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Friday Food: Spiced Carrot and Lentil Soup

1 2 3 4: my5

Flybuys is a card with a points system that used to be for saving up your frequent flyer points. Now it has been relaunched by Coles, with Dawn French, and they implore people to choose their 5 favourite items and get 10% off.  But in some ads, and only on half their promotional material, you find that you must spend $50. It does say you save 10% on the products of your choice, but then the tiny, tiny print says you choose from their special 800 product list. The things I would like buy are not on their list. What a surprise.

I think I shall not really be 1 2 3 4 my5-ing thank you very much.

The new Knitty Surprises have been released and lots of lovely people pointed me to something very appropriate.  I am knitting it for MrsDrWho's birthday and although she doesn't read my blog all the time, I am making a clicky link so you can see what I am knitting and look at my project. I am almost at the border. It is something I could knit again, I am really enjoying it.

Short scene sleeve 1
The Short Scene sleeve Mark III has been very successful and I think I might just knit another. Two sleeves in a cardigan are better than one. Just one last sleeve to go, sewing the sleeves into the body and grafting the back of the neck and it is done. Hurray.

Lorelai Gilmore has been well. She has appreciated all the lovely comments and well wishes. The drugs are excellent and she has been as good as new. We finished the drugs today and so now it is a waiting game to see how she goes. My poor baby. She has loved being able to go for a walk again. She's most obedient and hops in the car when she is called. Peri doesn't always come straight away though:

Gilly looks for peri
But when she does, she zooms!!! (Courtesy of PicMonkey, a good Picnik replacement and they will soon have collages. Thank goodness)

Peri zooms
And then they both stand there, good as gold, ready for a treat.

Gilly and Peri in the car
Mohairmama  set up the Fingers and Toes display at The Craft and Quilt Fair. I went along to give some moral, and a little bit of actual, support. We had to leave A4 size spaces fr a piece of paper with a torso, arms and legs, but when MrsDrWho and I went along on Saturday, the paper wasn't there.  That's why the spacing is a little weird. People were voting for their favourite items.

Fingers and toes

We loved looking at all the quilts. I have decided I like the actual patchwork part and not so much the painted on fabric or just quilting on a plain-ish background. I bought a silicone thimble, some Labrador fabric and some 2ply Fern coloured mohair for a scarf (Dairing) Mr 'Dairing' was glad to talk to someone who knew about 'fibre'!! I was quite amused, I think a lot of scrapbooking people were asking him a lot of unanswerable questions. The Labrador fabric had a happy panting Peri, a little Gilly and I think a lovely Harki as well. MrsDrWho and I bought a Christmas embroidery pattern and she also acquired a rainbow jelly roll!! We had a cup of tea half way through our two hours, but I had to sleep for three hours when I came home and I had a tired-and-I-can't-sleep headache later on.I think I still need a little more recovery time.....

Craft fair
MrsDrWho lent me her second best iPad when she went away and I was not very good at anything apart for the Find the Hidden Object game and the Rise of Atlantis, which is like a big game of Connect 4 really. It eats up time. I would play a whole level and an hour or more would just disappear. The iPad has gone back home and I am sure it will have a much more varied and happy life!!

MrsDrWho and her sister chose some tea for me and she brought it back from her holiday. I have tea from Raffles and tea from the special tea company TWG. I have tried the peppermint, ginger and chamomile and tomorrow at morning tea we will try a new one. I also have the whole tea menu, with an authentic tea smudge, but it it too dark to take another photo now. There are at least twelve kinds of Earl Grey teas!!!

Tea from Singapore
Everything is so beautifully presented. I have some more presents to show next time. I am so lucky!!!

Weekend shanghai
Today Me-Made-May begins. I have really enjoyed all the Me-Made Marches and Self-Stitched Septembers, but May is just long sleeved t-shirt tops, a cardigan and jean month. Not very exciting really and nothing I can sew or knit in time. So, I recall a comment suggesting I should sew something this month instead. Maybe I will even finish my cardigan? So I shall try to under promise and over deliver!!!

