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The Sixth Census

Tomorrow night is Census Night. I enjoy Census night and this year you can fill in the form on-line. Which I am grateful for, as I saw my Census man walking down the street at Morning Tea time last week and he spat, twice, on my front lawn. I didn't really want to hand him all my details in an envelope. He could have opened it. Yes, I do believe, slightly, in conspiracy theories, which is why I always vote using my own pen (not green, in case they recognise me!!) and not the pencil provided, so they can't change my vote.

You can play the Census Spotlight here. I pretended to be several different people!!

Tomorrow night
I shall also answer Yes to the question that asks if they can keep my information and make it available in one hundred years. They can go right ahead, I won't be here!!! I see on Who Do You Think You Are? how helpful the Census information can be.

Actual knitting content. Yes, some cabled socks in dark blue Patonyle, which is just terrible on the eyes of an evening. I must buy a knitting/embroidery light. I am cabling without a cable needle, but as the cables are just CF4 and CB4 I knit the second pair of stitches on the needle and then I go back and knit the first two stitches. It works well, and I just can't cable without a cable needle. I have tried, but my resting off the needle stitches just unravel before my eyes.

Peri and Glly took off down the track to the mud when I let them off their leads this morning. Here they are, all muddied up to their knees and beyond.

Labradors with muddy paws
This was cause for great celebration and lots of games.

Paws a go round
I was so glad the little creek was full of running water today. Peri and Lorelai Gilmore hopped in two or three times and came out all clean and golden again.

Clean pups
The rain started bucketing down just as we got into the car at the end of our walk and it hasn't stopped yet. After their breakfast and some more rowdy games, The Labradors finally settled down for a nap together.

After the walk
I have some new measuring cups. I have been coveting these for ages now, but because the matching measuring spoons aren't to Australian Standards, I didn't bother with any at all. Now I have some, thanks to Mrs HouseOf. They have a great range of measurements and are inordinately cute as well.

Homer cups
I read the last of Glenda Larke's WaterGiver series, StormLord's Exile,  last night. I have had it for a week, but I didn't want the trilogy to end so I just read a few pages each night, until last night I gave in and read it all in one fell swoop. I also have Son of Heaven by David Wingrove on the go. I am not loving it as I am too worried that the dog is going to die, and it is the first of twenty books and I am not sure I want to commit to something I am only so-so about.

Today I baked a whole pumpkin for The Labradors' food. They love it, it is sweet and tasty!! Later on I am going to make a second chocolate pavlova, ready for MrsDrWho's mornigntea and my blog. Then tonight I talk to my mum on the phone. Afterwards I am always very tired and we go to bed!!



I wonder if I can incorportate that census game into my lesson tomorrow? Hmm. I am jealous of your babushka doll measuring cups! I may have purchase my own.


I think I shall do our census form online too, unless it is that busy it will take a while to do. The labs look like they have black socks on. I have seen a few people knitting with the dark blue patonyle lately and they all look so nice. I loved those measuring cups when I saw them last year too and gave them as a gift to my sister!


I was thinking about knitting blue socks today too, as I am wearing a blue top with brown pants and none of my socks go with this outfit!

My, the labradors would get on well with Elizabeth Bennett, with all that mud 6" up their petticoats! Thank goodness for the stream so you didn't get a muddy car on the way home!

I think I will do the census online too, I haven't decided about the keeping information bit, although I think I will, for the same reasons you mention!


I did the census online last time round and then did it a few days ago. I don't anticipate any changes from now till Tuesday evening. It took very few minutes. There's not much to answer, particularly for only one person. I also released information. I won't be around then and really, who cares. It's not greatly personal.

I have done Census work, although not the collector type job. If you do the actual paper form, you are perfectly entitled to ask for an envelope, seal it all up and post it yourself to an office. You can also put it in an envelope, seal it and sign across the seal in a couple of places.

I could tell you lots of stories, not necessarily about breaches of privacy, but have signed an oath to keep things secret. Some were hair raising too and not all census stuff.

When I applied for the job I had,quite a few yeras ago, I took a phone call at home. I was asked all sorts of things and asked to supply names of grandparents and a couple of generations before that. It was not till some years later I realised that this was in all likelihood an ASIO check and deep in their cupboards is quite possibly a form with my name on it. I had nothing to hide.

Those dogs were filthy! Thank goodness for the creek. Can you imagine the mess in the car?


Look at those muddy puppies! What fun!! Thank goodness for the stream or the dog car would have been a very dirty dog car.

I have those measuring cups and the spoons, didn't realise the spoons weren't right though, what country standard are they measuring to?

Jennifer Rose

o.0 well, at least they look like they had fun getting that muddy lol

i love who do you think you are :D its so interesting finding out about a persons past :) I don't care if the info from the census is kept either, unless they find the fountain of youth, I will be long dead :p

Judy Edmonds

I have those cups and they are so cute! As are the puppies with their naughty muddy legs :)


Those dark blue socks are lovely, I can understand how it would be challenging to knit them in dull light though. The girls obviously had a ball in the mud, they remind me quite strongly of my boys (of the human kind) when they have the chance to play in mud they also end up covered in it!


The sock looks great. My husband completed the census form online & he asked me the same question - if I mind having my info made public in 100 years - I just said go ahead as I will be dead by then.


I like the "Who do you think you are?" show! I hope they do some more celebrities soon. Do you see the same one I do, or do you have an Australian version? Love the mud dipped labs! Too cute! But I'm glad they washed off before the ride home. Those measures are fun for the kitchen! I hadn't seen them before.


What adorable measuring cups! I just love them.


I just got these measuring cups recently too....aren'y they sweet :)

Just gotta love those muddy paws....& gotta love that creek even better!

LOL I must say that the girls are looking very trim. I wish I could say the same about Daisy....she's looking like a bit of a porker at the moment, even with the lighter variety of dog nibbles & more vegs in her rice & fresh mince at night. :( Methinks someone in this house is giving her too many treats for doing her wees outside....she is a scammer!!

Michelle Lee

Online forms are sooooooooooo convenient!!!! Anyway, love the photos of the doggies with muddy paws...they look so adorable :)


Those labradors would have been a challenge for those pet wipes you received....

Love that set of measuring cups. I think I bought some spoons like that.

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