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This Year Of Living Dangerously

I have been sitting on the verandah following our New Year's Eve tradition of Filling-In-The-New-Buffy-Diary. To ease the burden of writing in all the dates, holidays and birthdays I rewarded myself with some dip at the end of each month and a sip of cider whenever I liked. The cider is in a glass my dad used to drink his beer from.

New Year tasks
Peri and Gilly met a new friend called Jet on their walks this week. They ran and played together very happily.

Gilly, Jet and Peri
The veranda was the coolest place to be, after a walk and a swim for Peri and a paddle for Gilly this morning, we went back to bed until 3-45pm: avoiding the hottest part of the day. It's a good thing there is a liner in the car because Peri gave a big shake again after she hopped in.

Wet Labradors
Last night I went to late dinner with MrsDrWho and her family and friends. MrsDrWho and I had Wagyu beef. It was utterly delicious. It is grown in the North West of the state. Mine was medium well with a mushroom and bacon sauce. It truly was melt in your mouth meat.

Wagyu beef
2011 has been an interesting year. The most horrid part was when I had to go to hospital unexpectedly with the septic shower in my blood stream, and then I spent the rest of the year working hard, and I think successfully, not to be depressed and anxious.

Peri and Gilly have lost over 7kg each and, despite of The Widdler and The Winky Eye, they have had a very happy year.

My new car is still going nicely, the big oak tree is gone from the garden and I have my nice new computer with which to surf the Internet.

I am so lucky to have wonderful friends, real and imaginary, and a kind family who have all helped me in many ways.

This evening I made some collages of the craft I have completed this year and Self Stitched September too. I am quite amazed at all the things I have made, though there are some projects languishing and I have yet to produce another wearable dress: my bete noir. I will finish them off when the weather is cooler.

Knitting 2011 1
Knitting 2011 2
Knitting 2011 3
  More sewing

Sewing 2011 and a car
Some Doctor Who sewing 2011

Christmas 2011 things

I am now officially agog, I must have buried myself in my craft. Oops, the christmas tea towel bags are there twice.

Next year I am looking forward to The Olympics, spending lots of time playing with Peri and Lorelai Gilmore, making a wearable dress, finishing my two cardigans and generally being more organised. It's a Leap Year so that makes it extra special. I think I shall be doing Friday Food and cooking from magazines this year: I always mean to but hardly ever do.

Lorelai Gilmore has been racing about searching for the source of the fire cracker noise and Peri is saving us from the party at the back. They are very good girls.

Happy New Year: welcome 2012*!!!

Peri and Gilly's New Year 2011
I say Twenty Twelve 2012, just like I say Ten SixtySix 1066.

Ding Dong Merrily On Eye!

Normally, I would make myself wait till I had read the one hundred or more posts sitting in my Reader before I posted to my blog, but tonight I am throwing caution to the wind!!!

Christmas Day has come and gone in a lovely flurry of lunch (with fresh broad beans!!) with MrsDrWho and her family. I have been extremely spoiled with gifts, though I still have Christmas catching up to come.

Here is Peri and Gilly's Christmas Day picture. I added some sparkly stars for them.

Christmas Labradors, Peri and Gilly

I made some Christmas cup cakes. I just used a basic cup cake recipe,

Cream 150g butter with 150g sugar, mix in two eggs and one teaspoon of vanilla. Stir in 2 cups of sifted self raising flour and 125 ml of milk alternately and gently. Put 1/4 cup into paper cases in a muffin tray and bake for about 20 minutes at 180*C,

to which I added almost a jar of Christmas fruit mince, some extra dried fruit, some grated orange zest, cinnamon, nutmeg and ground cloves.

Christmas cup cakes
When they were cool I swirled on some white chocolate and added a glace cherry. Very pleased with them.

I sewed the annual coasters for The GardyGardeners. They are on coasters dating back to 2004.

Coasters for 2011
Gilly as not very well yesterday. She was 'winky'. Her eye seemed to be bothering her when we came home from our walk. I rang the vet and we saw Dr Tim.

Poor winky Gilly

He looked in here eye and then put in some local anaesthetic drops and there was a 2cm long grass seed in poor Lorelai Gilmore's right eye.