Heston's roast potatoes
Heston's roast potatoes
?? Absolutely delicious: crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the centre. I made these again the next night. The new Family Circle Winter magazine is out and I am swooning over the recipes. I can't wait to make something for Friday Food this week!!



Mmmmm roast potatoes! Your blog always makes me so hungry!

What a good idea to have people vote for their favourite item on the display - that would be fascinating to find out what the general public think of our knitting! You never know, one-armed cardigans might be popular!

I have met Mr Dairing, he is very nice!

I have started shopping at the other supermarket (starts with W). I shan't be 12345ing either.


When I saw the thing you are knitting for Mrs. DrWHO I thought of you! :o)
Love the photos of the girls in the car. I don't remember what's ailing Gilly?! I hope she'll be all better soon.


such lovely doggie manners those girls have :)
those potatos look like they could be lifted off the page and eaten right now ! I read through the recipe but it seemed to be quite long-winded - don't know that I'll try it !
12345 hasn't got me either and I'm getting sick of seeing Dawn on tele all the time (never thought I'd say that)!!


Rosered, they will ask you , "Do you have a rewards card?" every time you shop. I'm fed up with both varieties of Colesworths. We have a huge IGA up the road from me but they don't do online ordering and I can't carry.

I cut my 12345 cards up. I do not want them giving me infinitesimal discounts so that they can track my spending habits to their own advantage and then on-sell that data to others. I saw someone complaining that an email asked why he hadn't bought catfood. He should consider their brand. And lots of other SPAM too. So much for "we value your privacy."

I first thought I'd been disregarded and I was down cast that I couldn't just ignore them. However card turned up two days ago.

I'm planning on roast potatoes tonight. Yesterday's delivery had large potatoes in it. Last couple have had ultra small new ones which were lovely, but big roast potatoes will be good too.


One good thing about IGA is their community chest programme. I go to a church in Enmore. Big daily programme for meals for street people, think Newtown. There's a tiny IGA near the church which is crammed with different products and usually has at least four people restocking shelves all day as it's very busy.

The community chest registers when certain items are scanned and total is kept by IGA. At the end of the year, each store distributes their part of that to local charities. The church was given $5000 to help in their meals. Quite out of the blue, totally unexpected and very welcome. Feeding hundreds weekly takes money and people.

I've moved but used to make a habit of shopping there. Much better idea than using data from customers.


Mmm the Coles ads annoy me immensely I love Dawn French but on these ads she is truly annoying.

I'm glad Gilly is doing well.

All that tea looks divine.

Jennifer Rose

zooom! love that shot :D

all of those cards always have small print with them, hardly makes it worth having them


Love the lace pattern on the sleeve. Looks like you have been busy knitting. I am also not happy with MY5 as after I made the selection, I read the fine print & found the $50 minimum spend. That's not good.


i saw the Dr Who shawl and confess you were one of the first people I thought of! Wonder why that is....?


Oh no! I've just happened to print out the pattern for the object you are knitting MrsDrWho as I was sorting through the stash last night and the perfect colour jumped out at me.

I'm so glad to hear that Gilly is feeling much better.

There is nothing like a good roast potato, is there?


I am so glad the short sleeve scene mark III sleeve knitted up well enough for you to consider knitting another one. It will save you some very odd looks when you wear it about!

Lots of goodies from the craft and quilt fair! I am planning on going for the first time this year in a few weeks time, looking forward to it.

Curlypops is doing a Skirt-sew-along for Me Made May, just one skirt is all that is needed! I've joined in. You can sew whatever skirt you want too which is way better in my opinion

That is such good news that Gilly seems to be going okay after her drugs! And also, thank you for the tip about a potential new picnik!


I love that picture of Peri running, you can really se the movement.

I'll definitely be trying those baked potatoes. Mine never brown!

MrsDrWho is going to have a lovely birthday :)


how busy you have been! love the labrador fabric, and yes i find cardigans generally work best with two arms. im doing the aussie farmers direct home delivery and hardly ever have to go to a supermarket now, its blissful. bastards. kisses on the nose for such lovely well behaved girls!


I really love that picture of Peri. Thanks for the link to PicMonkey. I'm going to have to try that with some of my photos.

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