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And She Swam And She Swam All Over The Dam

School holidays are always very enjoyable and I catch up with my friends, but the socialising wears me out. Then I  look forward to everyone going back to school so I can have a rest!!! June is also a month of 'days' thus far:

  • Mabo Day on the 3rd
  • Tiananmen Uprising on the 4th
  • D Day on the 6th
  • At last the Chamberlain case  legally put to rights on the 12th
  • It's 110 years since women in Australia were granted the right to vote and be elected to Parliament. I watched Utopia Girls on the 14th. I felt enfranchised and slightly sad that it took the 1967 referendum before Indigenous Australians were given the same rights.

Today I did something I don't usually do - I spoke up when a woman pushed in front of me in the supermarket queue. I had especially asked the butcher to find me some lean pork mince to make sausage rolls for morning tea tomorrow, I had ten packets of seaweed rice crackers for The Labradors and I was tired from all the walking up and down the aisles. So I girded my loins and said politely that I was next and then the woman behind me said that yes, we were definitely next. With medium grace the push in-erer said she hadn't seen me. Dear Reader, I am not a sylph-like translucent wraith. Eyes do not pass easily over or through me. They whisked the lady away to another checkout. I think she still beat me out the shop though. It is hard to throw off the shackles of politeness and be proactive on one's own behalf.

On Saturday Peri decided she was going for a swim. She ran down the track and waited at the last bend. When she saw me coming she took that for a 'Yes' and by the time Gilly and I reached the bottom she was already swimming. She swam/climbed right through that tree and I was ready to wade in and help her if necessary.Gilly just likes to supervise.

Peri swims, Gilly runs interference
Peri fetched quite a few sticks. She is a perfect retriever.

Peri loves to fetch
They love the water, even in Winter and we start Winter on the 1st June here. You can see the fog which is quite dense. Fog in the morning usually means a sunny day, but it is very cold: in the low single digits Celsius. I love Winter too, there's nothing nicer than a crisp icy cold morning. In the middle of the day the Sun streams in the lounge room windows and we all soak up the rays.

Peri and Gilly all wet in winter
We have been having a wet week, and Gilly really loves to be dry and then go out in the rain and come back inside and be dried with the special towel. Then she goes outside into the rain again. Repeat endlessly!!!

It's MrsDrWho's birthday and whenever there is a birthday, or Christmas, I have a little meltdown. I don't know why. Maybe its the excitement and the deadline? I did give her the Kaled Armies and so I can put a proper picture here. I've been inspired and I am making myself a pair of 8 ply Dalek Foot Soldier socks, for the cold Winter evenings. I plan to make some black and green stripes as I near the toes.

Kaled Armies Dalek foot soldier one

We have almost paid all of Lorelai Gilmore's vet bill. Just one more fortnight of being poor and then it is all paid. Gilly has been well, and Peri too, so I expect something will happen again soon. It seems to be the way of things.

Tomorrow, aside from making sausage rolls at 8am, my job is to locate my cowl, mittens and beret. I have put them somewhere together and for the life of me I can't find them. I found my mobile phone charger, under a magazine on the microwave. Now I have two!!  I hold high hopes I will be thoroughly encased in knitted items again on Thursday's walk.



Huzzah ( edited to add), good on you for speaking up at the checkout. I don't very often say anything in those circumstances either, I'm not sure why.

I do hope you find your winter Woollies, I don't know how you can go out with the pups in low single digit temperatures without them! I have been proud of myself for turning the heater off once the sun comes in the windows here and it is more likely the high teen temperatures!


(sorry about the rogue "H" there!)


You know, I do believe that Gilly and my Frank are related. Frank just loves to get a bath - but not because he loves the water. In fact, he REALLY hates to get his feet wet! No, it's the toweling off after that goes on and on and on that he enjoys! In fact, I think little galoshes, a sprinkler system, and a new fluffy towel would be heaven to Frank!

And good for you standing up to the cutter-iner at the the store. Too bad she got taken to an even faster line!!!

Jennifer Rose

good for you about sitcking up for yourself when you were inline. when we were at the airport, there was a huge line, over 2 hour wait and this lady thought she could just enter the line where ever she wanted. she was about 10 people ahead of me and I yelled at her to get to the back, if everyone else has to wait, so do you. she got all pissy and huffy at me, but i didnt back down. just because you act all posh doesn't make you better than anyone else in the line. starting calling me a rude canadian and swearing at me :p could have called her some English insult if I had of known any at the time :p


those girls are very brave going anywwhere near the water on these cold days - brrrr !!! its easy to see they do love it though :) good on you for speaking up - those queue-jumpers certainly do test the bounds of politeness at times and could do with a reminder now and again !! love the socks - cosy and fun :)


We are having 35C today, with humidity they say it feels like more then 40C. Thank God for the pool. Me, and the dogs have been enjoying swimming. I have to be careful, because Denny wants to rescue me, and Happy thinks I'm an island. :o) Maggie was swimming beside me, not so sure of herself, but enjoying the water immensely. There's a lot of toweling off dogs right now. :o)
The mittens are lovely, and the Dalek socks are funny. :o)And the girls are cute.


Peri is a swimming Superdog!
So glad you spoke up at the store. The older I get the more confident I've become in doing such things- in a diplomatic way, I hope.


Lovely handknits for MrsDrWho. Good on you for speaking up. I have the same problem & always get pushed aside. Once a guy beside me, spoke up for me.

Michelle Lee

Hey Cindy,

You're so brave on speaking up. Sometimes I think I'm too soft and people tends to push around us or take advantage of us. Oh well. Life's like that :)

Btw....i luuuuuuurve sausage rolls!!! Now you make me feel like having one!!!!


good for you, standing up (politely) for yourself - I tend to mutter under my breath, which is of course, most ineffective and silly.

the armies are fabulous too - bet she loved them!


I watched Utopia Girls too. They said we were the first country to give women the vote ~ I thought it was New Zealand. (I'll have a look on Wikipedia.) As an eighteen year old I remember going to a land rights rally in the Perth Town Hall(about a dispute in the north west in an area called Noonkanbah.) It was before the Mabo decision so the indigenous people's rights were completely discounted. We've come a long way, haven't we?

Hooray for you for being assertive in line!

I love your socks. (I'm learning how to knit socks too ~ I am up to the gusset and I'm so happy!)

Pats to your beautiful water babies.

Dette k

Love the kaled armies - I wonder if I could make some in crochet? Peri is very brave to get into that very cold water. Pablo isn't keen to go out in a shower of rain !


Well done for speaking out. People can be so rude at times.

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