Tuesday"s Letters Eat 30: 'R' is Rosemary Potato Pizza
So You Think You Can Prance?

Rondo The Twist

Have you read any Paul Jennings?  If you haven't he's very good, a kind of older children's Roald Dahl, the slightly scary and weird Roald Dahl!! Or, you can watch the DVDs, Round The Twist, also very good. I quite like Wunderpants, Santa Claws, Spaghetti Pig-Out and Little Squirt. His stories are wicked and slightly rude,sometimes scary but always riveting!! have been to a dinner where he spoke and read excerpts from his books.

I bought some Rondo, a 100% highly twisted wool, from Bendigo Woollen Mills. It is Lime Zest, it could be a little zestier for my taste, but it was only $10-50 a ball so I bought four. I am not sure what I will knit as yet. I found three balls of Classic 5ply in Poseidon I think. Maybe I will make Deco??

Third of another sock
I have been knitting the nameless sock, I am almost to the heel. It is hard going in the dark blue Patonyle.

Peri and Gilly have special ritual games that must be played before they put their harnesses on to go for a ride in the Dog Car. The game is played this way: Gilly has a toy and Peri must try and take it from her.

There is much running, hiding, dodging, growling and general mayhem.

Sometimes I am standing there feeling as useful as a hip pocket on a singlet  while they have a lovely time playing. Still, once we are there, they trot along together as cute as can be.

Trit trot

I used more of the rosemary from Tuesday's recipe to make some roast potatoes. I finely chopped the rosemary, added some grated garlic and a little lemon zest, salt and pepper and oil and then roasted them at 220*C for about 45 minutes. Perfect!!

Rosemary roast potatoes
I have two new books. The first is a biography of Terry Nation, the man who invented the Daleks and wrote Blake's 7 and Survivors, and contributed to many more famous TV shows. I am really enjoying it and I am reading a chapter or two every night to make it last longer!! The other book is Nancy Bush's Vintage socks. Wow, so much information and so many patterns. I will definitely have to read it thoroughly before I decide to knit anything. Thank you MrsDrWho, excellent choices!!

What I did with my psychologist this week:

Really too busy
We looked at next week in my diary and I learned why I am feeling so tired and sometimes find it difficult to cope. I need to lower my expectations of what I can do. I do so many things, well too many, and I have to rationalise somewhere. I have DW dog walking, *blogging, light blue housework, red squares going to the supermarket or shop, green social interactions and yellow something else I can't remember!! Now I am feeling better mentally, I want to do the things I like, but I am more tired than usual. I looked at the week and saw Fridays are usually free and decided I would vacuum then: Wrong!! I should be having a rest them and trying to eliminate other things.

Maybe I can have the heavy non-perishable groceries delivered once a fortnight.

I could have my drugs posted to me from the hospital because there are NO parking places. Ever. It is worth paying $4 to have my drugs posted to me, rather than spend half an hour driving up and down the road looking for a parking place and becoming more and more frustrated and upset.

And maybe even have a box of fruit and vegetables delivered as well. Lots to think about, and I am going to work on a way of using a chart to help me plan my weeks more carefully.

If I have 10 'units' of energy each day for doing tasks or coping with things that happen, then my day might look like this:

  • 2 units: dog walking
  • 2 units: showering, getting dressed 
  • 2 units: making breakfast for everyone and tidying up
  • 4 units: talking to my mum

And there are none left for anything else. I did know this, but now I understand why an hour or so of sewing that requires concentration wears me out.

MrsDrWho has lent me her Wii and so I am relaxing with some yoga and deep breathing!!!

This is my 1000th Typepad post, but not my 1000th over all. I started blogging way back on 8th October 2004, so this is probably my 1100th post. I like to talk, even when it is written down!! I average a post every 2.5 days which is more frequent than I thought. I have found that having my blog, and interacting with other people and other bloggers, has stopped me feeling so isolated after I had to leave work. I spent every day of every week for forty weeks a year with my class, and I still miss it so much, miss the children and working with them, and them being My Class for the whole year.

Life is never what you expect, but there is always a silver lining and in our house it is Golden: The Labradors!!!

