Friday Food: Kingston Biscuits
The Re-Charge Of The Light Brigade

Lucy, You Got Some 'Spleenin' To Do!!!

Here's a tip: if you have a dodgy spleen, and it's rare to have a dodgy spleen, don't let eight people poke, prod and palpate it. For the next few days your spleen will be awfully sore and you will not be able to get comfortable.

I felt that it was a very valuable thing to talk to the doctors-in-training. I was able to tell them about my physical symptoms and the way it affects my health, but also how being chronically ill affects all aspects of my life. I didn't know any of the young people, though one young woman remembered I was teaching a Gr 5/6 when she was in an infant class. I didn't remember her at all so that was fine.

I especially enjoyed the Cab voucher so I didn't have to find a parking space and I know the Assistant Professor in charge of the teaching part of the hospital and we compared dog photos!! I am quite exhausted though. I've been doing lots of extra sleeping and this morning it was 9am when Peri and Gilly finally started actively waking me up. They were starving. I know I am tired because I've wound up my mobile charger and put it somewhere and I can't find it and for a brief moment I wanted to cry. I am sure it will turn up, or the op shops might have one. Or MrsDrWho. As soon as I do something about it, I'll find it.

Look, Monte Carlos:

Monte carlos

Knitting: here are the re-jigged sleeves for my You Only Rib Twice cardigan. I'm using the sleeve pattern I wrote for my Short Scene sleeves. I think that should work.

Where does Napoleon keep his armies
The Hydro, or Ben Lomond Water, have finished putting in the new pipe at the dam. There is now a huge muddy expanse on which Labradors can run and play. You sink into it slightly too. Well I do.

Dirt Labs
Now it's officially Winter on the calendar, though I don't think it starts until the Winter Solstice really, Peri likes to be snuggled up in her polar fleece. Preferably with the lights off so she can sleep. That's not going to happen in the lounge room so she has her own solution.

Peri wants a dark sleep
Lorelai Gilmore just likes to run. She's still well, but I do limit her endless running a little.

Run gilly run
I'm staying home today. Tomorrow I'm doing cat Aunt things with Cleo, Caramello and Muppin and taking them to the vet for their vaccinations and possibly to be told they are fat!!! MrsDrWho and I are planning to catch up on four or even six Craftsy BOM squares. They are fairly easy, so I think we will be able to.

I am reading voraciously. I've already taken The Ambassador's Mission and The Rogue back to The Library. Dead Simple by Peter James was OK, I didn't really warm to the main character. These four books are all parts of series, so I have to gird my mind and try and remember what happened in the previous books as I read.

On Wednesday it is the Transit of Venus (Hello Captain Cook) and if my appointment with the specialist doesn't run too long, or too late, I'm hoping to go to the Planetarium/Museum where they are having an outside broadcast, so to speak. The next Transit will be in December 2117, so I don't want to miss this one.

Frost and fog, or fost and frog, abound. We're a foggy city with an inversion layer, though proper fog usually means a nice sunny day. It also means I can see the spiders' webs......


It's the queen's Sixtieth Jubilee. I am sure she is a very nice lady who works hard and she's been doing the job for a very long time. It's just that she's not my queen, whatever the Constitution says, and the UK makes Australians stand in the 'Alien' or foreign line at Customs. So I'm having a little republican time out and I'll watch lots of TV stored on my DVR.

Which means everyone else is free to celebrate as they see fit. Jubilate away!!!!



I'm sorry you got poked and prodded and ended up so sore,even f it was for a good cause

I do hope your charger turns up.

The Labradors look like they ad lots of fun!


It sounds as though you have worn yourself out with all those medical things. I hope that they all took note of what you said and that they apply it to their visits with patients. Looks like your doggies enjoy that mud. Tess our Jack Russell just came back from a walk and looks as though she has little brown gumboots on!


I had a biscuit at Nanna's on Friday and couldn't remember what it really was, though it bought back memories from my childhood, thank you for reminding me it was a Monte Carlo. I hope your spleen gets back to normal soon.


Ouch, I can feel the prods and pokes. I hope they didn't produce bruises but wouldn't be surprised if they did.

If you really have lost the charger, places like Tandy or Dick Smiths sell generic chargers at a much cheaper price than the brand name. I too have lost a charger in the past.

Take things easy this week. If you were in Sydney that would mean on the lounge with some easy knitting, a cup of good tea and the heater. It's cold and wet here.

I'm not a monarchist but think the system works if don't pay too much attention to the philosophy behind it. Being pragmatic I suppose. I would hate to have the shenanigans other countries go through to then find the parliament/congress etc is different flavour to the head of state.


Hope you'll have your strength back soon. I like Peri's solution for sleeping with light's "off". It's good to see Gilly run with such joy.


I'm not even sure where my spleen is but I think mine hurts just thinking about your spleen's experience! At least you've furthered these future doctors' knowledge and empathy for patients.
Peri is so cute snuggling in her blanky!
We're also in Transit-viewing territory, though the forecast that day is not promising here for prime viewing.


yes i think its a little rude that we get treated like that by our outdated colonial overlords. i do wish they'd bugger off. she does seem sweet though, i suspect we will go all bolshie when she dies/steps down. i loooove the picture of peri, my old dog scout used to get under the doona with me but none of the current three will submit to such humilation. hope you are feeling less prodded today.


I hope your spleen has recovered!

We loved the jubilee here - an extra Bank Holiday was just the ticket as it was like a mini-holiday for us.

Jennifer Rose

i am so sick of hearing about the queen, its all people have been talking about this week. yes she has been queen for 60 years, but it such an outdated thing now

love the pics of peri in her blanket :D

i always let the juniour doctors in to the room when i am getting examined. they have to learn somehow!


It's great of you to share details of your health issues with all those new students & I am sure they learnt a lot. Hope you will feel better after a good rest. Those Kingstons look yummy.


You're very kind Cindy to be a guinea pig for the medical students. I used to be one too, but my health issues are now too complex to fit into one category or another, so now they don't want me! :)

I hope you spleen feels a lot better soon!

Peri is so sweet all snuggled up :)

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