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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

To get to the other side
Conventional wisdom would answer: To get to the other side, but I think this chicken was just dicing with death. She kept scurrying across the road, albeit at what looks like a crossing, pecking at something and dodging cars and trucks. The Dog Car had just pulled up in its usual spot and when Lorelai Gilmore saw the chicken she almost fell out the car in her enthusiasm to 'meet' the chicken. Eventually Miss Chicken went to the left, up her driveway and back into her yard.

Gilly is green
Gilly has been experimenting with make up this week. I am not quite sure where she stuck her head, and let's face it there are plenty of places in our house with green things, but she ended up with a green face. Peri was very clean and tidy and smug, but when I lined Gilly up to have her face washed, Peri lined up too and would not go until she had her turn at special attention.

Peri being cute for a treat
I actually sewed something this week, a thank you knitting bag for the BionicKnitaWoman for the special flour. I forgot to take a picture. You never know, she might read this and send me one!! Our Dining Out Knitting Group went for tapas this week. And very delicious it was too, especially the sherry. After every sip I was forced to make tiny moans of enjoyment. It was divine!! I didn't have any dessert, but others confirmed the tasting plate was scrumptious.

Tapas Tapas desserts
I am baking Nigella's Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova right now, it is in the oven looking very good. I am having a trial run for MrsDrWho's turn at morning tea. I don't really need a trial run, but as I am going to MrsDrWho's for tea, and Mrs HouseOf will be there, I thought they would enjoy it. And they can decide whether the pavlova needs to be bigger or not. It will eventually be covered with some whipped cream, raspberries and grated dark chocolate. I am contemplating cooking the pavlova for this weeks 'P' recipe, though there was much discussion of the pikelet mixture in a squeezy sauce bottle to make letter and picture pikelets when dining out. I might even have a bonus recipe, who knows??

The very kind Yarnivorous thought of me when she was at Bendigo at The Show and sent me a gift: buttons!!! and some beautifully soft wool. And the greenest picture she could find as a postcard. Thank you so much!!

Next month Self Stitched September is happening again and I am determined to particpate. In fact I was the first person to sign up. I am such a girly swot when I am enthused by something!!

I am definitely going to start some knitting this afternoon. I am going to search out my 2.75mm dpns and cast on for some socks for someone's husband. I really am!! The Sun is shining, even though bad weather is forecast, and it just feels like time to get my knitting out again.



those 'girls' have me in stitches (lol) ! the Tapas looks delish :)


Please tell Gilly that green eyeshadow does not suit her!

That food looks great. Hope you are feeling better by now.


Will get my camera out tomorrow and take a photo of my gorgeous new bag - thanks 2paw.


wow that Pav looks sooooo good, just what I need for supper to watch Marchlands with! Your girls are so funny and cute


I can't believe you got a photo of an actual chicken crossing an actual road! Too funny! Did you feel like you were living in a corny joke?

I think just wants to be like you, all in green!

I love chocolate pavlova! Nigella also does a 3 layer one with chocolate ganache in between each layer and on top! So decadent!


Great picture of the hen! Made me laugh. Oh Gilly, you need some expert to teach you about make up! My dogs do that too, when one has to be rubbed down, because the one is wet, the others stand in line for a rub down as well, wet or not. :o)
The recipe sounds insteresting, I especially like the thought of whip cream and raspberries on top!
That's lovely green yarn!


The chicken pic is hilarious, and it DOES look like she's using the cross-walk hahahahaha! And the chocolate raspberry yumminess... looks amazing mmmmm.


We'd need bird-brains to understand why Ms. Chicken is crossing the road!
Gilly is at that age where a girl likes to play with makeup. She needs a little more practice.
Those are generous green gifts. And now I have to look up another word- pikelets?!

Jennifer Rose

the green suits her :D

i love pavlova! :D it just doesn't like me :/


Kristen, you will need to add Australia to your search on pikelets or you will get the wrong results for down here. Perhaps the easiest description is that they are made from a sort of thickish batter of flour, eggs and milk. Cooked in spoonfuls on a griddle or fry pan.

Served plain, or with butter or jam or jam and cream together.


That chook is so funny.


What a stupid chook....it has as much road sense as my Daisy!! Lucky Gilly didn't make the acquaintance! LOL

Love the green eye shadow....& the extra attension for Peri....can't miss out!!

That rasperry pav sounds delishious!! Lucky MrsDrWho!

Good luck with your socks & preparing for SSS!

Laurie (Moo!)

I think Gilly was going for a Lady Gaga look, and I think she pulled it off!

Beautiful green yarn, with cashmere! Hooray!


i love the way peri is looking at gilly like 'ah youve got this weird green stuff on your face'. too funny. and the chook! hilarious, its like an alternative beatles record cover! and chocolate pav! oh my, how have i not heard of this before? must make immediately!


Those silly Labs! They should know that green is not their color ;-)

Green yarn however...is MY color! Very nice.


Hehe :) I thought Gilly was having a Braveheart moment! :)

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