And if you've read all the way to the end here, you deserve a medal!!!



Hi Cindy,

Great ideas about deliveries. I get fruit and vegetables deliver and love opening the box to see what I have. It's like a lucky dip, although there is some freedom in substitution.

I also get online groceries. I find this useful for the routine sort of stuff like toilet paper and cleaner, flour, porridge and so on. I mark no substitutes here because some of the pickers have weird ideas about what would be good to choose. Even so, I've never had a problem, I ring up and my account is credited.

I also get meat from Butcherman in Sydney. Restaurant quality, very well cut and packed. Dearer than the supermarket but not always and much better meat. I don't use a lot of meat so that's a more occasional order. My meat deliveries are free, as are fruit and veg. I'm sure the cost is covered but I would spend that amount of money anyway, I don't have to go and get it and I don't have to get it home and upstairs.

What I miss when I order is seeing the specials. Even if I have some plan in my mind, I'll change it if a special is something I would choose. Still, it all gets dumped on my bench and that's worth something too.

The other thing that saves me time is a direct debit from my bank account fort electricity, gas, rates etc. Not a charge on my debit card but directly from account. So if anything happens to card as it has twice this year, payments are not compromised.


I also have fruit and veg delivered once a week, and meat and bread and milk twice a week. It's great, and I think if you only have so many units of energy every day, you want to spend as many of them as possible doing things you enjoy!

Knitting Vintage Socks is such a great book! I have knit several pairs of socks from it. Wonderful resource!

What do you think of the Rondo? I wish the Rose Red colour was more red and less pink! Oh well!


I love the routines the pups make up for themselves! :o)
I'm sorry, but I had to laugh when I saw that you used 4 units for talking with your mom. :o)
It's good that you can see your week's plans, and can adjust were it needs adjusting, so you can feel better.
Delivering groceries is not as uncommen as one things, more and more people do it, and why not. even if you have to pay for delivery, you'll probably save money, because you don't do impulse buying. You don't have the hazzle of parking, and loading, and schlepping all the groceries. I hope you find a place that is willing to do it at a very reasonable rate!!!
Yeah, I've got a medal! I bet it's a green one!


Gee, I can tell you why you never knew you why you were so tired - you were too busy to notice that you were so busy!!!!! Remember the "10 units" rule and don't forget that when you are sick, healing takes units, too!!


You've had some good thoughts there about how you can help yourself. With all the available options these days its almost silly NOT to take advantage of delivered groceries, mailed drugs and so forth. Especially if it frees up a few points for much more fun things. I did have a little 'hah' at the talking to your mum points total. Parents can be so trying at times.

Happy 1000th typepad post, blogging is wonderful for feeling connected isn't it. A pity it can't replicate that classroom feeling for you. As much as I whinge about getting out of bed and going to school some mornings, I'm always looking forward to seeing my kids after the holidays and love watching them grow and learn.

Hold onto that golden lining :)


There are is so much you have written in this post that I can identify with Cindy!! I try to stay positive, but it is a task even to do that sometimes :( I was feeling down this morning as my daughter is talking about doing a 10km run in November....as she was outlining the trails etc where she will be training, it hit me like a ton of bricks that these were all the places I used to train....& how I would have been doing all these things with her. Instead I'm stuck mostly in bed resting & knitting. I'm having a bit of a time finding any joy in that this morning :(

My silver lining also is Daisy....as well as my family. Daisy will have to work extra hard today to cheer me up....looks like she's got a lot of treats coming her way today! LOL

My OT once gave me good advice....not to waste my energy doing things that can be delegated or done differently....to make sure that what energy I have is spent on things I enjoy. I know there are some things that we HAVE to do, but if we don't...then don't....find another way.

On a brighter note :) I love the little rituals that our furry babies have....so cute aren't they!! :)

I like the Rondo you have bought & think it'll make a lovely Deco! Your sock is coming along nicely....I can only knit dark colours now in the daytime...even though i have a daylight lamp....I find it too bright to shine directly on my projects.

Happy 1000th post....I too enjoy the social interaction the net provides. I don't have a blog, but still enjoy other peoples....along with Ravelry of course :)

Take care Cindy, I do hope you're successful in rearranging things in your life in order to have more energy for those things you love to do!

