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Ding Dong Merrily On Eye!

Labradors By My Side, Singing Christmas Songs....

"It's Summer time and I am not in my singlet, shorts and thongs!! You can watch the original Aussie Jungle Bells video on The Youtube. I really do sing, rather loudly, lots of Christmas carols and songs as we drive to the dam for our walk.

There has been some more Christmas-ification here:

I sewed a Christmas skirt which I have been wearing every time I go to anything Christmassy since December 2nd. It has many and varied Christmas dogs and a few cats. It is mostly green and very amusing.

Christmas skirt
Some Christmas pencil cases for The Friends' Children at yesterday's Christmas barbie. I used this fabulous tutorial that has a nice lining that finished them off beautifully inside. I know I should have been able to work it out for myself but the heat befuddles my brain.

Christmas pencil cases
There's an owl apron, which had even more pocket dilemmas. Well, I lost the good pocket and so, in desperation sewing, I used a remnant of the Tree Skirt and it had convenient circles which I made into the 'o' parts of the word Hoot. There, I fixed it!! Oh and a Felt Owl Tree Decoration from my Fa-la-la-la Felt book.


I am crocheting some things for MrsDrWho's nephew. Can you tell what they will be??

Cars believe it or not
They will be Cars from the Cars film. The red one will be Lightning McQueen, the blue one will be Strip 'The King' Weathers and I may also make a yellow and a green one too.

MrsDrWho's class made a whole swag of Scary Reindeer Biscuits. I cooked the gingerbread men over several days and in an hour they had all decorated two each. I didn't take a photo, but I made some chocolate gingerbread Reindeer for The Friends' Children.


My present from Mr Reno in the Present Roundabout Thingy was this, oh and a gorgeous Labrador mug from The HouseOfs:


Rhubarb plants, some green gardening gloves, dog friendly Dynamic lifter and a cordless screwdriver. The Dynamic Lifter pongs but I was very popular when I arrived home!!

Peri's tablets seem to be working and she is no longer The Widdler. She is very, very happy and has a waggy tail. Gilly has been going berserkers-bonkers and is running about like a mad thing. I could only make the photo programme fix one of her glowy eyes. I don't know why.

Peri waggy and silly Gilly

They have had lovely walks, but the creek is slowly getting lower and lower. I shall have to start bringing them a drink to have before we hop in the car to go home. Here they are having a little rest before we go home. Gilly is wearing her sturdy red collar. If you press a button the collar flashes and/or glows.

Labs having a little rest
Our Christmas get together yesterday was most enjoyable, and we had almost the full complement of people, which was great. I was out from 3-30 till 8-30pm and The Labradors were soooo starving when they had to wait till 8-45pm for the dinner. Today I have lain about, being very tired and had two extra naps. I watched Going Postal Part 1. It is quite good.

This week I have a few more Christmas outings. I am trying once more to pace myself and take things easy. I've had my last appointment for the year with my wonderful psychologist and her expert help has allowed me to be far more reasonable about what I can, and cannot, achieve for Christmas. I plan to do some more sewing and crocheting and then some festive of cooking. The weather forecast is very cooking friendly, but it is still 25*C as I am sitting here at the computer at 9-30pm.There is a cooler breeze in the lounge room though.

It's time for a cup of T2 Turkish Cherry tea I think. My neighbour gave me a little sample that came with her parcel. They are having free postage till the end of December and her parcel was beautifully wrapped free of charge: it was green wrapping and she gave me the pom-pom. I am not sure how long it would take to arrive, but it is a nice gift to give. And here are The Labradors because they heard the baby gate into the kitchen open. They are sadly disappointed. At bed time they can have a rice craker!!



I quite enjoyed Going Postal too! With Poirot and Little Dorritt! Such different roles! Heh heh.

Such a christmassy post! Scary reindeer are indeed scary (although I did notice a stray gingerbread man in there, heh!). The apron and pencil cases look great and I like your Christmas gift, very practical.

It is still too cold here to really feel like Christmas is less than a week away, but I'd really better get my act into gear and finish the shopping! Not to mention the baking and card writing!


