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Peri at the vet
Poor Peri was very concerned and worried last Saturday as she had an accidental wee while she was napping inside on the slate tiles. After a Silent Movie style gathering of a sample, we went to the Vet and saw Dr Tim. He said it could be one of a few things and so we have been keeping an eye on her. It seems to happen when she is asleep and is quite common in 5% of desexed females. So Peri and Gilly went to the Vet this morning and now Peri has some tablets, extremely inexpensive tablets, and if they work she will only need two a week and that will only cost $1. Of course if these tablets don't work there are incredibly expensive drugs, which I am sure we will need to resort to. It is the way of the world at our house. Luckily Peri thinks the tablets are lollies and Gilly lines up too, so everyone has to have a fish oil capsule as well.

Peri on a road trip
The ride in the car was very exciting and Gilly was doing her best to be as close to the front seat as she could.

Gilly's squooshed face
It has been Summery Hot here, 28* yesterday, but much hotter in the Sun and in our house. We had to break out the evaporative cooler, buy a bag of ice, wear a wet cloth on the back of the neck and lie about complaining. Thank goodness it is cooler today.

Once the weather warms up and Christmas looms it can all get just a bit too much so we have been taking things very easy and resting in between Christmas engagements. There has been some sewing:

Box Bag Christmas bags

A Christmas box bag for our Knitting Christmas and some Teatowel bags for Sewing friends.

  Tree SkirtReindeer ornaments

A tree skirt for The GardyGardeners and some cute felt reindeer ornaments.

Warning: MrsDrWho and I signed up for the Premium Picnik and so pictures may have borders and shiny Christmas ornamentation.

Our Lovely Nurse's family at Leukaemia Support Group has a new baby Chocolate Labrador and I just happened to have some Labrador fabric and so I made her a bag as well. Lots of bags this year so far.

Labrador bag
MrsDrWho and I had surprise lunch in town today. There was some texting about Parcel Pick Up warehouses being closed, and then a reminder about shoes and then we were both in town and managed to rendezvous. There was one pair of green shoes and now they are all MINE!!!

New shoes

This year my Christmas outings are nicely spread out over the month. I have them written on the December Calendar and I try to write everything in so I don't have two things on one day.

I am looking forward to Christmas Cooking and I have been making a list and checking it twice.Anyone have any great Christmas recipes they can recommend???

I've also made a Christmas Card photo and almost finished the song to go inside.

There hasn't been very much knitting, but I have the new Knitscene with eight cardigans and I am squirrelling away the Knitted Advent Calendar for next year. Though I did find a use for the glittery green wool I have had for ages: I made a tree!!! It is such a cute pattern and so quick to knit.

The next Batman Character we are hoping for is Mr Freeze. A little rain wouldn't go amiss either.



Rain?? Cindy, just let me know what sort you want and I'll pick it up and send you some. Express post for big thunderstorms with rain so thick it's hard to see anything else. Slight drizzle. Thick mist. Heavy drizzle. Drizzle that doesn't look much but still makes you wet quickly. Heavy thick stuff that passes quickly and light but heavy rain. And don't forget the rain which doesn't stop for hours and hours.

I suppose that's too much choice for you at this busy time of year. It's too much rain for us too.


It's been such terrible weather here, it doesn't feel like Christmas at all! Even though I have also been squirrelling away the Christmas advent calendar too! But you have brought a taste of Christmas with your very christmassy post!

