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Dolly's Begeres

MrsGardyGardener found a dolly at the Op Shop and asked if I would make some clothes. So here is the dolly wearing a dress, cardi etc.

Dolly and cardi Dolly's clothes
When you pick the dolly up she talks and moves her head and limbs. When you lie her down she sighs and (eventually) goes to sleep. Lorelai Gilmore was not sure whether she wanted to like the dolly, or separate the dolly into individual parts.

Gilly and the Dolly Annoying Doll
I don't have a before photo, but the dolly's hair was like a fir bush in a fit. MrsDrWho gave me a great tip and also some conditioner. I slathered it onto the dolly's wet hair and combed it through and rinsed it out: very carefully while dolly was wrapped in a towel so as not to ruin her electronic innards. Now her 'hair' smells lovely and she's back at The GardyGardener's house.

I bought some fabulous 15cm long 4mm dpns. I often knit 8ply socks and mittens and the 20cm needles are very cumbersome. They only cost $13-50-ish, including postage, from the UK.

15cm dpn
Peri and Gilly have been playing in the creek,

Peri and Gilly in the creek
and exercising their ears

Ears ears
and rolling in you don't want to know what.

Labradors rollin rollin rollin
Today I caught up with TinkingBell. We catch up on a semi-irregular car servicing basis. We could chat for Britain!! We talked non-stop from go to whoa. We exchanged early Christmas gifts. I am the proud and joyful owner of some beautifully dyed Knitting by Zen Emerald City wool, enough for a vest, and a Dalek booklight. I expect if you don't like the book you are reading the Dalek will exterminate it for you.

In turn TinkingBell is the, I hope, happy and chuffed recipient of a Dalek boxbag (Spoonflower fabric) and a Twelve Days of Christmas Button calendar. For once I remembered to take a photo to show Tinking really did come to visit, usually I forget!!

Dalek box bag 12 days of christmas
And now I am tired and have already had a 2 1/2 hour nap and I am giving Sewing a miss this fortnight.  Yesterday I had my hair cut and went with MrsDrWho for an hour to The BlackSpot of Doolight(tm) to spend vouchers, and tomorrow my car is being serviced. That is enough, I plan to sleep all day on Saturday!!!



oh Dolly looks so lovely and was cutie pie clothes you have made for her!!! Lucky Tinkingbell such lovely gifts you have made for her and special ones she gave you. A whole hour at Spotlight you did remarkably well, where do you get the vouchers from?????

Laurie (Moo!)

No Dolly is complete without a little green in her wardrobe, right? Adorable! And Lorelai probably liked her because she smelled like Mommy. It's better than what they rolled in, for sure!

Ha ha! Dalek light...exterminates your bad books. Love it!!


Aww Dolly is very cute!


Of course Dolly must have green undies! What self-respecting dolly wouldn't?!

Look at your lovely new green yarn! What fun planning what to make from it!


oohhh I do love dolly! She is dressed so beautifully. Her strawberry dress is gorgeous.

Tinkingbell's gifts are a delight! I know a couple of little boys who would simply love the Dalek booklight, especially if it were to exterminate a boring book they had to read! LOL

Once again, lovely to see the girls enjoying their daily run. What a great life, nothing to worry about, always new adventures and lots of smelly things to investigate.

Jennifer Rose

gilly, kill it..dolls are evil ;p

Judy Edmonds

A Dalek reading light - swoon! I am thinking of buying some of the Spoonflower Dr Who fabric to use as a panel on a skirt - a smart skirt than I can wear to work, but that will have a slightly subversive panel of TARDISes or something on it :)


Dolly looks amazing! I bet she is very pleased. And by the sounds of it Gilly is pleased she is back at the GardyGardeners!

I say have another 2.5hr nap, nothing wrong with a 5hr nap. Well, hopefully not because I had one of them 2 days ago! Hope you feel more rested tomorrow. x


Dolly is so cute with her custom hand-fashioned wardrobe. I hope she survives Gilly's attentions!
Looking forward to see what you knit from that gorgeous emerald wool.


I am sure that Isabelle had a similar doll to that when she was small. It looks very cute in its clothes, and the hair always seems to go horrible doesnt it. I am sure my kelpie would rip it into bits too. I love your emerald green yarn and the dalek light. I am sure your friend was very happy with her gift too. I had an arvo nap today which was very much needed. Hope you enjoyed yours.


Oh you did such a good job rescuing poor dolly...her clothes are wonderful!

I'm glad you had a lovely visit with good to have friends isn't it!?

I still prefer my Addi lace cable needles for most of my knitting, but our local wool shop The Wool Inn isn't stocking them anymore...boohoo :( If I want them now I have to order them in or online.

I've posted some Knitpicks things, including a set of Knitpicks Interchangeable Zephr Acrylic Circular Needles, to my SIL in Wisconsin for my son to bring home next week. He's been doing some Phd work with Cornell Uni over handy for me load him up on his way home!! I hope you enjoy your new dpn's :)


Dolly is so well dressed now! Is she a present for a little girl? I love this set of doggie pics...they are so blissful looking when rolling in unmentionable stuff aren't they!


yeah get it gilly! i love it when my mutts rip up stuffed toys. especially squeakys. squeakys always suffer a horrible fate. thats a bit evil isnt it? the clothes you made are awfully cute. yay for pre christmas visits with knitter peeps, such lovely gifts too!

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