Gilly's eye's grass seed
Dr Tim removed it and then checked under her third eyelid and it was all clear. But this morning she was winky again. I looked in her eye and couldn't see another seed, but I rang the vet again and we went back to see Dr Tim. He put a stain in her eye and there was a tiny ulcer caused by the seed scratching her eye. We are so lucky to have such wonderful doctors and nurses at the vet. Dr Tim said it was out Christmas Visit To The Vet and he was right!! When I said that I would put a picture of the seed on my blog he put it in a little bottle. I can't believe poor Lorelai Gilmore had it in her eye, she is so very brave. Now she has some special ointment to put in her eye three times a day and we go back next week to have it checked.

I don't think it is so painful anymore and she seems much happier.

Peri is no longer The Widdler, she is very happy about that and has been playing with renewed vigour in the garden. She howled and cried all the time we were at the vet. She was so cross she didn't even eat the treats I left for her: really cross!! This afternoon she chased Gilly about and was not very happy. I think she was a bit jealous of all the attention poor Lorelai Gilmore has been getting. I gave her lots of tummy rubs.

Peri in the other garden
It has been very hot, and so there has been a lot of lethargic lying about with the evaporative cooler making a cold breeze and icy cold drinks. I find it especially difficult when it is hot for more than a day or two in a row. Gilly has been in the paddle pool every day. The weather on the news says it is 27*C but my barometer in the back yard soars into the 30s. That water in the paddle pool is getting a jolly good nip. I love her swishy tail!!

Gilly in her paddle pool
Tomorrow my mum and aunt are coming to visit for the day and we are going to lunch at The Casino. I have cooked cup cakes, made coconut ice and peppermint fondants, Christmas spice shortbread and a Bishop's Cake.

Now there is ointment to be applied, Peri needs her tablet and I need lots of mine too, and then we are off to bed.

Labradors By My Side, Singing Christmas Songs....

"It's Summer time and I am not in my singlet, shorts and thongs!! You can watch the original Aussie Jungle Bells video on The Youtube. I really do sing, rather loudly, lots of Christmas carols and songs as we drive to the dam for our walk.

There has been some more Christmas-ification here:

I sewed a Christmas skirt which I have been wearing every time I go to anything Christmassy since December 2nd. It has many and varied Christmas dogs and a few cats. It is mostly green and very amusing.

Christmas skirt
Some Christmas pencil cases for The Friends' Children at yesterday's Christmas barbie. I used this fabulous tutorial that has a nice lining that finished them off beautifully inside. I know I should have been able to work it out for myself but the heat befuddles my brain.

Christmas pencil cases
There's an owl apron, which had even more pocket dilemmas. Well, I lost the good pocket and so, in desperation sewing, I used a remnant of the Tree Skirt and it had convenient circles which I made into the 'o' parts of the word Hoot. There, I fixed it!! Oh and a Felt Owl Tree Decoration from my Fa-la-la-la Felt book.


I am crocheting some things for MrsDrWho's nephew. Can you tell what they will be??

Cars believe it or not
They will be Cars from the Cars film. The red one will be Lightning McQueen, the blue one will be Strip 'The King' Weathers and I may also make a yellow and a green one too.

MrsDrWho's class made a whole swag of Scary Reindeer Biscuits. I cooked the gingerbread men over several days and in an hour they had all decorated two each. I didn't take a photo, but I made some chocolate gingerbread Reindeer for The Friends' Children.


My present from Mr Reno in the Present Roundabout Thingy was this, oh and a gorgeous Labrador mug from The HouseOfs:


Rhubarb plants, some green gardening gloves, dog friendly Dynamic lifter and a cordless screwdriver. The Dynamic Lifter pongs but I was very popular when I arrived home!!

Peri's tablets seem to be working and she is no longer The Widdler. She is very, very happy and has a waggy tail. Gilly has been going berserkers-bonkers and is running about like a mad thing. I could only make the photo programme fix one of her glowy eyes. I don't know why.

