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Friday Food: Choc Chip Brownies

(A)Tack The Block

Actually there's very little tacking in the Craftsy Block of the Month Quilt. The only tacking thus far has been the paper pieced hexagons and I am in secondary love with them. I am in primary love with the Greek Cross. Admittedly I made the executive decision that we wouldn't do the half triangle corners, but still, it's quick and wonderful. The Octagon was almost as quick and cute and then MrsDrWho and I sewed our respective hexagons to a block. So we made three blocks today!!!

2paw 3 more Mdw 3 more
We also 'fixed' two blocks. How wide is a scant?? It's a bit vague for me and so some seams weren't a scant enough quarter of an inch. Neither were MrsDrWho's. We added a border to our respective squares.

We fixed that

We have seven completed squares each, I have my strip of hexagons ready to sew on and we plan to make two more squares, which need no measuring at all, later this week. Eight out of ten is not a bad total for the year.


I've also completed some more Secret Knitting. If you click here (and MrsDrWho please do not) you can see what I made!!

Peri and Lorelai Gilmore have really been enjoying the Winter Sun.

Peri sleepy in the sun
In the mornings it is very cold and there is so much ice on the car that I have to tip two or three litres of warm water over the windows. The Labradors love the frosty grass at the dam and when we get home Gilly has a dip in the paddle pool. Then she likes to stalk imaginary things. I'm not sure what she's looking for, but it's a big job and takes a long time.

Gilly up high
MrsDrWho and I are watching Sherlock. I bought the DVD set so we are not subjected to advertisements on TV. It's pretty fabulous. Often, we guess whodunnit and/or why!!

Tomorrow it's Leukaemia Support Group and a doctor's appointment. I'm not planning on doing anything else, just walking Peri and Gilly.



Your Craftsy blocks are beautiful. You have been working hard.

Peri and Lorelai Gilmore look very happy in their sunny spots.

It's great to watch a series without ads - enjoy.

Jennifer Rose

she is looking for ninjas, doesn't want them sneaking up on someone :p


Love your blocks, particularly the black and white variations.

Laughed at Gilly. She almost looks as if concentrating so hard has sent her cross-eyed.


oh i love that sherlock. such a great show. and so many lovely fabrics! i wish i was lying out the in the sun with the girls.


Love the blocks! I particularly like the black and white hexagons.


i'm loving your blocks! You're right though - how wide is scant? I really thought blocks were supposed to be rigidly precise!! Anyway, they look really lovely.

As do those sunny warm dogs!


I love seeing the same blocks done in different fabrics. Very cool. As is your secret knitting!


Oh my goodness, Gilly and Peri are so.very.cute. And the sun - I'm very jealous. I has been horrible here in Melbourne.
All the blocks are lovely. I think my favourites are the black and white blocks - they are particularly striking.


Lovely sqaures. I have been seeing a lot of quilting going on in Calico & Ivy as I teach in the shop twice a week & really amaze at the work being done. My girls will love those Choc Chips cookies but I am just too tired to do any baking.

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