Self-Stitched September Day 1 2011
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SSS2 2011

Yes, I sewed a dress. The top is the Sorbetto from Colette, with a FBA and sleeves. I trimmed the sleeves, as well as the neck, with biased binding. I wasn't up to making my own so I bought some. It is akin to my custard dilemma. The skirt is my own self-drafted A-line with pleats instead of darts. I lengthened the skirt and top at the waist and then made a casing. It took a while for the elastic to settle in, so it looks a bit wonky. I am also wearing my new emerald cardigan. It matches the swirls on my dress, but it is in desperate need of new buttons. The original buttons have a shank, a metallic centre and are way too heavy. I have new buttons, so next time I wear this, it will be a SSS participant.

Today I am wearing:

  • Sorbetto dress
  • Emerald fine wool cardigan from Target

I'm not 100% happy with the dress, but it is OK especially as the FBA worked a treat, and much more wearable than last year's dress. I have actually worn the Sorbetto dress out in public, while last year's dress hasn't seen the light of day. It's an ex-dress.

On our walk today Peri rolled in various substances in various locations and added layers of horrible stuff.

Peri dirty
Gilly only rolled a little, so she was very pleased not to really need a wash under the hose. Peri was defiantly happy, and enjoyed being washed with the hose and dried with her special towel.

Gilly dirty
Last night at Knitting Dining Out I chose Vietnamese Spicy Beef Stew. It was deliciously spicy, not too much, and so tasty. As always, the company was excellent!!!

Spicy vietnamese beef stew
And, finally, Ta Da!!! I have finished the Cable for Two socks. They have a name at last.

Cable for two 2011
The socks were knitted on 2.5mm DPN using Patonyle in dark blue. The cable is a simple C2R and C2L, and I managed without a cable needle. I used almost all the wool, so now I am starting a second pair in plain K2 P2 rib, I will be able to use almost every skerrick. If I could just remember where I puts my sock blockers away, ever so carefully, so no-one would chew them or leap about with them in their mouth.....

School holidays start today, hooray!!! And in preparation, I am off for a nap!!



A dress, and a wearable one at that.. well done you!! Yay for holidays :)


I love your socks. I think I may add that pattern to mine as I have cast on 3 pairs and already finished 1 which are blocking right now. Hopefully it is nice tomorrow so that I can take a picture of them. Naughty doggies rolling in goodness knows what. Sometimes I think they need raincoats so they can just get hosed and stay dry.


that stew looks delish - where was it ? the girls look happily covered in yuk - a wash under the hose a small price to pay I reckon !


As long as last year's dress is an ex-dress and not an un-dress, then I guess that is not so bad?! But big snaps for making a dress and wearing it out (withna successful FBA no less!)


I like your dress, worn with the cardigan! I think the last time I wore a dress was, when I was a teenager.
Oh Peri, you must have been in heaven rolling in stuff! Isn't it a great feeling, when another pair slips off the needles?


Your outfit works wonderfully!


Your outfit looks very wearable! Well done on the dress! Love the smelly dogs--guess it's cuter when one can't actually smell them ;) Silas and Saffy got to bark at a white dove that visited our patio this morning--you would hardly believe the excitement caused by 1 tiny dove!!

Jennifer Rose

lol peri looks so happy :D dirty, but happy :p

the dress looks good, congrats on finishing it and the socks :)


Technically knitting is stitching so you could wear your socks one day and they would count :-)


Well done on finishing the Cable for Two socks & also your dress...I'm very impressed. The only time I've ever made a dress for myself was making maternity dresses....& let's face it, 24 years ago maternity dresses weren't exactly fitted. In fact they resembled tents more than anything! LOL

Peri & her smelly stuff!! :) At least she doesn't mind being washed off.

That stew looks really, really yummy!


I really like your dress. Peri looks so pleased with herself after rolling.

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