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Stick Of The Dump

I can't remember when I first read Stig Of The Dump, but it is a book I think of fondly and must read again soon. We don't have dumps here, we go to the tip. Auntie and Uncle Dutch came yesterday and took the oak tree to the tip, in stick form. I can't say I miss the tree at all, and it is off to make mulch I think. Thank you again, kind Auntie and Uncle Dutch!!!

Bye bye tree
Auntie and Uncle Dutch bought me a beautiful whisk in Stanley of all places!! And some excellent people/Labrador wipes for when Peri and Gilly get a little dirt on themselves when we go for a walk. Which hardly ever happens. Uncle Dutch cleaned the exhaust pipe mark from Peri's head, so the wipes work very well.

Wipes and whisk
Today MrsValley and I ventured out for lunch at Kouklas (no website). It is a Greek restaurant up the river. I had seafood pie, full of prawns, white fish,and salmon and MrsValley had moussaka. We shared a slice of lemon curd tart for dessert. It was a perfect afternoon, the Sun shining and lots of conversation and a glass and a half of wine!!! Kouklas have the most delicious food.

Seafood pie Moussaka lemon curd tart
The river was so still and wide, which is amazing because the dam is overflowing right to the tippy top. The water just rushes over and makes a very loud noise and really, when I am standing near it, I feel a little afraid. Nature is frightening sometimes. There was much spray and Sun: a rainbow appeared.

Dam rainbow
I sewed MrsValley a bag from a teatowel with lots of her favourite animals. I cut the teatowel in half so all the animals were right way up, and I used a little grass green poplin for the handles and base for optimum animal viewing pleasure.

Animal bag
I've also knitted a hat, the Zumthor hat, for MrReno's birthday. It is an easy pattern, but I liked the simplicity and I know MrReno will enjoy the hat's back-story. I used some Loyal Naturally 10ply as I stayed home all day Wednesday and I only had green wool. Who would have guessed?? I shall try to take a picture of the hat being worn, which will show off the interesting structure.

I popped into KMart this morning to buy a container and there were no real people at any of the checkouts. I could only go through the self-serve area. I gave a surprised staff member my container and went next door to the supermarket where a nice young woman served me, and the container was half price.

K nomart
And finally Peri and Gilly, waiting for one of their yummy treats from MrsValley. They are so lucky. I received some beautifully fragrant Rosemary from her garden.  I am already thinking about what I shall cook with my R for Rosemary. The Labradors have had so many extra pats in the last few days. I believe it has made them cuter, if that is possible!!

Gilly and Peri wait for a treat



R for rosemary? This morning I made some small rosemary and lamb pies to take out tomorrow. Made in a muffin pan. Lamb stirfry strips, sliced mushies, onion, garlic, pepper, salt, one of those new jelly like stock thingies in chicken flavour and some beer because I didn't want to open a bottle of red. Add some thyme and finely chopped rosemary, abut two dessertspoons of it. Cooked slowly for a while and let cool. Shortcrust pastry and a sprig of rosemary in the top of each one. I would have liked some tomato paste too but couldn't find it. Perhaps it's just my imagination which tells me I bought it! They taste pretty good. I had one for lunch.

Also made som foccacia with sea salt and rosemary on the top. I've made bread since I was young but never done foccacia before. It tastes really good.


Meant to add that I never use the self serve checkout either. Do I get a discount for doing the shop's work? No. I pay the same as if someone served me. The more those checkouts are used, the more quickly checkout jobs will disappear. It's a thin edge of the wedge.


that whisk is very pretty and fancy having special wipes for pets ! I thnk the green hat is a great colour for a man - they often wear such dull colours (Hope that doesn't sound sexist - dont mean it to !) :)
those girls certainly deserve a treat or two for those lovely serious looks !


Well done on abandonning the soulless KMart! I quite like the self serve when there are lines of ladies with prams in the service lanes but there is nothing that can replace friendly banter with a checkout chick!


So much to take in in this post! The bag's very cute, and the hat too! The food looks, and sounds delicious. And of course the girls are even cuter now, with all those extra pats they received. I thought that photo was an older one, when they were younger, they look so well!


The tea towel bag is clever!
I've been eyeing that cool unisex hat pattern too.
I'd never heard of Stig of the Dump. It sounds like a book my son would have liked in younger years, like the Tintin books he read over and over.


I love the look on Peri and Gilly's faces. What a super Auntie and Uncle you have and what a yummy meal you all had.

I know Stig of the Dump but haven't read it yet.


I love the green whisk and the tea towel bag. You are very clever!

I can't believe they had no-one on the checkouts in K-Mart! That is appalling! But lucky, since you saved yourself some money!

I'm not sure it is possible for Peri and Gilky to be any cuter!!


I don't use the self serve check outs here either. Here in QLD we have dumps not tips. We also have a Dump Shop. I have never bought anything there but lots of people do :-)
What a beautiful lunch you had!


I love lemon curd tart- I'm afraqid if we had lunch together I might not share it with you - you could have half my main ;)
I hate those self serve thingos but sadly I think they are slowly 'training' us to accept them which worries me because what will our kids do to suppliment their income while they are studying when they become the norm...we will just have to keep on letting them know as you did that we don't like them. Although I'm guessing many people do.
I have several of those printed tea towels and some nice wooden handles to make bags but I have been unable to bring myself to chop them in half but they do look better so the print is the right way up. You have inspired me and I think I will do it- otherwise they will remain unseen in my linnen closet stuck under a pile of tablecloths unused and hidden.
And in regard to the hat, sometimes the simple things are the best, When I made my knitted wrap to take to melbourne it was just one large plain stocking stitch rectangle on which I put a deep crocheted shell edging. As I knit I was mesmerised by the loops of yarn and the fabric it created. I love its fluidness and it's simple knitted texture.
And finally those dogs are most definately cute!


I love your tea-towel bag, what a clever idea!


Love the pic of the girls together :)

I noticed their was only 1 register open last time I was in Kmart...mind you Bigw are the same!! Not good!! :( I constantly think of the staff they must have put off....because they haven't got any of them working the 'floors' for help!

The hat & bag look great....what lucky friends you have to recieve such goodies! :)

Jennifer Rose

I actually prefer the self checkouts :) no bored cashier bruising my fruit or giving me dirty looks.

really like the shot of the dam and the rainbow.l its very pretty :)

that tart looks really good *drools*:p

Laurie (Moo!)

I have heard that many pats make the doggie very beautiful. Your gals are beyond beautiful.
Love the picture of the rainbow. Yes, nature can be frightening and then it rewards us with stunning things.


That seafood pie looks so yummy. I remember Stanley as we went to the Nut & the scenery is so beautiful. I hate those self check out & have not use one yet.

Michelle Lee

Love that green whisk!!!! It is so pretty!!! :D


the tea towel bag gives me an idea! Thanks Cindy!

Sometimes i use the self serve if there's a huge line at the other check outs but often they're fiddly and don't save any time at all!


I REFUSE to do the self serve thing - well done 2paw.

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