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Sick: Happy Nights To Happy Days*

With the not-going-back-to-school occupying me I had quite forgotten that at this time last year I was in Emergency and being awfully ill. I have had reason, great reason, this week to count my blessings. To be grateful. To be happy with my lot. Life can be really, really horrid and unfair for some people, and it is being that way at the moment. There's nothing I can do, except think of them and be brave and supportive. It certainly puts things in perspective when people you love face a difficult journey.

The weather is warm again, though we have had a short, loud downpour last night. I had to rush out at 11pm and bring the washing in. I went to Leukaemia Support Group today and then I had air-conditioned lunch with TinkingBell. We catch up on a highly irregular basis and chat non-stop whilst drinking cups of tea and/or coffee and looking at new craft books. We always have a lovely time. I sewed a Cyberman drawstring bag for her. The pattern has a square base and a clever drawstring construction. I put some extra interfacing in the base and doubled the lining fabric too. I sewed the tube for the bag before I sewed it to the base, but other than that I followed the instructions and it worked really well. The fabric is from The Spoonflower and I love the red Cybus logo and used red ribbon and red sewing thread, though the lining is green!! It's Tink's red Poppy sock: serendipity!!

Cyberman bag and a sock
MrsDrWho and I had our first and only brunch for the entire school holidays on Saturday. We also went shopping and I bought The Labradors some new toys: a half price TeddyPiggy and TeddyCow. Peri likes to run about madly with the TeddyPiggy when it is time to go for a walk. She likes to tease Gilly. But Gilly loves TeddyPiggy and spends quite a lot of time lugging it about and generally having a bit of a chew.

Gilly and PiggyBunny
Gilly and the PiggyBunny 3
Peri has so enjoyed the cooler weather and is very happy to be running about and rolling in invisible smelly things: all smell, no evidence.

Peri, very happy
The grassy area is very yellow and dry. Still, there is greenery to explore under the big trees.

Which way will we go
And in the Why Oh Why??? section of my blog: A person, or persons, unknown has dug up and stolen Harki's roses from the front garden. Both of them. They didn't take Vundy or Tori's roses, as they are older and larger. Poor Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey, it is some little comfort that the roses won't survive the enforced transplantation and will die.

I am rather beihind in my Comment Answering. I like answering my Comments and it is not a chore or an onerous task. The heat is just, well, hot and bothersome but I will get there eventually..

*It is St Valentine's Day. Of late it has gained in commercial popularity, but I don't ever remember it being mentioned other that as a martyr's day at school. Still, here's a quote from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet!! It's the very last line of Act I Scene III.



I cannot believe that someone would steal Harki's rose bushes. Speechless...!


I love Spoonflower fabrics! Lovely bag. Oh, and the Gilly and Peri photos are so cute! I'd love to hug both of them. How incredible mean to dig up rose bushes, and such special ones too! :o(

It used to be just flowers, and maybe chocolates for people one loved. Now it's more for couples, and anything goes, the more expensive the better, leafing those without a sweetheart with a sad taste in the mouth. At least around here.


Happy that you are in a much healthier state than a year ago. That will help you to be supportive to your friend in need.
That's a lovely red Valentine sock!
Stealing rose bushes, and such special ones, right out of the yard- unbelievable. I hope they were really thorny ones and did some damage to the thief!


What a shockingly horrible thing for someone to do! How nasty of them. I hope they get their comeuppance.

I'm glad to hear you are much healthier. Long may you stay that way.


How awful a person would take someone's roses out of their garden. I hope karma bites them in the butt! I think it is cute how dogs love their special toys.


So glad you are better this time around.

I love the fabric of the bag

So sad to hear of Harki's roses. What a truly dreadful thing to do. Hugs


So sorry to read about Harki's roses. There are some mean people about, but thankfully, there are many more good souls about :)

I too love the fabric bag. Although I've not as yet purchased any Spoonflower fabrics, I do love their selection.

Pets with toys are always a joy!!

We're always here for you ...


very sad here too. It makes ones own sickly troubles seem very un-serious. Oh the wishing and the wanting.


I am so angry about the rose bushes I could scream. Selfish, selfish bastards! The dogs look so happy about their toys, though. Lifts my heart to see a doggy smile.


I am so sorry about the Rose bushes. Who does such a thing! Terrible.

I'm glad you had a lovely lunch and chat with Tink, I can imagine between the two of you all the words would have been used up! So nice to get together with knitting bloggy friends.

I love that the girls have soft toys to "cuddle" with!

Jennifer Rose

that is horrible that someone stole the rose! *shakes fists*

but the girls lok very cute with the stuffies :D


Oh, I know the all smell, no evidence situation all too well. It's a devil to figure out what part of the dog to wash and you end up washing the whole dog. For some reason, the dog who did this the most would do it on consecutive days.

And I can't believe someone stole those roses. Was it definitely a person? We had some of our garden stolen last year and discovered it was a groundhog who did it, even though he took things that seemed a bit too large for such a small creature.


Hope it's cooler now. It's still hot here & very humid. I can't believe that someone will want to steal roses - what do they want the plants for?


LOL, smell no evidence, yes I am familiar with that too. With regard to the person you are supporting- life does suck sometimes doesn't it. And I hope the rose theives got pricked by the thorns!
Your girls love their toys as much as pablo does. And your cyber bag reminds me I have to make a tardis dress for chicky babe's fancy dress birthday- I really should have insisted she learnt to sew!!!!


the cyberman bag is one of the coolest things I have EVER seen!! love it. so sorry about the roses and like you said they won't grow which is karma


Perspective is always a great leveller isn't it Cindy!?

Gilly is just too cute with her little TeddyPiggy...i'm so glad that Peri doesn't disappoint you & still always finds something smelly to roll in!! LOL

I was sick to my stomach reading that someone had stolen Harki's roses :( Why would someone do a thing like that.....private property is just that!! I hope you can replace them with some equally nice roses...& that the GardyGardeners can put them in for you. I'll be thinking of you.


"Why, oh why" is right! Some folks are so awful. I did read your next post and am glad to hear that you do have some wonderful folks in your life too! Of course I guessed that already from all of the lovely things you have said about them before!


That bag is so cool. I wish I could sew better. I really should get out the old sewing machine and give afew things a whirl, but where did I put that extra time I am saving up for a rainy day. hmmmmm

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