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Friday Food: Creamy Mushroom Soup

A Torch Of Class

As The Ar-lympics approach, for that is how the word is said according to most television and radio announcers, I feel that the Spirit of the Games has been well and truly lost. I don't think I am very excited at all. There's the Nick D'Arcy fiasco, the USOC's Ravelry Ravelympic meltdown, and I believe in the UK cushions have cased a similar furore. More and more, it seems to me,  The Olympics are about the advertising sponsors and profit. I think The Spirit is now weak.

Here in Australia, we only really ever see a sport broadcast when an Australian competitor may win a medal. And heaven forfend if we don't surpass our last medal tally. There's even a programme on the ABC extolling our place as a Sporting Nation. If you do not love sport, you are not an Australian. Apparently.

I hated sport at school. I could not bear all the running, for that is what we mainly did: run, and play netball very, very poorly. Luckily my dad wrote a letter and in Matric I was excused from Sport and allowed to go home on Wednesdays at lunch time, because I had three ballet lessons a week. I was excused from playing netball, or hockey, poorly. I did study at home, it was a handy four hours of homework time!!!

In good news, I ordered my mum a CD set on-line from JBHiFi. When it arrived it was damaged as it was just sent in a thin envelope. Within an hour of emailing them, Craig JBHiFi had arranged for a new and better protected CD set to be sent, along with a prepaid post bag so I could send the damaged CDs back. Well done, I didn't even need to start being cross.

Good service
And in Gardening Gloves news, the mittens are complete, and have been delivered and have been worn. I had a little test run.

Gardening Gloves 2012

I needed mittens because it was -4*C one night. That's so cold that the water in my rain gauge made a thick ice plug at the top. There was ice everywhere and Gilly's bucket of water outside the back door was frozen over too.

Wintry day

Peri loves to run on cold and frosty mornings. She looks very athletic!!!

Peri is athletic
She also likes to sneak up on me while I am trying to organise the camera to take her photo: Boo!!

Peri says boo
I worry I am not feeding Peri and Gilly enough food in Winter. See?? They haunt me when I am in the kitchen and they are not in the kitchen.

Labradors in reverse gaol
Gilly likes to remedy the problem and this week she stole a pear and some celery from the vegetable box.

Gilly loves celery

She knew she'd been wicked and was very worried I would take her celery away. Poor Miss Lorelai!!

Gilly's celery dilemma
Toddler Lucy has turned 3 and I made her some Bunting to wrap around her bubble pram. She has a plastic cover to keep the cold and germs out. I did look at some bunting tutorials , but as I supposed, you sew two triangles together along the sides and then turn right sides out and join together with binding. I appliqued Lucy's name onto one side and some butterflies on the other. Poor Baby Zoe is not doing very well, so we are thinking positive thoughts for her.

Pram Bunting
I popped into the Comfort Display in town and saw lots of beautiful knitting and weaving and felting. I saw a shawl knitted by BishopStone (I think) and they had wool and needles so visitors could knit a few rows. I didn't as I only had 40 cents for the parking meter and that's not many minutes!!

We have a mouse. I am consoling myself with the fact that it is a mouse. I can hear it rustling in the walls. Our house is reasonably old, about eighty-five years old, and so it has cracks and places where the lathe and plaster is broken. The one mouse can fit through such tiny spaces. It makes The Labradors run about and bark when they hear the rustling and I shiver and think how yucky it is. I am going to try one of the electronic Mouse Scarers. MrsDrWho has one and says it works quite well.

The weather has been very wet and we walked in the rain this morning and this afternoon we sat in the lounge room. I knitted and caught up with some very old TV  shows on the DVR and Peri and Gilly napped. We are on the upward run now: they days are getting longer, slowly but surely.



Peri looks as if she has just done the Olympic high jump!

I'm not fussed about the games at all. I may watch some but not much. Little Sweetpea, DIL's Abyssinian cat eats more from the automatic feeder when it's cold. She does however pace herself and doesn't seem to overeat. Not like Labs. Most of those that I have known have been greedy guts.

We're in for more cold nights this week up here, but not as cold as yours have been.


Just an idea but I don't know if it would suit your house. Stuff holes with steel wool. You can buy a large hank, almost like a skein of wool, fairly cheaply from Bunnings or similar. If there is a bigger space where the girls won't get at it, a foil tray bout 50/50 cement powder and flour is a surefire remedy for mice. Lots of country people use it. JUst get a small bag of cement but it would definitely need to be where the dogs can't get it.


I do so agree with you about the Olympics. Even though I was good at sports like swimming, netball and softball, my interest was less than nil, and with the recent news stories of a certain ex-swimmer, it has dropped even lower. They are not my heroes. And every time I hear someone say they've won a medal for Australia, I just want to scream !! They didn't win it for me, it contributes nothing to my life, therefore they did not win it for Australia, just themselves and it will be them who makes money from it, not me. Grrr. Enough whinging!
Thank goodness I've got a good selection of books and dvds to work my way through, so I will enjoy spending time with them instead of the Games on tv.
I love your mittens, they look so cosy.


love the bunting - very pretty, hope it cheers those sweet little girls...maybe you should give the 'furry girls' some barley soup to fill up their tummies, we all feel a little bit hungrier when its chilly ! :)


I do agree with you regarding the Olympics/Ravelympics : a very sad state of affairs.
I watched the Tour de France last night and have fingers crossed that Cadel Evans will do well. He seems like a good guy, so I wish him well again this year.
So good to read JBHiFi have been professional and taken care of you. People do the strangest things when shipping items. I've had items shipped from overseas that should have been boxed and simply been placed in an envelope. Always a problem negotiating a replacement.
The mittens are a great idea for any gardener, good length too.


Nice mittens. I had to wear mine too when I go to the Farmers' market every Saturday. I don't like sports too & hated it when I had to participate in school.

Jennifer Rose

I hated gym in school, i am not a sporty type person :/

would one of those noise things not bug the girls ears?


The Olympics are great in theory, but the Olympic Committee has lost the intended spirit. I am rooting for Elizabeth Beisl, a swimmer who is from RI. Being without TV, we'll follow her progress in the paper or online.
The gloves look just right for chilly garden tasks.
Adding my positive thoughts for Zoe and 3-year-old Lucy.


I'm not mad about sport either although the little kids at school get so enthusiastic about the Olympics I can't help but become interested too.

Your fingerless mitts look gorgeous! I love the blue.

I've never heard of mouse scarers. I wonder if they'd work on the rat who eats my tomatoes every summer?

Pats to Peri and Gilly please. Keep warm!


I just want to give the pups a big kiss! They are so cute!!

I like your gloves - why are they not green??


I am not sporty at all, but I do live watching (some) sports - including the Olympics - although I totally agree there is not much Spirit left, which does make me sad.

Lucy's bunting is lovely, sending lots of warm, strong thoughts to Lucy and Zoe and all who live them.


Whoops, "love" not "live"! I don't live to watch sports! Except maybe the Tour de France!

Dette k

I hate the whole if you're Australian you love sport thing! And it leaves little room for anything else. In other parts of the world they enjoy their sport but also value the arts. I think that is why I felt so at home in Europe!
I wonder if that mouse deterer will upset the girls, but tim ( who works at bunnings) doesn't think they do. Good luck shooing it away!


I'd not heard of the cushion thing for the Olympics. Sounds like a good thing!

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