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Christmas Cooking: Easy Chocolate Fudge

This is my take on Nigella's Chocolate Pistachio Fudge. You really can't be having a fudge that must be kept in the freezer when Christmas is in Summer. I am just going right ahead and saying Christmas now. I don't care.

Basically, in 5 or 6 minutes you make a caramel and then, importantly, you allow it to cool down from a bubbling molten lava temperature, and stir in the chocolate. It sets nicely and can be kept in the fridge and safely transported about the place. Within reason.

You can add whatever extras you like: nuts, dried fruits, flavours, and make it your own.

 Easy Chocolate Fudge (that doesn't have to be kept in the freezer)

Makes 12 slices or 24 smaller squares.

  • 1 x 395g tin of condensed milk
  • 350g good dark or milk chocolate
  • 30g butter
  • tspn vanilla extract
  • optional extras: 1 tbspn golden syrup, 1 tbspn brown sugar

Pour the condensed milk into a good microwave proof bowl. I use a glass bowl. Add the butter and the sugar and golden syrup if desired. Microwave for two minutes and then stir very well. It may look lumpy, but with vigorous stirring it becomes smooth.

First Melting
A glass bowl will get very hot, but regardless, the mixture itself is extremely hot, so be very careful.

Microwave again for one minute each time, stirring carefully. Mine took 6 minutes in all.

Now the important part. Wait 5-10 minutes and then add the chocolate and vanilla and anything else you fancy and mix till combined. The chocolate will melt through the mixture.

Pour into a bar tin lined with baking paper and smooth down the top. Really you can use any quadrilateral container. I like my bar tin which is 25 x 7.5 x 4cm. Refrigerate for an hour or so and then turn out and cut with a serrated knife dipped into hot water. I can cut 12 slices or 24 smaller squares.


A bar of fudge
Pop in a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon, or give a whole boxful to your friends!!!

Fudge in a bag



yummo I think even I could make this and I could make it vegan with soy condensed milk and good dark chocolate is vegan anyway I will give it a whirl......I notice the Hmmmm Hmmmmmm has gone :( denial sets in.....


Oh dear, now I want do this to me every time with your baking!


Yummy. I would want nuts in my fudge as I love nuts.


Sometimes I wish we had a nice cold xmas just for one year. Your fudge looks so yummy. I cant wait to move so I can start baking again.


Oooh I might make some for my neighbours :) Looks wonderful.


oh you made this look so easy! im going to try it, and i love the idea of putting flowers etc in it. yum!

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