Peri waggy and silly Gilly

They have had lovely walks, but the creek is slowly getting lower and lower. I shall have to start bringing them a drink to have before we hop in the car to go home. Here they are having a little rest before we go home. Gilly is wearing her sturdy red collar. If you press a button the collar flashes and/or glows.

Labs having a little rest
Our Christmas get together yesterday was most enjoyable, and we had almost the full complement of people, which was great. I was out from 3-30 till 8-30pm and The Labradors were soooo starving when they had to wait till 8-45pm for the dinner. Today I have lain about, being very tired and had two extra naps. I watched Going Postal Part 1. It is quite good.

This week I have a few more Christmas outings. I am trying once more to pace myself and take things easy. I've had my last appointment for the year with my wonderful psychologist and her expert help has allowed me to be far more reasonable about what I can, and cannot, achieve for Christmas. I plan to do some more sewing and crocheting and then some festive of cooking. The weather forecast is very cooking friendly, but it is still 25*C as I am sitting here at the computer at 9-30pm.There is a cooler breeze in the lounge room though.

It's time for a cup of T2 Turkish Cherry tea I think. My neighbour gave me a little sample that came with her parcel. They are having free postage till the end of December and her parcel was beautifully wrapped free of charge: it was green wrapping and she gave me the pom-pom. I am not sure how long it would take to arrive, but it is a nice gift to give. And here are The Labradors because they heard the baby gate into the kitchen open. They are sadly disappointed. At bed time they can have a rice craker!!

Batman Characters: The Widdler

Peri at the vet
Poor Peri was very concerned and worried last Saturday as she had an accidental wee while she was napping inside on the slate tiles. After a Silent Movie style gathering of a sample, we went to the Vet and saw Dr Tim. He said it could be one of a few things and so we have been keeping an eye on her. It seems to happen when she is asleep and is quite common in 5% of desexed females. So Peri and Gilly went to the Vet this morning and now Peri has some tablets, extremely inexpensive tablets, and if they work she will only need two a week and that will only cost $1. Of course if these tablets don't work there are incredibly expensive drugs, which I am sure we will need to resort to. It is the way of the world at our house. Luckily Peri thinks the tablets are lollies and Gilly lines up too, so everyone has to have a fish oil capsule as well.

Peri on a road trip
The ride in the car was very exciting and Gilly was doing her best to be as close to the front seat as she could.

Gilly's squooshed face
It has been Summery Hot here, 28* yesterday, but much hotter in the Sun and in our house. We had to break out the evaporative cooler, buy a bag of ice, wear a wet cloth on the back of the neck and lie about complaining. Thank goodness it is cooler today.

Once the weather warms up and Christmas looms it can all get just a bit too much so we have been taking things very easy and resting in between Christmas engagements. There has been some sewing:

Box Bag Christmas bags

A Christmas box bag for our Knitting Christmas and some Teatowel bags for Sewing friends.

  Tree SkirtReindeer ornaments

A tree skirt for The GardyGardeners and some cute felt reindeer ornaments.

Warning: MrsDrWho and I signed up for the Premium Picnik and so pictures may have borders and shiny Christmas ornamentation.

Our Lovely Nurse's family at Leukaemia Support Group has a new baby Chocolate Labrador and I just happened to have some Labrador fabric and so I made her a bag as well. Lots of bags this year so far.

Labrador bag
MrsDrWho and I had surprise lunch in town today. There was some texting about Parcel Pick Up warehouses being closed, and then a reminder about shoes and then we were both in town and managed to rendezvous. There was one pair of green shoes and now they are all MINE!!!

New shoes

This year my Christmas outings are nicely spread out over the month. I have them written on the December Calendar and I try to write everything in so I don't have two things on one day.

I am looking forward to Christmas Cooking and I have been making a list and checking it twice.Anyone have any great Christmas recipes they can recommend???

I've also made a Christmas Card photo and almost finished the song to go inside.

There hasn't been very much knitting, but I have the new Knitscene with eight cardigans and I am squirrelling away the Knitted Advent Calendar for next year. Though I did find a use for the glittery green wool I have had for ages: I made a tree!!! It is such a cute pattern and so quick to knit.

The next Batman Character we are hoping for is Mr Freeze. A little rain wouldn't go amiss either.