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By George, I Think I've Got It!!!

And by it I mean a dress that pretty much fits and looks nice when I wear it!! I saw Michelle from Buttontree Lane sew the Simplicity Amazing Fit 2247 dress and I thought I might give it a go too: patterns were half price, and the material only cost $14. I like the material because it looks, to me, a little WWII and suits the pattern.

I overestimated my size again, though I think the instructions are misleading. I think you should cut for your high and not full bust size. Still, I did sew the dress up first with the seams on the outside so I could more easily adjust and fit them myself.

There are still a few things I'd like to fix: the puffy sleeves (though MrsDrWho likes them, is she just messing with me??), the front bodice needs to be taken up about 2cm at the shoulders. I always have forward shoulder seams and as I am definitely going to be sewing this dress again I want to add 2 or 3 cm to the front shoulder seam and take it away from the back seam.

I inserted a zip by hand again, but really this dress doesn't need one, I can easily get it on and off without one. I enjoy hand picking the zip, and it is much easier than using the zipper foot on my machine, which isn't terribly helpful.

On the whole, I am very pleased: I had my nice beaded sandals to match and my new Short Scene cardigan matched perfectly too. And off I went to Afternoon Tea with my knitting friends!!!

Amazing fit 2247
I did have not-a-very-good go at cleaning the mirror, and of course my lovely Labrador assistants assisted me!!!

I've been lucky enough to win two prizes of late. MrsDrWho and I went to a Trivia Night with some of her colleagues and we won!! It's a nice bottle of wine and some Lindt chocolate. I already have several nice bottles of wine I received as Christmas presents that haven't been opened and I can't eat the chocolate so MrsDrWho has two prizes!!!


I didn't know I had entered Cyndi's competition, but I left a comment won a prize!! She sent me some really interesting Kanzashi flower makers. Reading the back of the packet I know it is a traditional Japanese fabric folding art, but I think of them as a kind of flowery Suffolk Puff makers. I am looking forward to be-flowering quite a few things!! She also sent some beautiful fabric, and every piece of the set has green in it, and some cuter than cute tiny 2 1/2 inch charm square packs!!

A prize

Noah the dog and Wilson the cat sent Peri and Gilly some dog biscuits. They were so very kind as to send vegetable biscuits so that they can have one almost every day and not worry about F A T.

Labrador treats
Peri has been eating her breakfast and dinner at a higher level than Gilly. She's very clever to balance and eat quickly at the same time!!

Peri dines on the step
Lorelai Gilmore has rediscovered an old toy and so there has been a big gumboot clomping about inside, and out!! She is experiencing gumboot bliss!!!

Gilly and her gumboot
And after giving in and finally fixing the cuff of my mittens, I found the rest of the ball I had carefully put away, and so I unravelled the cuff for a third time and now it is finished. Except the mittens are so grubby after our walk. I can't believe how grubby they are!! It's been dull and rainy today so no chance for washing and drying them before tomorrow. I'll wash them tomorrow and they will have until Thursday to dry.

Grubby mark II mitten cuff fix

I am hoping nothing very much happens this week because MrsValley and I are driving of the city a little for lunch on Friday. I want to rest up and prepare. In saying that, I've had series 2 of Sherlock here since before MrsDrWho went away to Singapore. We think we'll rest Due South and watch some Sherlock one night this week. Maybe I'll sew some more cute hexagons for April's Craftsy blocks and maybe we'll sew May's blocks before June!!!



what a pretty dress ! love those gumboot capers :)


It is a very vintage style dress, just lovely!

I love Gilly's Gumboot Gambolls! What a lovely funny girl she is!


I love your dress, and it matches your cardigan perfectly. Glad you found the yarn to finish your mitts. Oh what lucky doggies they are to receive such special nibbles too. Love the gumboot pic!


How wonderful the dress looks on you. Just the perfect length and everything looks comfortable too. I love to watch the dogs when they play with their favorite toys, like Gilly does here with the boot. :o)


I really can't see the shoulder seams well enough to judge them, but I think the dress looks great - including the sleeves! You've got a good eye for your favorite shade of green. I bet I could shop for a week and if I did not have a sample with me, I'd never match two pieces!! And aren't Cyndi, Noah, and Wilson just the sweetest! I bet the Labradors think so!!


I love your dress! It looks fabulous on you, teamed of course with your Short Scene Cardi - what a perfect match.
Great surprise winning two prizes - congrats!
Enjoy lunch in the city on Friday, hope it's a lovely sunny day.


The dress is adorable and I really like the puffy sleeves! Peri is so funny eating on her pedestal, as is Gilly with her gumboot.


You look fabulous in the dress & the cardigan matches perfectly. It's just so great that you can whip up a dress & don't have to hunt the shops for one.


The dress looks fantastic on you! I think the puffy sleeves suit the style of the dress too so I don't think MrsDrWho is tricking you.

I love the photo of Gilly with her gumboot, look at those happy eyes and that jaunty step! I hope they have not been scaring you in the night with gumboot clompings!!


I love your dress!!!


At the risk of being a little bit spoilerish - Series 2 of Sherlock is absolutely fabulous! You must watch it as soon as you can :-)

Great dress!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new dress such a fabulous pattern and it looks so lovely on you and fab with your cardi. I am loving this cold rainy weather are you? except for trying to dry washing of course xx


I love your dress! It looks fabulous.

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