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Friday Food: Banoffee Cup Cakes

A Week Is A Long Time In Blogitics

A week is quite a long time, but thankfully since Sunday is has been cooler: 19, 21, 22 and 23 so far. Everyone is happy, in fact there has been some jumping for joy:

Go ahead and jump
And sitting in the restaurant, looking out the window at the almost horizontal rain on Sunday evening, there might have been one of these: pink Moscato.


To enhance the coolness MrsDrWho gave me the most wonderful present, and I have test driven it this evening for a 150 minutes and it is fantastic!!! Basically you lie on it, and it is cold. And stays cold for three hours. It was still cold when I woke up. There will be some more cool sleep tonight!!

Thank you MrsDrWho
There has been some finishing off and gifting by me too. Not all this week, but in the brief cool days between the heat wave too. Here are two skirts for Mrs HouseOf. It is hard to see but they both have curved flouncy panels in real life and dippy hems.

Sewed skirts

Then a patchwork wreath inspired by one on the Purl Bee and also a Santa.

Wreath and santa
A LOL Scarf for my next door neighbour. Her eyes lit up when she saw my green scarf. It is a Labour Of Love to knit one, and I really appreciate all the work Mrs Reno put into making mine!! Thankfully there are only 80 metres and I knitted it in an afternoon and a morning.

LOL scarf
I made another Nativity for MrsDrWho. This is not it, it is the photo in the magazine. I have had it since 2001 and always meant to make it. Last year I started but the heat got the better of me. There will probably be a photo of mine in December this year when it comes out of the bag.

This is not mine

Another small quilt that needs a border, backing and some kind of quilting. The colours have been changed to protect the innocent.

Little quilt
Today MrsDrWho and I made our first blocks for The Craftsy Quilt. Hers is lovely. Mine has a wonky right leg, but I lost the will to sew. I shall have to fix it for the third time later on. We planned to make the second square but we dithered and faffed about so long that we were too tired!!!

Craftsy 1
Peri looked so cute when she popped her head through the dog door tonight. She is a beautiful girl.

Peri comes in the dog door

Lorelai Gilmore is happy to sit for a photo, but then her interest is taken by something over there, and she's off before I know it.

Giily looks yonder
It's evident in their reaction to a treat. Peri will stand politely, albeit impatiently, for a photo and then potter off to her mat. Gilly on the other hand, says thankx,bai and she's off at the speed of light. I think it is because she is always second and fears someone (Peri? ) will commandeer her treat!!

Ways of saying thank you
Tomorrow is Friday Food and I am baking from the Better Homes and Gardens magazine for MrsDrWho. School goes back next week so it's something for her lunch box!! I have already been to see the Lovely Psychologist to help me prepare for The Going Back To School event. I am feeling OK. For the first time I was able to discuss it without breaking down into gales of tears. Still, I will make myself busy next week so I don't have time to dwell.

Back tomorrow with Friday Food!!!



Thankx,bai! Hahah love it. My Meow is a bit like that too. Cupboard love we call it around here. I'm glad you are okay with the Back to School event. Well done on the lack of tears! But it is also okay if you need to on the day! I felt a bit weird the week leading up to Going Back to School because I wasn't in my classroom setting up and making nametags but then on the actual first day back at school I was so busy with appointments I didn't have time to think about it much. Probably a good thing!!

Happy baking tomorrow :)

Jennifer Rose

have you ever had something come through the dog door uninvited? o.0


I love the skirts, especially the one on the right! Great fabric. You are getting organised for the C-word already! I plan on making two decorations each month so I have one for each day in the advent calendar, but I'm behind already! Only one done in January. I must catch up!

Keeping busy is often a good remedy for forgetting about sadnesses, I hope you will be ok next week.


I love all the wonderful things you've made. I understand about keeping busy. I've been sad this week too so it is good to keep doing something.

I really like the cool pad - what a splendid idea.


So many lovely things. I'm very impressed.



Wow, you have done a lot in a week. In the hot weather here, I just sit & knit in an air con room. I don't even want to get up & do anything.


I have had an awkward feeling for the last 12 days. Part of me thought it was indigestion but I think it's the fact that I'm not freaking out over back to school and a lot of my friends are! I have told them that I'm please for the break but I miss my tutor kids! :( I know how you feel.


At the risk of sounding naive....what's pink moscato? It looks pretty!

Those 2 skirts for MrsHouseOf look very professional....I'm sure she'll love them. You have been beavering away again!! So many lovely projects!!

Gilly is such a funny girl! :)

It is so hard when the rest of the world, particularly our piers, go about their lives/business & we who have 'retired' seem to live in a void & limit what we are able to achieve &/or give up so many things we love :( I know exactly how you are feeling Cindy!! I'll be thinking of you!

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