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How Sick Is That Doggy In The Window???

I Name This Day, Fiona!!

I'm sorry you'll read that again, and wonder whatever I am talking about. This afternoon I went to Petrarch's Bookshop and the lovely Fiona McIntosh:

Fiona McIntosh smiling for my photo
signed her new book, The Lavender Keeper, for me. It begins in Vichy France WW2 and tells the story of Luc, a lavender farmer, adopted into a Jewish family. I have only read three chapters, but it has already drawn me in.

Lavender Keeper
Set in France, it is no spoiler to say that the sequel will be partially set in Tasmania. Fiona was inspired by The Bridestowe Lavender Farm and if only I could transmit scent through the internet, you could smell the fragrant French Lavender Perfume she spritzed over the page after she signed. I keep opening the book and smelling the perfume. Scent is a powerful trigger for memories, and I think I will always associate lavender with Fiona now!! I have read all of her books: fantasy, children's and crime, apart from Fields of Gold. I missed that somehow.

Signing her first books for me
She is a lovely person, and listened attentively as I chatted away to her about how much I loved her books, and had read them all. She graciously signed the first three of her books I had brought along and then gave me a hug. It was so exciting to meet her. And after I have finished posting I am off to bed for a little R&R, that's rest and reading!!

Peri and Gilly had an Easter Carrot Hunt. Peri was quite happy to sit for an Easter Carrot picture, but Lorelai Gilmore thought I wanted to take her carrot away and she was off. But off slowly, as she didn't want to be too disobedient and I think she was conflicted!!

Easter Carrot Hunt
The weather has been very Autumnal: long, loud and bright electrical storms and then 1*C icy cold mornings. I knew the weather would be windy and rainy because my white Camellia is in bud, and you can guarantee as soon as it blooms the wind blows and the rain falls to make the delicate flowers brown and bedraggled.

Peri and Gilly love the cold weather and they are extremely happy and full of joy.

Happy Cold Gilly and Peri

The NextDoor Neighbours have a party every Easter and Peri spends the whole day at the fence, joining in vicariously. This year Gilly spent quite a lot of time there too. Sadly for them, the guests know that there are no treats for The Labradors, but they live in hope.

Party 2012
This week is the week when I catch up with all my friends, except MrsDrWho who is still away overseas. I have been dining out with my Knitting friends where we waxed lyrically about the wonders of turning a heel, something we still find miraculous after all these years:

Dining out
I had some yummy veal last week and some Trevalla with a tangy crunch salad yesterday. Tomorrow I am off for Grand Afternoon tea with friends I used to teach with and then again on Friday I am off to The Gorge for lunch with two friends I met when I first moved here to teach. Even though we don't see each other as often as we would like, when we do catch up it is as if we last met yesterday. I don't have a Facebook full of friends, but my friends are the loveliest I could hope for!!

We have been going to bed early as it makes me very fatigued to be social so many days of the week. On Saturday I am going to visit Toddler Lucy and Baby Zoe for afternoon tea to wish them well as they leave soon for The Mainland.

Next week I am planning on sleeping every day I think!!  At long last it's cold enough to knit, so I might spend a couple of hours sorting out the patterns for my two Half Finished Cardigans: You Only Rib Twice and Short Scene. I have two new emerald coloured tops for Winter and I must have a new emerald cardigan to wear with them. I shall have to knit like the wind!!

You Only Rib Twice and Short Scene
The Internet is conspiring against me. I wouldn't let me comment on Wordpress blogs, though I have changed my email address to one I never use and I seem to have out manoeuvred it, and now Typepad won't let some people leave a comment. Ha!! I have turned off the new Word Verification and now comments are moderated. By me. So your comment won't appear immediately.

I am sure it is not just me who finds the new Word Verification thingies terribly hard to interpret. I hope that this has ameliorated the problem. Happy commenting. I am slowly, but surely, answering my comments so I may email you soon.

Now I am tired so please excuse any errors I haven't caught......



I really do not like those new word verifications that appear as I cant read half of them. Good luck with knitting the 2 cardigans. I have just started a short sleeve one for myself that I can wear long sleeved tops underneath. So happy to hear that your dogs love carrots, what good dogs they are!


The word verification in blogger is very difficult now. I suppose that's a good thing?

How lovely to meet Fiona in person, when you have enjoyed her books so much.

It has certainly turned Into autumn here - such a cold wind, I've had to get out the winter Woollies!


Oh Fiona looks gorgeous, such a thrill for you to meet her face to face like that. I agree about those word verification thingies, so difficult to read, it often takes me two or three tries to get it all right!


I love that she used a purple pen to autograph! Very suitable and colour coordinated of her! The labs look very happy about their carrots :) Glad you are enjoying the cooler weather, ours has gone back to mid 30's again, very sad! Autumn is so short here.


I'm glad you all had a lovely Easter! We gave the dogs mango instead of carrots, and they were quite pleased.

I wonder if some of this weird compatibility stuff is related to the update of Internet Explorer. It seems that now that version 9 is out, it makes it difficult for blog comments and Facebook likes and other issues with compatibility.


You are very social. More treats for you than the Labs get from neighbours' party, perhaps?

I'm with the Labs, I prefer colder weather and I sleep better when it's cold. However these last three very chilly mornings hit without warning.

Some months ago when I had some spam on my blog, I enabled word verification. When those new horrible squiggles that I can hardly read, came in, I turned it off as an experiment. Nothing nasty as yet, but I'm keeping a watch on it. I hated those words and didn't want to subject my commenters to them. So, we'll see.

I've actually been knitting properly since it turned colder, although generally I knit all year round.


Ah, now I'm caught up with what's going on at your end. THe girls are lovely as always! It's nice to hear that this author is a lovely one. I have to see if I can find some books of her to read in the library.
I wish you a restful r&r!


That book looks great. Must check it out.

Blogger makes life very difficult to leave a reply. The words are VERY hard to work out even with new specs!

Wordpress is very contrary too


oh, you met Fiona McIntosh! You lucky thing!! I do like her books :)
Nice eats and poor neglected puppies (not) - sounds like life is full of interest and fun.


I had a little chuckle as I have an Aussie friend called Fiona. Love the idea of an Easter carrot hunt :)


Wonderful to have book recommendations, I must look out for her books.
Lovely t have the chance to meet the author and even lovelier that she is lovely!
Easter carrot hunt is so sweet, and I love the photos of vicarious partying; I expect they would gatecrash if they could - possibly literally! Our husky Chilli also shows great joy and exuberance in the cooler weather, poor love.

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