Judy Edmonds

Oh gosh, energy, what's that! I collapsed in tears last week when told by someone that I just had to find the time to do something extra - something that is actually necessary and that I wanted to do, but it means subtracting time from other things. And there is no energy for any of it. Sorry I meant to say something cheerful but I didn;t, did I! Love those dogs and rest. Vacuuming is for people with too much spare time!!


potatos are so yummy with rosemary aren't they - must try the lemon on them as well next time...those girls of yours are as good as any yoga sessions I reckon - you can't do anything but be happy and relax when you see their antics...I so agree with Judy's comment on vacuuming...always put mine off for as long as poss :)


I very much enjoyed your post - it had all the elements; crafting, doggers, and life ponderings. I hearitly agree with the delivery of meds and groceries - save those energy units for doing other things that bolster your spirit and enrich life - groceries and shops can go to the bottom of the list! I am the same - always trying to cram too much in then burning out. I think it is a fantastic idea to chart out what you are doing and your weekly commitments, then it is a matter of being strict with yourself and not squeezing anything else in there once it is already full!
Love the Deco pattern, and bendigo wool is very nice I must knit a full cardi from it some time :)
Thinking of you and the lovely hounds xoxo


It sounds like a great idea to get things delivered, thus giving you much more time to rest as you need to. I am thinking of ordering some of the rondo yarn, does it feel itchy or scratchy at all. The Nancy Bush book is fantastic. I have knitted about 4 pairs out of that book and am currently knitting the Child's First sock again as Isabelle grew too much and the first pair (1 sock) didnt fit anymore, plus it had acquired a big hole in it for some reason.


you know, i got a new shade card from bendigo a few days ago and i just threw it in the bin without even opening it, ive been so disappointed lately. but if you think rondo is a good yarn maybe i should go fish it out. i dont mind the steely colour. i got tired just looking at your diary. yes definitely get the deliveries where you can, i signed up for a regular fruit and veg box and its so great. also, more things in the mail is always fun, for you and the girls. i see you sensibly have torchwood scheduled in there, cant miss that. are you getting the 'miracle day' episodes? or do you need them posted to you as well perhaps!?


Definitely get deliveries! We get fruit and veg delivered on Fridays, and milk/bread/etc twice a week. Even though we're both fairly healthy, the weekend is so much better and so much more time is left for other things, when we don't have to go get groceries.

Your diary does look very full - good luck in finding ways to slow down a bit - I know it's very hard when your brain is so keen & excited, but your body can't keep up.


Sometimes I feel exhausted just from reading your posts! You are always on the go. And with your schedule down in black and white- well, color coded- I can see why you are tired! You have come up with some good ideas that should lessen the stress.
The dogs are so cute with their little rituals.
Congratulations on your 1000th post and looking forward to 1000s more!

Jennifer Rose

the 4 units for talking to your mom made me laugh, take a lot out of you? would be the same with mine :/

congrats on the 1000the post! :D the girls just look so happy running together :D


wow your diary does look busy no wonder you are tired and the 4 units for your mum made me laugh. Hubby usually does the shopping but I order online so I still feel I am doing my bit and I also still chose the products I want, it works out very well, we have never had any problems and mum has been ordering online since it came to Launceston and she loves it. I am sorry the video I put up was too confronting, I just want people to know what the animals suffer before getting to our plates as so many people don't consider it. Do you think I should take it off? Tell me what you think please


Vintage socks is one of the BEST books!

I like the approach to your week that you've worked out. I'm a planner and I would find that stuff really helpful - a visual reminder.

I'm really glad you're working out what you can and cant do and fitting in time to restore your strength!


Hooray for 1000 (well 1100 posts). I love reading your blog. I like your organisational system and I do hope you can get stronger and able to do more. I know how frustrating being tired it.


I really enjoyed reading your blog as you share such interesting stories - there is always something of everything & not just knitting. I have learnt so much about cooking & baking from you & enjoyed all your sewing projects & lastly, Peri & Gilly. You are not the only one with so much on your plate as I also tend to over commit & do much more than necessary. Keep on blogging.

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