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Ding Dong Merrily On Eye!

Normally, I would make myself wait till I had read the one hundred or more posts sitting in my Reader before I posted to my blog, but tonight I am throwing caution to the wind!!!

Christmas Day has come and gone in a lovely flurry of lunch (with fresh broad beans!!) with MrsDrWho and her family. I have been extremely spoiled with gifts, though I still have Christmas catching up to come.

Here is Peri and Gilly's Christmas Day picture. I added some sparkly stars for them.

Christmas Labradors, Peri and Gilly

I made some Christmas cup cakes. I just used a basic cup cake recipe,

Cream 150g butter with 150g sugar, mix in two eggs and one teaspoon of vanilla. Stir in 2 cups of sifted self raising flour and 125 ml of milk alternately and gently. Put 1/4 cup into paper cases in a muffin tray and bake for about 20 minutes at 180*C,

to which I added almost a jar of Christmas fruit mince, some extra dried fruit, some grated orange zest, cinnamon, nutmeg and ground cloves.

Christmas cup cakes
When they were cool I swirled on some white chocolate and added a glace cherry. Very pleased with them.

I sewed the annual coasters for The GardyGardeners. They are on coasters dating back to 2004.

Coasters for 2011
Gilly as not very well yesterday. She was 'winky'. Her eye seemed to be bothering her when we came home from our walk. I rang the vet and we saw Dr Tim.

Poor winky Gilly

He looked in here eye and then put in some local anaesthetic drops and there was a 2cm long grass seed in poor Lorelai Gilmore's right eye.

Gilly's eye's grass seed
Dr Tim removed it and then checked under her third eyelid and it was all clear. But this morning she was winky again. I looked in her eye and couldn't see another seed, but I rang the vet again and we went back to see Dr Tim. He put a stain in her eye and there was a tiny ulcer caused by the seed scratching her eye. We are so lucky to have such wonderful doctors and nurses at the vet. Dr Tim said it was out Christmas Visit To The Vet and he was right!! When I said that I would put a picture of the seed on my blog he put it in a little bottle. I can't believe poor Lorelai Gilmore had it in her eye, she is so very brave. Now she has some special ointment to put in her eye three times a day and we go back next week to have it checked.

I don't think it is so painful anymore and she seems much happier.

Peri is no longer The Widdler, she is very happy about that and has been playing with renewed vigour in the garden. She howled and cried all the time we were at the vet. She was so cross she didn't even eat the treats I left for her: really cross!! This afternoon she chased Gilly about and was not very happy. I think she was a bit jealous of all the attention poor Lorelai Gilmore has been getting. I gave her lots of tummy rubs.

Peri in the other garden
It has been very hot, and so there has been a lot of lethargic lying about with the evaporative cooler making a cold breeze and icy cold drinks. I find it especially difficult when it is hot for more than a day or two in a row. Gilly has been in the paddle pool every day. The weather on the news says it is 27*C but my barometer in the back yard soars into the 30s. That water in the paddle pool is getting a jolly good nip. I love her swishy tail!!

Gilly in her paddle pool
Tomorrow my mum and aunt are coming to visit for the day and we are going to lunch at The Casino. I have cooked cup cakes, made coconut ice and peppermint fondants, Christmas spice shortbread and a Bishop's Cake.

Now there is ointment to be applied, Peri needs her tablet and I need lots of mine too, and then we are off to bed.



Merry Christmas! I'm glad your lovely vet was able to make both pups feel better. It is too funny that Peri wouldn't eat her treats! I've never seen either of my dogs skip treats! The water isn't quite frozen here today, but we certainly aren't playing in the paddle pool. I love that pic of Gilly attacking the water! I am wishing for one of those delicious cupcakes for my mid morning snack =)


Awe, such a sweet picture of the girls with the stars! The cup cakes look wonderful! Very Christmasy.
Poor Gilly! I'm glad the Vet found out what was bothering her. And yeah for Peri, and that her tablet helps her. I know about jealousy between the pups!
Argh, that's hot! I'm glad we got our first real snow last night!!!
Have an enjoyable visit with your mom and aunt!


What a lovely picture of the girls! Poor Lorelai Gilmore how horrible for her. Glad to hear you enjoyed your christmas day. Those cakes look yummy too.


what a brave Gilly...hope her eye is well again soon ! those cupcakes look very pretty and the starry-eyed photo, what a couple of wonderful posers :)


Oh the girls do look all sparkly and sweet; so good to hear the widdler is no longer about too!
What a great idea with the cupcakes. They look delicious.
Poor Gilly and as you say, what a brave girl. So pleased all is well with her eye.
Wishing you a wonderful day with your Mum and Aunt, plus I have to say - that Bishop's cake is awesome - enjoy!

Jennifer Rose

ouch! poor gilly :( but i love her face in the pool :p must kill the water!!


Good news about Gilly and Peri. Hope you have healthy pups for the new year. Those cakes looked so delicious!


Gorgeous card!!!!!
I am sorry to hear about poor Gilly's eyes ran in sympathy for her.



Merry Christmas, dear Cindy! And Merry Christmas to the Labradors, too! I am glad both girls are on the mend. Stay cool!


Oh, poor Gilly! Those grass seeds can be so nasty, and yet, dogs just seem to love shoving their faces into the grass and rolling around!

Glad they're both on the mend now :)

I won't tell you how hot it has been here for the last two days - just thinking about it could cause a Georgette Heyer Decline! (Is that the right term? :))

Thank goodness for air conditioning!


Poor Gilly, that is not a happy thing to have happen, hope her eye is continuing to get better. All your cooking sounds so scrumptious! I love the small cakes. I am not looking forward to the hot weather forecast for the new year either, thank goodness for air conditioning...

bella's mum

I love the picture of one of the girls in the pool, if only Bella would get in her pool and cool down.


gorgeous photos of your lovely sparkly girls. there is a lot to worry about at this time of year, grass seeds, ticks. we havent had too many hot days yet tho i am not looking forward to them. im glad you had a lovely christmas day and so much yummy baking! i hope you are busy napping today!


I'm a lazy blog reader, much behind the times, but I'm thrilled to see the photos of the girls now, especially the sparkly one! I'm glad things worked out okay.


Love the twinkly dogs. Ouch, poor Gilly! That's a pretty Christmas coaster collection.


Poor Gilly. Hope her eye is better now. I wish I had a pool like Peri's so that I can soak in there too. It has been so hot here for the last few days - 39C !


that paddle pool looks like fun and an excellent idea! Glad to hear everyone eventually had a good Christmas. How fortunate to have such wonderful caring vets!


Poor Gilly, that is a nasty thing to have caught in your eye. Funny Peri being jealous of a trip to the vet, I bet she wouldn't have liked a grass seed in her eye!

Love the coasters, very gardy gardener fabric! Sounds like you have had a lovely lot of christmasses and lots of lovely baking! Hope it cools down for you soon.

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