Tuesday's Letters Eat 36: 'U' is for Upside Down Cakes
Purple Wayne

All The President's Labradors

The Babygate scandal continues. Gilly hates it. The gate moves by itself and makes a bang when it closes. Peri doesn't like it because it locks her out of the Food Acquisition Area (kitchen).

Labradors behind the Baby Gate
They have been enjoying the last few sunny days. Of course today is Show Day and so the weather is dull, overcast and threatening rain. It's either like this or blisteringly hot.

Lying like dogs in the sun
I have been preparing for Summer Sun by having my eyes tested and purchasing some new prescription sunglasses. Ghoul Eyes courtesy of Picnik!! My old glasses are four years old and they have faded something wicked. The new ones are so nice and dark that is seems as if supermarkets are experiencing a power cut, when in fact the glasses are just screening out the light and glare.

New sunglasses
I thought about the Owl Apron Pocket Fiasco and I mused upon a way to fix it. I sewed a piece of green fabric onto the side which was too short and then clipped the curve and trimmed and pressed it. I cut it to fit.

Fixing the owl pocket

Then I carried on as I assumed I was meant to, sewed the pocket and lining right sides together, and turned it right side out. It worked well, it's not perfect but the plain green will be right at the edge near the topstitching to attach the pocket to the apron.

I fixed it
On the other hand, if you are making a Cat Bordhi Sweet Tomato Heel with three wedges and a bazillion wraps and wraps and stitches knitted together, and you drop a stitch after the heel is complete, this is what happens:

When you drop a stitch.....
And in Dog Car news, it is an ex-car. It's dead, Dave. Uncle Dutch gave me the verdict on Tuesday. The part I needed was not the problem, he'd need proper mechanics' tools to access the pump, even after he took the tyre off. I could probably buy a secondhand car for the price of having it fixed.

Farewell Dog Car
Whilst investigating they saw other things that were about to go wrong, so it's goodnight Irene Dog Car. It's been a very good car, and until now, only one big thing has had to be fixed. All the dogs went in the car: Vundy, Tori, Harki, Peri and now Gilly. It is full of every kind of dog hair!! If this had happened a few months ago I would have had a Florence Nightingale decline. Instead, The Dutches and I discussed what I might do, talked about options, and I am buying a special boot protector. My seats fold right up, and The Labradors are only in there for eight minutes.They can just be very close for that amount of time!!!!

Neighbourhood escapers

Until then, they are apparently very happy to walk on their leads. On the way to the shops we saw a chook and a rabbit, so much tail wagging and sniffing ensued. A man at the shops asked if they were retired guide dogs because they were being so well behaved.

This evening I am going to Sewing, and I am talking some of Jamie's Portuguese custard tarts and the Tomato Mustard tart for supper. I shall be re-knitting the heel of the Admiral Halsey Notified Me, He Had To Have A Sock Or He Couldn't Go To Sea Sock #2.



That is an excellent solution for the troublesome pockets. You are very clever and resourceful!

I am sorry about the Ex-Car, but the boot protector sounds like a most excellent solution.

I hope you have better luck with the sock this time around!


oh I do hope the chooky and rabbit were saved by someone?? I am sorry to hear of the demise of your doggy car, a sad day indeed. Your pineapple upside down cake looks delish, I haven't had one since I had to make one in Mrs Burn's home ec class but I do remember loving it


Before the renovations we had a dog gate to the kitchen as well. It would be necessary to keep Denny out still.
Car trouble always suck big time! Our dogs never ride in the smaller car, only the van. I hope all will work out for you soon.
Those Cat Bordhi patterns are something else! :o)


So sorry to see what has happened to your poor sock :( Your car too. Great solution for the back of the new car.

Harley doesn't like our baby/dog gate either. It prevents him from going anywhere in the house but the family room. It has a little gate in the bottom so Daisy can still go through & get outside to do her wees! (when Harley lets her!!)

I think you solved the pocket situation admirably!! They look good!

I had a giggle about the chook & bunny. Of course everyone has them hopping around their neighbourhoods...don't they!? The closest we have is a family of wild ducks that poop all around our pool when they come to visit. They even have their own road signs urging motorists to slow down so they don't get run over! (aparently one got run over after school with all the kids around & parents patitioned council so the trauma would not be relived!)


such sad faces looking through the baby-gate :(
rip old car !


Oh, too bad about the dropped stitch, but at least you discovered it before you made it to the toe!

That owl pocket is adorable! Way to make the most of a booboo!

Jennifer Rose

the green glowy eyes are so creepy looking o.0 lol

awww poor pups, don't worry. i will make a cake with a saw in it for you ;p


Labradors seem to be good at getting into everything so that dog gate is such a good idea :)

Poor old dog car - glad to hear you have a solution.

Laurie (Moo!)

I know I'm a few posts behind but didn't you just get that car less than a year ago? It's a different car, right? Babygate! Film at 11. Those poor socks. I can feel every inch of your yarn pain.

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