I do hope the medication for Peri works, poor poppet.


have you heard the rain tonight? or maybe you are asleep like I should be!!! But it has been lovely and heavy but now has stopped I was hoping it would go on all night. Despite the fact in your last post you had been poorly you have done sooooo much lovely xmas craftiness, I, on the other hand have done none!! I hope you are feeling much better, I had 2 days early in the week I just had to sleep all day too maybe I had the same sleepiness bug thingy, but I do seem to have at least one day a fortnight or less where I cannot stay awake. I did get out and get a haircut today which was wonderful as it has been 3 weeks now of extra weakness and I am going/gone around the twist!! (love that show)


Our Biko had that wee problem too. But it started when she was 4 month old (before spaying), and the Vet said, normally this can happen after they were spayed. She had to take a pill a day, which helped. But I wondered if it also made her life short. They are quite embarrassed when the have an accident, poor things. I hope Peri will be O.K. with her meds!
Lovely bags!


the girls certainly love the car rides - such happy faces...hope Peri comes good soon...all the sewing looks lovely and Christmassy - especially loved the little tree

Jennifer Rose

love those shoes! :D

hopefully the pills work, we can't get sky to take fish oil pills, she just spits them out :p


I hope Peri takes to those inexpensive pills! :) Love the green shoes!


Our dog Charlotte had that problem in her old age and the pills did the trick. I hope they work for Peri.
Pretty green sandals!
It's funny to me to read about your hot summery Christmas weather. I guess there's no such thing as a White Christmas in Australia!


Poor Peri, fingers crossed that the inexpensive drugs do the trick!
Those little felt reindeer are cute.
I have my grandmother's shortbread recipe somewhere and when I've finished playing musical chairs with the furniture in my house and manage to get everyone fitting comfortably in my little house I intend to make some with my new shortbread molds I bought in scotland. Everyone will be getting shortbread for christmas this year! It is a great recipe easy and delicious too. So when I dig it out I'll send you a copy.

bella's mum

Pleased to read your blog as I have been checking and it has been a bit longer than usual. No wonder when I admire all your clever work!!!


heres hoping the inexpensive pills work!!

gorgeous bags.

Been freezing here....top temp today of 13C plus 50 mm of rain!!!very weird for summer.


oh i love their faces. One happy and bouncy, one sullen from the backseat.

I really hope the inexpensive tablets can fix peri and that there aren't worse health problems to come.

The lab fabric is too lovely - you have made a lot of bags haven't you!


after weeks of no rain at all we are now having rain every day. when the sun comes out everything gets horribly steamy. still, at least the grass is green again (not crunchy brown!)

Excellent green shoes :-) I heartily approve!


Daisy has these same widling issues...I would be interested to know what tablets Peri is on for this.

Love your green shoes....they look comfy as well....a big priority I find these days!

Wow you have been really busy sewing away...love all the gifts you've made....very lucky recipients!!


oh my goodness, how christmassy busy youve been! so much sewing. you really make me wish i could sew. but i cant. poor peri but im sure its not serious, it is common in desexed females. but its a bit embarrasing for a girl isnt it? kisses to them both, and hope you are coping ok.

Michelle Lee

The weather has been a bit weird lately. Summer hasnt really arrive in Perth. There's been rain and thunderstorms and it's been cloudy the last few days. Maybe summer has decided to take a break :P

Anyway, I hope the cheap tablets will work for Peri.



Well it certainly seems like you must be feeling better! Look at all that sewing you've been doing! Christmas tea towel bags, what a great idea. Not that I have time. Somehow I have to manage to finish the pink granny rug and make three more stockings. And I am not a sewing wiz. Fingers crossed I make it!

Love that your super hot and yukky weather is 28. Ahhh jealousy. Mine is anything over 34. Which is pretty much the whole of summer. Except this year has been quite mild so far, touch wood! Touch wood!!!!


Those bags are lovely & so Christmassy. I love Christmas especially Christmas carols. I am not doing much cooking this year as we are spending Christmas at a hotel.

Linda Spawr

Dear Cindy and Peri and Gilly,

Merry Merry Christmas from Michigan, the Mitten State. You have all been quite busy this year, so I'm sure your stockings will be filled to the brim.

Thank you for being a bright spot in my day and inspiring hand crafted creations.
hugs to all, Linda


I'm so glad to hear that Peri is ok now! I do love seeing the wonderful things you sew.

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