I loooooove the scary reindeer! Gorgeous! What did you decorate them with, Cindy? I'm glad that Peri's better. It sounds like you're having a lovely Christmas. I'm trying to pace myself these holidays too. Please give your lovely girls a big pat from me.
Fiona x


What a busy post! You really must be feeling better! I just love that skirt! I have such a hard time wrapping my mind around a Christmas in shorts! And I am so happy that the inexpensive med worked for Peri! Yay!


Lovely to read about all your activities! I'd need a collar like Gilly's for Denny. When we are outside, after dark, which is quite early now, you can't see him, that drives me mad. Every time I call him, he comes from a different place, not where I've been looking. Then again, he hates having to wear a collar, unless it's going for a walk.
Happy Holidays!


I love all the sewing and cooking projects you've been busy with! The xmas skirt is really fun! I am looking forward to seeing Going Postal too...loved the book. Gilly's floppy ears are so cute. It started out at 19 degrees F here today, but the dogs still want to be outside for awhile!


I too enjoyed Going Postal and am looking forward to the second part.

Glad Peri is feeling much better now and tablets are working.

What a lot of Christmassy things! You have been busy.


Love the Christmas skirt and glad to read there are a few kitties enjoying the Christmas spirit with you too! :)

The pencil cases are lovely and thank you for the link to the tutorial. Have some extra fabric, so hoping I can find time to sew a few for the little ones before Santa arrives.

Great Christmassy post and the gifts you received are fabulous.

Jennifer Rose

glad that peri's tablets are working :D and they look really nice sitting their with their collars on :D

love the skirt :D very festive!

Judy edmonds

That skirt is just darling. Merry Christmas to you all!


Yay! I'm glad Peri's pills are working! The pups are always so adorably cute. And I love your Christmas skirt!


Wow!! Such Christmassy goings on at your place Cindy. I love all the sewing & baking you've done :)

Especially happy for poor piddly Peri! LOL I promise not to laugh in front of her. We're having trouble with Harley spraying in parts of our house. Someone keeps leaving the baby gate open & he escapes from the family room....very very frustrating. The guilty party won't own up either....& they haven't changed their habits as it keeps on happening :(

We've got a lot happening this far it's Monday & I'm worn out already. Going to have to dig deep for those reserves (haha) of energy. I'm glad you've been enjoying yourself too :)


you are like christmas spirit personified! looooove the skirt, and the reindeer made me laugh out loud. too cute! big kisses for your lovely girls, so glad that Peri is happy and carefree :)


I always encourage singing up big! Especially for Christmas carols :-)


What a fabulous sure have been a busy bee.


Oh what a glorious round of pre-Christmas Christmassyness! I am starting to feel a bit bland in the decorating/baking/preparing department - you are inspiring me to move it along!!!
Pats for the dogs, with an extra big scruffing for good luck :)


Crazy reindeer indeed!!! I am so behind on everything it is not funny, perhaps I should get off blogland? I have appointments from 11 tomorrow though so I plan to get up early and make the meringues I was supposed to make today, woops! Present wrapping takes an awfully long time, even when my sister comes around to help! Glad you pacing yourself is working for you, very hard at this time of the year! I am finding it especially hard in that I get too hyped up to sleep. Yesterday I didn't get sleepy enough to go to bed until 1pm TODAY. Shocking sleep pattern. And it is now 2.23am. Dear me.


Before I read on, I thought the crocheted somethings were dog noses!
You three are full of Christmas cheer- glad Peri's meds have worked and she has regained her dignity!


Such lovely sewing & I like the Owl apron. T2 has nice & unusual teas & whenever I visit the shop, I always sample the teas. I love their cold apple tea.


Love the skirt, love the reindeer bikkies and LOVE your Christmas spirit!

Have a very merry Christmas!

Laurie (Moo!)

Your skirt is the most festive thing I've ever seen! I'll bet you get a giggle wearing it...that's good!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scary reindeer biscuits. They're just adorable.

Hooray for being widdle-free! Merry Christmas to you and the gals!


Cute skirt! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Looks like you've been busy.

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