn me out, and The Labradors are already asleep, so I think I shall have a nap. I while away many an afternoon with a nap!!



Your pudding in a magazine! You are a tredsetter! Next everyone will be wearing green reg grundies! (they are very pretty, by the way, hope they are comfy!)

I didn't know that about laughing, that is very interesting! Connor has a most infectious laugh, it makes me laugh every time!


I now know where the Archery shop is - was wondering where you got such a great buy ! The colour is lovely - very emerald. Have been trying not to realize that Christmas is looming - thanks for reminding me :( I've decided its not going to 'bust our budget' this year though - after all, its the thought that counts and good things come in small packages ! The 'girls' have such wonderful walkies - they would laugh if they could I'm sure - so much glee !


Wow you have been really busy Cindy!! Love your new 'green' purchases.

I have trouble even get Daisy to go outside & do a wee in the rain, let alone go for a walk. I'm glad that Peri & Gilly had such fun!

Good luck with the toile. Can't wait to see the finished dress.

Judy Edmonds

Thank you for silly dog pictures to make me smile on an over stressed day! And cute green things. I think I am getting a green thing from you. It was always one of my favorite colours but I am looking for a fancy schmany smartphone atm and keep going back to the green one!


such cute photos of the girls! Every time I see your girls I remember I must put Ruby on my blog then I forget, totally lost my memory I think. We used to call undies Grundies when I was in High School!!!I still do sometimes too. 16 posts in your reader! oh dear. I just thought you didn't want to play anymore :( I didn't realise until someone left a comment yesterday saying she dropped by even though her reader said I hadn't posted in a month so last night I turned some settings off then on again and republished some posts to try and figure it out. I don't know what I did but it seems to of fixed it!!! It's very much like Spring isn't it. That always fills me with a little dread of Summer


Fewer than 15 times a day? How sad is that! Isn't it good we have our pups to drastically up our average?

It is still too warm here to enjoy a good cup of tea, but you are making me want one. I found loose teas last year in an online swap and I am hooked. I still drink the packets at work, but I much prefer the loose tea.

I love all the lovely new clothes. Those light sweaters are my favorite. Not only good for when it is cool out, but also good for summer when the air conditioning in the office and stores is so high. Why do they do that? I just don't know.

As for following your blog, I do that in Google Reader. I like Google Reader because it puts on my blogs in one place for me. Don't know if that will help your reader or not, though I do know there are lots of other readers out there too.

Jennifer Rose

xmas stuff alread?!?! o.0 way too early :/

love the pics of gilly, they remind me so much of what sky does with her balls too lol

really like the cup and top :D love the pattern on the cup and yep, def. need a new cup for all of those teas :)


I am in desperate need of a new tea infuser thingy...one of the ones that sit in the cup. You have inspired me to go out and get one :-)


I draw the line at Christmas in August!!! ;)

The tea looks delish, so nice to have such a selection on hand.


I can't believe that the shops are starting to sell Christmas stuff - it's too early & I am always stressed by Christmas shopping. I watched BH&G on Friday & saw them making the Queen Pudding & I immediately thought of you - they must have copied you.


Ooh, what a lovely tea collection you have!

I must get cannisters for my tea one day, they're rather in danger from pantry moths at the moment.


Grand green reg grundies! Another new-to-me expression, and I can't get it out of my head!
Cherry motif is a favorite of mine; I bet the mug will make your tea even more delish.
Wow, you are ahead of us- I've just noticed Halloween decorations in the stores, but not Xmas yet.

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