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So You Think You Can Prance?

There was a great deal of prancing about when we encountered Sandy the Labrador on our walk. Gilly and Sandy took off like hover dogs, then there was a close encounter of the Two Labrador kind and Peri emerged from the bush at full pelt once she realised she was missing out.

Labs playing
Then they performed a Triple Prance Past in order of age: Gilly, Sandy and Peri.

It is true that the grass is always greener, and tastier, on the other side of the fence. It's a jolly good thing Lorelai Gilmore's shoulders are wider than her head otherwise she could slip right under the fence. My next door neighbour snapped this picture for me.


Peri, Sphinx-like, has been enjoying the afternoon Sun. The forecast temperature today was only 12*C, but I think she found a warm spot!!

Peri's warm

Now I have tizzied up my post with the proper amount of Cute Labrador Pictures I can go on to other topics.

I have jumped on the Sorbetto top band wagon (waggon). It is a free download from Colette Patterns.

I am participating in Self-Stitched September again this year and if I don't sew something quickly I will be wearing exactly the same things as last year. I am getting more relaxed or slightly punch drunk, I am not sure which, because this afternoon I whipped up a toile of a Sorbetto with a sleeve and a FBA. The neck is a bit too scoopy, but other than that it is fine. I need to draft the skirt part and then on Thursday I am going to sew them together with an elastic waist (or the illusion of a waist) and then I will have a dress!! I have seen some other Sorbetto dresses on The Flickr. I desperately wanted something to co-ordinate with my new emerald cardigan and this was the best I could find at the BSODL. There is nowhere else to buy dressmaking fabric, so beggars can't be choosers. I think I might get some emerald fabric to bind the neck and let a little peep out from under the hem of the sleeves too.

Sorbetto dress top

A while ago I would have soldiered on and started the dress proper, but today I stopped and remembered to take things at a slower pace. I've already managed to nearly chop the end off my finger this afternoon with my new knife. It is serrated and not even deathly sharp, but still, I have managed to cut the nail away right down to the Extremely Painful At All Times area. I go through twenty bandaids a day.

The socks I haven't named yet are a hair's breadth away from being finished. I made a mistake with the toe last night. I just stopped knitting and I will look at them again later this afternoon. I don't think I decreased the same way on the second toe. Easily fixed and almost, almost a finished project!!

I've already cooked tomorrow's Tuesday's Letters Eat recipe, so now I will have time to make some Gold Rush themed cupcakes to take with me to MrsDrWho's Open Afternoon at school on Wednesday. I will also find time to change all my cooking headers that have a double quotation mark instead of an apostrophe. How did that happen???

And now it is time to feed the ravening horde of hounds, well Peri and Gilly. They are milling about and nosing my hand away from the keyboard!!



I definitely want to come back as a well - loved pooch - what a wonderful life ! hope that finger heals up soon - VERY sore when things go too far I know...I love the flowery print although I know spots are in at the moment :)


Those girls have you well trained don't they. Fancy pushing your hand away from the keyboard. It also looks to me as if Gilly's head has been under that fence before. Look at that bare patch of earth near the fence.

You've been very busy on those socks. I'm really finding the navy blue boring beyond words right now.


love the sphinx photo and the sneaky under the fence grass nibbling! Have a wonderful time visiting MrsDrWho's class for the open day.


I love the spotty fabric! I also love the Posing of Peri as the Sphinx. I feel the same way when I find a lovely sunny spot!


These fur babies definitely let us know when it's chow time, don't they!

Such lovely photos of the 3 labs playing together :)

I hope you get the problem with your socks sorted out. They seem to have knitted up pretty quickly!

I like the floral fabric....I assume that this is going to be the dress?!

I can almost feel the warmth seeping into Peri's bones in the sphinx photo...what a good shot :)


Gilly is hilarious! Did she munch on the neighbors grass? Peri seems to really enjoy the sunny spot. Makes me warm and sleepy just looking at her. :o)
I like the fabric with the circles. If one makes a mistake with knitting, it's always good to take a break, and pick it up later, at least it's good for me. :o)


Do your pups tell time, too? I feed mine at 5 o'clock and no matter what I am doing, they always come and let me know when it is dinner time!!

Take care of that finger. I know that pain!


I can feel the wind whip in the top photos! Gilly better not grow any larger or she may need a fence-ectomy. Peri looks so content, and dare I say, cat-like in the sunshine.
Hand and finger injuries are the worst for a crafter, aren't they? :-(


I love that photo of Gilly stuck under the fence!! Love the trio of labs, too :)

Hope your finger is ok!


Head under the fence photo. Love it.


ouch to your finger it looks very nasty and sore xx


It's like dog (instead of horse) dressage or drill team! Dogs do find the perfect sunbeams, don't they!

Jennifer Rose

ouch ouch ouch!! be careful!

hopefully gily doesn't get her head stuck! o.0 all of the dogs looks so happy running together :)


Take care of yourself, you'll need that finger for all of your stitching!

Amy Steier

I've never seen such happy dogs in my life! I think it's so funny that Gilly thinks she can fit under that fence just because her head can. I think it's a Lab thing because my dog thinks she's "hiding" when her head is under the bed. She doesn't realize that we can still see the rest of her body! Too funny!

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