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SSS2 2011

Self-Stitched September Day 1 2011

Henceforth to be known as SSS1, SSS2 and so on. During Self-Stitched September I will wear at least one thing I have stitched each day. Stitched can mean sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet, etc... I would like to add a button widgetty thing to my sidebar, but I am just not techy enough.

Here is the first photo, a really terrible picture of what I am wearing today. Since I snapped the photo at 10am and now it is 11-31am and I am wearing my pyjamas again, there is no chance I am getting dressed again to take a better photo. And the exciting news is that there are 29 more pictures to be taken, I am sure the photo quality can only get better!!!

The colours aren't quite right, everything is a tad greener. So, today I am wearing:

  • Target Peacock coloured stretch cord jeans. I've taken the hems up and also added four darts to the back waistband and I sewed up the zipper fly when it broke. 
  • Medium Aquamarine top from Rockmans.
  • Medium Aquamarine earrings to match my top, courtesy of MrsDrWho.
  • Hand-knitted  As Dreams Are Made On cardigan.

Sometimes there can be a bit of a traffic jam in the creek.  Two enthusiastic Labradors don't look before they leap and so they both end up in the same place at the same time: Gilly going and Peri arriving.

Traffic jam in the creek
Well that's it, short and sweet, since I have a dress to cut out and some sewing to do. I am sorry to disappoint people who really liked the fabric with the spots/dots I have been using for toiles. It is a $10 doona cover from KMart. 8 metres of fabric for $10, so it was a bargain. It is not very nice fabric to wear though and I have drawn all over it in permanent marker. I still have some left for my next trial run!!

Doona cover
The BionicKnitaWoman sent me a photo of the drawstring bag I sewed. I am not sure what knitting project is inside.

Project bag

And now I am going to have a nap, just for an hour or so, as I need all my wits about me to sew a Sorbetto top and self-drafted skirt pattern together to make a dress!!



Those two labs need a Give Way sign!

Sleep well. You're brave to do that self stitch again, I'm not up to self stitch September or any other month for that matter but I now have a new delivery of yarn from Bendigo, some Rondo, and also a packet from Ailsa, Knitabulous. Just collected them from courier and haven't even opened packet. Planning a cardi from the Bendi, I think.


Heh heh, what a shame spotty fabric isn't nice to wear! I do love that you bought green fabric for your toiles. I would no doubt do the same if I ever was going to make a toile!
I look forward to seeing your outfits all month!


lots of laughs doggies :)
good luck with SSS - you make me feel very slothful !


Love the colours of your outfit. :)


great colours in your outfit.


I love the pic of the 'collision'....so funny :)

I think you're very brave doing SSS. This would be like running a marathon for me!! LOL Your cardi looks lovely!

Nice draw string bag too.


Happy 1st day of SSS! Hope the sleep went so well that you had a very successful sewing day afterwards! You need to sew yourself some pyjamas so that you can stay in them all day if you so desire and not miss a SSS day :)


Project inside the bag is My Accountant's Scarf from Ravelry. A late birthday present for my brother in 'maroon' to remind him of his queensland origins.

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