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Christmas Cooking: Easy Chocolate Fudge

Now, Bring Us Some Fiddly Puddings.

This week I helped organise some easy craft activities for LSG. We decorate the tables at our HmmHmm Lunch and we usually have a choir from a nearby school to sing carols and generally entertain us, so we send them home with things we've made. Whether they like it of not!!

We made plum puddings from Chocolate Royals, candy cane reindeer and peg angels.

Puds, deer and angels
The men loved making the 36 candy cane reindeer with boogelly eyes, pom pom noses and antlers made from brown pipe cleaners - or chenille sticks according to the BSODL.  Others formed a production line and turned out 36 little plum pudding biscuits with white icing, spearmint leaves and a raspberry, wrapped in cellophane. I designed a little felt dress and wings for the dolly peg angels, who have novelty wool hair and a tinsel pipe cleaner halo. They have a little gold cardboard stand to keep them upright.

Angels and deer
My dental check up went very well, no fillings, no other horrid things and the clean and polish made my teeth shiny and white again.

I also had an appointment with my specialist. Things are OK, some results are higher or lower than we would like, but I tested negative for the important horrible things tests, and I can just keep taking all the drugs and hope things continue to go along nicely.

And that's pretty much taken up all my energy this week. I had unexpected tea and an episode of Farscape at MrsDrWho's house last night. I went to her school this afternoon and we made a list of HmmHmm activities for her class. I am hoping to make these with the children, well, I'll cook a batch and they can decorate. There is not much learning to be gained from watching me mix up some dough and cut out biscuits.

Poor Peri has hay fever of some kind and her little eyes are watering and her muzzle is itchy. There's nothing to be done apart from steroids, which have nasty side effects. When it rains the pollen or dust is dampened down and she is much happier. I moisten a cloth and wipe her little eyes. Gilly is as happy as Larry and helpfully licks Peri's face.

Peri and Gilly's cornflour make up

They both managed to get cornflour all over their faces. My phone instruction booklet had some cup of tea spilled on it and the cornflour soaks up the excess moisture. And, if you are a Labrador, it makes for a pleasant tea flavoured make-up.

MrsDrWho and I bought some fabric from the FatQuarterShop. I bought a kind of green jelly roll and some lovely Labrador fabric to make The Labradors a little quilt. I should say another little quilt. It has two Labrador pups running along together and one sleeping on a little green pillow.


I also received a beautiful gift from Jan with a lovely card which made me smile. It has some great patterns and lots of good reading too. The green ribbon is Jan's addition!! It looks as if it belongs on the cover. I really need a green coat next Winter, it's not so cold I really need one, I just fancy one.

Green book
There hasn't been any knitting at all, but Mrs GardyGardener sent me a dolly who needs a knitted cardigan, a dress and underthingies. She found her in an Op Shop for $5 and I have the perfect fabric and matching wool. The Advent Calendar embroideries are all done bar two, and I have recreated the missing ones while wathcing Lie To Me today. I have been putting off watching the last four epsiodes because the show was cancelled, and if I don't watch them, it's still technically, continuing on. I don't like to watch the last episode of Blake's 7 ever either, and I'm keeping the last three episodes of Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles locked on my DVR. If I watch them it will all be over.....

I wonder if I am especially mad??

It's been warm this week, and today it was warm and now it is teemng with rain. Gilly keeps going outside to get wet and then comes to give me a rainy cuddle. Peri is curled up asleep in her chair. All's right with the world.



Oh, I liked Lie to Me too, I didn't know it had been cancelled. I wonder if I've seen the last episodes (shall have to check on Wikipedia or something).

Very cute gifts for the kids, the reindeer are very cool! I'm not sure I'd want to eat them!


Those are lovely gifts! Poor Peri, it's THAT season again! I hope she'll not suffer too much. I love the look on Gilly's face! Makes me snort, it's like she's saying "Duh!". Lovely Lab fabric too. I wish I'd like sewing more. I just saw a nice little drawstring bag. Sigh.
I have this book too!

Jennifer Rose

not mad, i do that too with shows that have been cancelled lol

poor peri :( hope she gets better soon and glad to read that things are OK with you

love that fabric :D

Judy Edmonds

Gorgeous fabric!

Does this mean that you have never ever ever seen the last episode of Blake's 7?

I missed so much of Lie to Me that I think I might have to buy the DVDs cos I really liked it.

I sympathise with the itchy eyes. Me too.

Glad your tests were OK for the actual staying alive bits!!!


goodness me you have been busy.

the candy cane reindeer are always big hits here too.

Lurve that fabric...........can't wait to find my sewing stuff.......LOL


Oooh they all look like fun :)


I love Christmas craft activities & the Choc Royals look yummy. It's great that all your test results are good. It's also warmer here, so stay cool.


I love love love those adorable little ----------puddings! I am so happy Typepad is letting me comment, it has been shutting me out for a few days and even Blogger didn't want to let me into my own blog!!!! not good manners Blogger I must say


I love those HmmHmm crafts the Seniors made Cindy....so cute...especially the boogelly eyes! LOL

I'm glad your Dr visits have gone well for you...always a stress point for me so I imagine they are for you too.

I hope Peri gets over her hayfever & bout of cornfour-itis! Poor thing :(

Your fabric looks lovely...looking forward to future projects :)

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