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All's Fair In Love And Craft

The plan was to leave for The Craft Fair early, maybe 8-15 to be there by 9am. MrsDrWho's Mother thought 10am was early enough. I woke up at 7-30am and 8-15am. Then I finally woke up at 9-34am. Even though I live in TIny Town, it still takes fifteen minutes to drive to MrsDrWho's mum's house. I raced about like a half asleep mad thing: showered, fed dogs, dressed, found two of the shoes I needed - one is always missing in our house- and in the end I had to ring MrsDrWho and say I was running late. I was seventeen minutes late. Thank goodness for understanding friends!!

I realised on Saturday that all my bag are either handbag or backpack styles. Neither is really good for me at The Craft Fair and so I sewed myself a bag. I am pretty pleased with it, and it only cost $6-50 for the main fabric and all the quilting fabric colours. It's The Osoberry Bag and I scaled it down by two thirds.

Berry nice bag
The striped fabric makes two outer pockets and there's a pocket each for my phone and camera inside. I added a button for some extra security and the cute patchwork strips on the handle because I was running out of the green upholstery fabric. Unbuttoned it holds a very large amount, so much in fact that it was too heavy for me. It was the perfect bag to take, the extra stitching on the base and back make it really sturdy. Next time I might make the strap a little narrower.

I didn't buy many things. I did want a pair of earrings, but none called out to me other than those that were way beyond my budget!! I bought a hand made horse biscuit cutter, some lovely peppermint lip balm that is also good for the temples if you have a headache and it all natural, and some tea for The GardyGardener's HmmHmm present.

Things I bought
The Dutches went to The Fair on Friday and told me to watch out for a spice stall. I did. You tasted the spice mixes on a cube of bread dipped into olive oil, and then the spice mix. I bought three hot mixes, and Butter Chicken. They were on special, 4 for $20. It is a HmmHmm gift from MrsDrWho: thank you!!!

Spice mixes
I bought a couple things from the T Towel Gallery. It is screen printing on hemp or linen. They don't have a website, and I don't do FB, so here's an idea of what you can buy:

Wombat apron
That's a wombat tumbling all over an apron.

We spent almost three hours and went to the three main venues. We ate Devonshire tea in the nicely cool old theatre - it was very hot and even hotter inside the other venues.  I had my traditional home made raspberry ice cream in a waffle cone and then home we went. I was so tired, I couldn't get to sleep. Again.

Peri and Gilly stayed home all day and there had been paddle pool fun!! Peri has grubby, wet legs and I am not sure about Lorelai Gilmore's expression in the picture: Peepo!!

Labradors on steps
I am very tired, I think I'm warding off a cold and even though it is Spring Clean Monday I am going to sit on the couch and watch some TV and maybe embroider. I can't nap, because I won't sleep tonight and that's the reason I slept in yesterday. Ahhhhh!!



Sounds like you had a lovely day, and found some excellent things!


It does sound like a Lovely Day Out - well done on the excellent bag, but don't put too much in!


That looks like the perfect bag for such a thing. I don't do FB either. Sounds like a fun fair. Hope you'll get some sleep tonight!


Lovely bag and lovely goodies! I've got to find spices like that!


Get well soon. Sounds like you had a fun day!


Sounds like a lovely day! I love your bag and also the range of spices you bought. They sound yummy!


Great bag! And excellent purchases at the Fair. Love the tumbling wombat apron!


oh wombats! how cute, i love things with wombats on them. so glad you had fun at the craft fair, your bag is very cute.

Jennifer Rose

that is my kind of bag :D looks great!
what a neat cookie cutter :)


Love the apron! Dead cute! And the bag is really lovely - I love making them - they're so satisfying!


Your newly sewed bag looks lovely....you were certainly good to sew it so quickly.

You got some lovely goodies at the crsft fair. Can't wait ti see what you cook with your spice blends. What a great Christmas present.

The girls sound like they had fun while you were gone :)

Look after yourself, I hope you're feeling better soon!

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