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Grace Under Fire Ban

On Thursday when we drove towards the dam, this is what we saw:

Fire fire break
Just when the temperatures are going sky high, 39* in the Southern Capital today (the record is 40 point something) and 34* at our house, they decide to burn off. The Labradors and all the other dogs and their human companions  were flummoxed as we had no warning. We went to The Tail-Race, where Gilly used to walk when she was a puppy.

Lots of pelicans, and when Peri had a moment off her lead, plenty of mud through which to chase the pelicans.

Peri and the smelly mud
Today the area was open again and the burn off complete. The Walking People seem to think they have done a pretty good job. I can see that the gum trees are all still alive and it is just the undergrowth that was burnt. The bush needs careful and controlled burning for some things to regenerate. The Male Walking People talked to the Ranger and found out that it was a slow burn so we could stop worrying about the slow echidna being burned.

Fire fire burn
All the dogs were very happy to be back to their normal routine: Peri, Gilly, Jet and Sandy!!

Peri, Gilly, Jet, Sandy
It's good to keep cool in all the heat and so I have been watering the lemon tree and the rhubarb and they both seem to be doing well. The lemon tree has lots of new buds and the lemons are getting bigger. The rhubarb has more leaves and longer stalks. My patented blue acrylic wool and dowel seems to be keeping it fairly safe!!

Lemon and rhubarb
Peri and Lorelai Gilmore keep cool in the pool as soon as we get home.

Two dogs in a fountain

Spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust the pattern: it's not exactly what Guy Clark meant but I should have trusted the pattern and my instincts. I cast off 246 of the 256 stitches of the scarf I am knitting and it was too narrow. Then I has to un-cast off the stitches and now I am knitting on more successfully with the second ball of shiny metallic wool. In the last three or four days I've knitted and watched all last season of new Hawaii Five-0 and I am right up to date on this season. Not sure what i'm going to watch next.

The sewing gods smiled on me and I made a new skirt. The BSODL (tm) brochure showed new Lisette patterns and material, so I bought a pattern and some material and whipped up a skirt.

Pattern, fabric, zip
It is cut on the bias and I was worried it was too short, so instead of a normal hem I used a strip of fabric as binding. I set in the zip by hand. It is ever so easy and if it holds up I might do that every time. I think I might have just got away with it. I really need to clean the verandah mirror, I didn't realise rain could fall that way.

Lisette skirt
There is a Total Fire Ban over the whole island tomorrow as we are expecting very hot weather again. There's one big fire in the South that is inaccessible at the moment, but not threatening any property or life. We're having bushfires and Queensland's having floods. One more very hot day to endure and then mid 20s and rain to come. At last.

I have read both The House of Silk and Death Comes To Pemberley. The House of Silk was OK, I guessed what the silk meant and so it was a case of enjoying the story to the end. There was a lot of buzz about this book, and it I was giving it a score, I'd say 6/10. Death Comes To Pemberley only rates 4/10. It wasn't a gripping murder mystery for me and I also strongly disagreed with PD James' ideas about the characters in P&P. She retrospectively assigned what I believe to be wildly inaccurate and inappropriate emotions, thoughts and actions to the characters. In the end, dear reader, I skimmed. For me it was a disappointing book, and it also had lots of good press. I think I should steer clear of sequels written by writers other than the original author.

It's 30* inside here at the computer and we are not planning to sleep any time soon. The Terminator is on TV and I am a sucker for that film so I'm recording it. Again!! I see more scarf knitting and Arnie in my immediate future!!



Hope it cools down for you soon. We had a warm day tonight but a nice cool breeze now, thankfully.

I was thinking about reading Death CTP but I think I shall give it a miss, I suspect you are probably right about sequels and authors.


I bought exactly the same pattern today! I'm using it as the base for chicky babes "TARDIS" dress. But I thought I'd use the skirt pattern for myself. And I picked up a bolt of fabric that I think was exactly the same as yours- but as my budget was stretched buying costume bits and pieces and there is a party to come I was a very good girl and put it back in the shelf!
Also your plum cake in the previous post looks delicious, plums are one of my favourite fruits!
Your girls look so cute in their pool!


Sorry to hear you having such horrible hot weather. I hope it disappears very quickly and that there are no irresponsible people lighting any fires.

I am glad you didn't like Death comes to Pemberley either. I started reading it but just couldn't continue. I too thought she had the characters all wrong and while it was meticulously written it seemed both boring and strange. It's rare that I don't finish a book but that one was just too disappointing.
Great skirt!!


Hopefully that is the end of the hot yucky weather for you! I think it will still be hanging around here for a bit longer though. Although, yesterday when MR and I were about to go on a picnic dinner and outdoor movie, it started to rain. Very sad.

I find it strange also how they decide what days to do burn offs on. But at least it all went well and no echidnas were harmed (hopefully)!

New skirt! Hurrah, and not even in SSS!

Jennifer Rose

I'll be back


the skirt looks nice :D haven't read either of those books, and based on your rating, probably wont :p


Lovely skirt. It must be quite unusual for such hot weather in Tasmania. At least Peri & Gilly are staying cool in that pool. Hope it cools down soon.


I'm happy the pups are back to their regular playing place. They look so happy in their pool.


im not at all interested in the Austen etc rip offs and psuedo sequeals, so im relieved to hear that one wasnt worth it. just leave a good thing alone, i think! im sure by now you have the cooler weather, it was shocking here yesterday, all that hot air being pushed up from the inland. ricco went and lay down in his green clam shell pool too! good to see the burn off went ok.


Why do you have fires like that? Is there a special reason?

Those doggies look so happy (and muddy!)

I've read some Austen spin offs and enjoyed them. They were by Stephanie Barron and were stories about Jane solving a crime.

Laurie (Moo!)

We really like the new Hawaii Five-O and I WANT A LEMON TREE!

I know the fires are necessary but it makes me sad to see any plant burned down.

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