Friday Food: Ricotta Stuffed Pasta Shells
Friday Food: Kingston Biscuits

I Don't Care If You Are Called The Rare Miss Frigidaire.

'Cause you're sensational. Yesterday I defrosted the freezer. I don't like this job, and I put it off. The freezer was mainly filled with a bag of ice and things in ziplock bags. I don't know what some of them were or how long they had been there. I saved the raspberries for a cake I made today. Other than that everything else went.

This icy place
Peri and Gilly thought the bag of ice ice-cubes was the best thing since sliced bread. It kept them amused for ages. PicMonkey has added a collage tool. I haven't quite mastered it yet, but I am feeling very happy to have a selection of collage options again.

Icy pups

On Friday MrsValley and I went to the Greek Restaurant further up the river. The day was reasonably OK when we started out. We had Arni Yarni Lamb pot pie, Pumpkin and Feta tart and then semolina custard tart with lemon syrup. We spent almost three hours catching up and having a good chat. The pictures are poor, I think the lens was fogged up. Everything was absolutely delicious.

The weather was not. It started raining as we left and there was a huge downpour that lasted for more than a day. There were roadworks and gravel and it was all a little scary. I drove at 60kph but there were people who wanted to do the 100kph speed limit. The council hasn't cleared the drains of Autumn leaves around our suburb, so there were deep puddles across the roads. There were minor floods: a hospital, roads near MrsDrWho's school and in the south of the city. It stopped raining last night and we have some sunshine today.

MrsValley bought The Labradors a lovely treat. Blackmores have a pet division now and she chose some special kangaroo treats. They are perfect for Peri and Gilly: low in fat, easy to break into small pieces and according to them, the Best Treats Ever!! Picture from the Blackmores' site, and we have the Labrador packet of course!!!

I sewed a goanna bag and I am working on my next felt project. Semi-secretly.

I've also been wearing my beret, trying it out to see if I like it around the house before it debuts in public!!

Wearing my beret
All my Library book Christmases came at once and I sat on the couch reading while the rain poured down endlessly. I couldn't read all of I am David because of the sad part at the almost end. I read either side of the sad part. Rose Levy's book has some wonderful and unusual cakes and I want to bake quite a few. It's hard to find a new series of books to read. I listened to Radio National when they had their broadcast from the Sydney Writers Festival and jotted down a few names. I always scan the book section of Saturday's paper. I use the 'recently added' button (well, you organise by most recent date) on The Library site and keep an eye on authors I already follow. I long to find authors I haven't read who have a long book list for me to enjoy!!

I have new dog walking shoes. The shop says they were $60, but they were on super sale for $10. I think the khaki and pink colour scheme may have put some people off. I'm deciding which shoe laces work best.

Walk a mile in my shoes
My aqua shoes with a velcro closure stopped staying closed. They weren't cheap shoes and I was a bit cross. The lady at the shop where I bought them told me that the shoe repair man could replace the velcro. He did, it's black not white, but you can't see it and it only cost $18. An excellent price and I have a 'new' pair of Winter shoes now!!

Zoe and her family are on The Mainland now and Zoe will be having her bone marrow transplant tomorrow. There's a long hard road ahead for them all. Lucy has not been well, her health is deteriorating. I keep them in my thoughts.  One of Uncle and Auntie Dutch's dog died last week. Tommy was a lovely boy, a boy's boy, and he could be a bit of a grump too. He was fourteen which is a good age.  Poppy, the other dog, seems to be coping by herself.

Later on this week I am going to The Hospital to participate in a session with the doctors in training. I'm going to talk to them about my illness, let them do some observations and then answer any questions they have. I'm not sure how it will go, but they are sending me taxi vouchers so I don't have to worry about looking for a parking space. I'm very happy about that!!



I do like your beret

Funny how dogs like ice

Your meal out looks divine.


What a varied post today, Cindy. How sad for little Lucy and her family. A hard road ahead for them all, I think, but hope for her sister.

You sound as if you had rain like some of ours up here. May, for a change has been basically dry, although it rraned all night one night last week.

You've given me an idea for a picture. My freezer. It has a large box of chicken souvlaki belonging to my son and DIL. After they left here on Mother's Day, they were going somewhere else and didn't want to take what we hadn't used.

I've just about cleaned the freezer out. It fills up with leftovers and then I have to make an effort to use them However, I made a loaf of bread yesterday and will slice some off and freeze it. far too much for me to eat quickly and the slices are big. I keep frozen raspberries for going on my muesli. A kilo pack, Nannas brand, just under $10, lasts a long time.

Those iceblock photos are very funny!


I hope all goes well for Zoe and that things start to look up for Lucy.

Great work on the shoe bargains! I like the White laces - old skool (so to speak!).

Your lunch looks and sounds delicious! Yum!

Fortunately I don't have to defrost my fridge, but I do have to clean it out, to get rid of goodness knows what (I can never remember what I've got in there!), so it usually ends up bare, like yours!


such simple pleasures for the girls - lovely icecubes - brrrr !! I do like the green beret - definitely safe to wear out - go for it :) try this book 'The Briny Cafe' by Susan Duncan (previous editor Womans Day) - a very good writer and an entertaining and easy read - highly recommended ... fingers and toes crossed for little Zoe - hope all goes well x


I hope all goes well with the hospital visit. It seems this is the year for older dogs to go to heaven, as we have heard of a few lately besides ours. I dont like cleaning the freezer very much either but I think ours can wait until Spring when it is a bit milder. We had quite a bit of rain 2 nights ago but nothing really since then, even though the wind wont dry the clothes completely in this weather as they still feel damp. I do hope all goes well for Zoe with her transplant. It must be very stressful for the family.


Lots going on in your world.


oh see what happens when you are sick for a week, people go and write many blog posts about yummy food and gorgeous berets (i can almost snap you on that one) and doggy adventures! i like your attitude to freezer cleaning. i see some of this in my very near future as well kxx


What an eventful week for you all. the dogs certainly look like they enjoyed their treat! Thinking good thoughts for Zoe and Lucy and their family. Such a hard road for them all.


Healthy, healing wishes for Zoe, and may a donor come through for Lucy too.

I'm so glad I have a self-defrosting freezer- I don't miss those days.

The beret looks cute, and what lucky bargains with new shoes and shoe repair.

I am always taken aback when you mention kangaroo treats for dogs!


The beret looks excellent, definitely public wearing worthy! My doctors asked me if they could put me on the list for the doctor in training session too but I haven't had acall yet. Hopefully you enjoy it, free taxi voucher is nice!

My thoughts are with Zoe and Lucy's family. I hope the transplant goes well!


I love the beret and the new dog walking shoes!

I'm sure the labs would have loved to inspect more of the freezer contents. Most of my labs have loved ice cubes when they were puppies and then gotten bored with them as they got older. Try putting a few cubes in their water dish some day (outside is best for this) to see what they do - the results could be quite hilarious.


That Greek meal looks delicious & I think you are ready to appear in public with the beret. Great that it's raining in Tasmania as we have a few drops a few weeks ago & nothing so far.

Jennifer Rose

I hate defrosting the fridge, always floods the kitchen :p

I love the green beret! :D


Lovely beret. I really like seeing the labs with the ice cubes - that must have been lots of fun to watch :)

I hope all goes well at the hospital. I'm sure you'll be great.


I love the girls with the ice funny!

Your beret is lovely....such a nice green :)

I'm keeping Zoe & her family in my thoughts.

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