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All's Fair In Love And Craft

I Love, I Love My Calendar Whirl.

Yes, I am on an Advent Calendar whirl. When the Calendar Countdown book arrived from the Library, I immediately started sewing. I made the little squares, found the embellishments and cut out the applique. Because I have been Craft Spring Cleaning I could lay my hands on all the things I needed straight away, I only had to buy the gold coloured fabric. I made a teeny tiny copy of the finished item and cut it into five by five strips and put everything I needed for said five squares in a little ziplock bag. Five times. So I can just pull out a bag and take it with me when I go out, or sit on the couch and watch TV, and stitch away.

Hmm Hmm calendar
The Dog Car has gone to the great car yard in the sky. It was winched onto the truck and then off it went, into the wide blue yonder. It was a very good car, it chauffeured five dogs. It was full of dog hair. Vale Dog Car.

Vale dog car
Although it is still Spring here for another 25 days, the first Blow Flies of Summer have arrived and they have been buzzing around inside the house. I don't like spraying flyspray everywhere and so I bought a $10 net curtain and hung it over the back door.  Peri could only come in from the sides and if the dog door was open she couldn't really come in at all. Gilly came in and out willy-nilly just to show Peri how clever she was. So, I cut some strips about a quarter of the way up from the hem and then knotted the ends and then Peri came in and out just as cleverly as Gilly did. Gilly has taken her quilt outside. Peri does it too, they wear them like a cloak and jump off the bed and walk outside, trailing their little quilts!!

Through the curtain
Peri and Gilly wear collars now on their walks. The look very beautiful without their harnesses.

Peri wearing her collar

Gilly wearing her collar
Donna Hay's Brownie #3 has been a complete success. I have made the recipe three times and it is fabulous. It is an interesting recipe: first the cream, butter, chocolate and brown sugar are melted together and plain flour and eggs are mixed in another bowl and then everything is combined. They are slighly more puddingy then brownie-y. I made little muffin sized brownies topped with, or not (as I pleased), raspberries. They are cooked really slowly and then served with chocolate ganache and cream. They come highly recommended by chocolate fanciers I know!!!

Brownie #3
The Craft Fair started yesterday and continues on to Monday. I may be going for a lightning fast visit with MrsDrWho and her mum. I think a couple of hours is just the right amount.

That is, if MrsDrWho isn't getting a cat off the roof. Caramello is a naughty cat!!

And now, we can all go to bed. The may have been a little napping this afternoon, so I want to make sure I sleep soundly. I find insomnia very, very frustrating. Labradors can sleep anywhere, any time, any how. In fact, they're sleeping right now!!!



I have a friend visiting and I just told her the brownie recipe and she said we'd be up in ten minutes, they sound amazing!

Jennifer Rose

that was a great idea for that net, still works but they can both get in and out

putting the calender pieces in bags is a great idea, crafting on the go :)

Laurie (Moo!)

Their quilts are their capes...because they're SUPER labs!! :-)

Those brownies are calling to me. They are very loud, aren't they?


Hope you enjoyed the craftfair. It was a beautiful day. I worked for 4 hours at the gate then did 3 hours of shopping. Was in bed by 8.30pm (with only some green alpaca 8 ply and olive oil soap to show for my efforts).


Your crafting is lovely and organised :)

Very clever thinking with your flyscreen! We tried something similar once and gave up, because Tess was always getting tangled, and stretching the net out and so forth. Now we just let all the flies in - at least it keeps Tess entertained trying to catch them!

Ooooh those brownies look divine!


I love your doggy door fly screen LOL We do have to keep our furry loved ones happy don't we!!?

Happy advent calendaring!! You are always so productive with your time!

The girls do indeed look very gorgeous :)


The advent calendar looks like a great project. Those pups are funny!


Oh those brownies look simply decadent! Not to mention delicious!

I love your advent calendar to go! Very clever and handy. And you must have lots of pairs of scissors! (you can never have too many!)


i wish i was a dog for that ability to just drop off to sleep anywhere. for 22 hours a day. they do look lovely, and vale dog car indeed. dog cars are the best. and those brownies. oh my!

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