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Friday Food: Spinach, Pea and Goat's Cheese Salad

This Year Of Living Dangerously

I have been sitting on the verandah following our New Year's Eve tradition of Filling-In-The-New-Buffy-Diary. To ease the burden of writing in all the dates, holidays and birthdays I rewarded myself with some dip at the end of each month and a sip of cider whenever I liked. The cider is in a glass my dad used to drink his beer from.

New Year tasks
Peri and Gilly met a new friend called Jet on their walks this week. They ran and played together very happily.

Gilly, Jet and Peri
The veranda was the coolest place to be, after a walk and a swim for Peri and a paddle for Gilly this morning, we went back to bed until 3-45pm: avoiding the hottest part of the day. It's a good thing there is a liner in the car because Peri gave a big shake again after she hopped in.

Wet Labradors
Last night I went to late dinner with MrsDrWho and her family and friends. MrsDrWho and I had Wagyu beef. It was utterly delicious. It is grown in the North West of the state. Mine was medium well with a mushroom and bacon sauce. It truly was melt in your mouth meat.

Wagyu beef
2011 has been an interesting year. The most horrid part was when I had to go to hospital unexpectedly with the septic shower in my blood stream, and then I spent the rest of the year working hard, and I think successfully, not to be depressed and anxious.

Peri and Gilly have lost over 7kg each and, despite of The Widdler and The Winky Eye, they have had a very happy year.

My new car is still going nicely, the big oak tree is gone from the garden and I have my nice new computer with which to surf the Internet.

I am so lucky to have wonderful friends, real and imaginary, and a kind family who have all helped me in many ways.

This evening I made some collages of the craft I have completed this year and Self Stitched September too. I am quite amazed at all the things I have made, though there are some projects languishing and I have yet to produce another wearable dress: my bete noir. I will finish them off when the weather is cooler.

Knitting 2011 1
Knitting 2011 2
Knitting 2011 3
  More sewing

Sewing 2011 and a car
Some Doctor Who sewing 2011

Christmas 2011 things

I am now officially agog, I must have buried myself in my craft. Oops, the christmas tea towel bags are there twice.

Next year I am looking forward to The Olympics, spending lots of time playing with Peri and Lorelai Gilmore, making a wearable dress, finishing my two cardigans and generally being more organised. It's a Leap Year so that makes it extra special. I think I shall be doing Friday Food and cooking from magazines this year: I always mean to but hardly ever do.

Lorelai Gilmore has been racing about searching for the source of the fire cracker noise and Peri is saving us from the party at the back. They are very good girls.

Happy New Year: welcome 2012*!!!

Peri and Gilly's New Year 2011
I say Twenty Twelve 2012, just like I say Ten SixtySix 1066.



Happy New Year, dear Cindy!
You've been very busy over this last year! I love the last photo of the girls, lovely decoration too. Oy, I totally forgot about the fire crackers! We'll see how our pups will do with that. I'm looking forward to your Friday Food posts!


Happy New Year!


I hope 2012 is a wonderful fun and craft and nap and snack filled year, for you and the girls, with less of the horribles in it. That is an impressive gallery of your achievements for twenty-eleven.


Happy new year to you and the puppies Cindy! It has been wonderful to read your blog this year. Lots of hugs and big friendly pats to the hounds

Nathalie xxxxx


what a fantastic array of craft - a great accomplishment - a very Happy twenty twelve to you all and look forward to seeing you in the Valley very soon x


Happy New Year. I think I might start saying twenty twelve as well...even though I have usually said two thousand and eleven. Hmm...decisions. I am thoroughly impressed with all your beautiful craft!

Jennifer Rose

happy new year!!

you made a lot of stuff :D you never realize until you have it all together they way you do

sky is trying to hide from the fireworks :/ but doesn't fit under my desk any more


That is an amazing array of projects! The frolicking doggy trio is calendar photo-worthy, and the last pic would be a great January entry. Happy happy New Year to you all. And I'm looking forward to your food posts, though I just read and enjoy them vicariously as they are written in Australian measurement!


Wow Cindy, what an impressive list. I'm glad at least one of your creations resides at my place.

Looking forward to spending quality knitting/dining time with you in 2012.


holy mary look at all that craft!! you have been so amazingly productive, im sure its helped with the anxiety too. its so important isnt it, to be grateful even through the most difficult times. i think our lovely puppies help a lot with that. wishing you lots of health and happiness in 2012!


Wowsers, you must have drowned indeed under all that craftiness! I am agog. Agog.

Here's to hoping you have an even better 2012, with less hospital, doctor and vet visits and more energy, healthiness and fun!


Your craft output is just stunning. Congratulations on making so many beautiful things in 2011!

Happiest New Year with everything wonderful for you, Peri and Gilly. Can't wait to see what you all are up to next.


that is a very impressive year of craft, 2paw!

Here's to a wonderful twenty-twelve for you - may it bring only health and happiness :)


Well I do not think I shall be posting a retrospective as your wonderful collection has put me to shame! WhAt a creative sort you are! I am also Agog!

I wish you an even more creative twenty twelve but with less widdling, winky eye and septic showers and the like.

Oh and the Olympics! Yay! Must plan some knitting for it!


Happy New Year. You have done lots in 2010 & I am sure 2011 will be just as creative. The year seems to pass by so fast & there's still so much to do.

Laurie (Moo!)

Happy New Year!! Your Wagyu is making my mouth water! You've done so many projects, I can see another reason for you to be so tired. Love the Dr. Who section. :-)

Big hugs to you and the girls!!


A very happy new year to you and the girls!
Gosh, you've been so productive - I shall hang my head in shame.

I've been doing some cooking from magazines, must remember to post about it though! I always promise myself I will be good and make several recipes from each magazine but hey ho, it doesn't always happen!


I'm speechless and you do put me to shame. Look at what you have achieved - WOW! Truly an amazing amount of fabulous craftiness. Oh I am going to have to tidy up my act this year just to achieve half of what you produced in 2010.

With that said, I wish you and the girls the most wonderful year for 2012. Happy New Year 2paw :)


wooowzer trousers. I am so in awe of all the things you have been able to make in the year. You talented girl you. you doggies are looking very happy. My boys had their christmas break at the beach and of course loved it, even if Zeus's eyesight is not as good as it was and he cant always find the ball in the water or even on the beach. I hope you all have a bill twenty twelve.


WOW! When you put it all together like that it is pretty amazing - you have been very productive.
Best wishes for a fab new year.


I love the collages-I really need to make myself a dalek one of these days.

Have a wonderful New Year. We have no snow, but it's finally cold and I am not pleased. I wish I were on your side of the planet.


Happy New Year!
What a wonderful set of mosaics showing all your achievements (and maybe a few learning-moments).

I look forward to reading another year of green adventures from you and your girls!


I am in awe of the total amount of FO's for 2011 Cindy....what a mamoth effort!!

Both your girls are looking very slim. Even Daisy has lost 500g this year. We saw the vet on Monday & she said that Daisy is a superb weight for her breed & size! I felt ever so much like a proud parent :)

You are so good to have filled in your diary already. I bought a new one weeks ago....but do you think I can find it now!! :( I'm also missing a medicare check that I'm supposed to post off. I would love to know where thes things disappear to!!!

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