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Tie-'em After Time

I did not realise that all my life I had been tying my shoelaces the wrong way. For the last few months I have been making sure I tie them the correct way and it is pretty much second nature now. Tripping over shoe laces whilst walking on a bush track is not a good thing!!

At last I have a proper photo of 10nant, the Bigger on the Inside Tardis shawl being worn, fittingly, by MrsDrWho!!

10nant shawl
I also completed the cause of last week's slight meltdown: The Star Wars Felt Book, also for MrsDrWho. Five of the pages were too small and I had to add tiny borders. It was the last straw for a few days. I do love using the rotary cutter to cut and trim the felt for the pages. I also used direct quotes from the films, rather than the headings in the pattern.

Star Wars
Here's the book bound by my patented Four Button and Embroidery Thread method!! And the first page.

Star Wars 1
Poor C3-PO, he's always all a-dither.

Star Wars 2
Luke's lightsaber moves and so does the grey be-rubied disc. The pictures were taken on a dull day......

Star Wars FB

Ha!! The Death Star and inside:

Sw 5b
Yes, finger puppets and you can tell I made up Chewbacca and Darth.  Oh dear.

Star Wars 4

Here's Yoda levitating in the Dagobah Forest.

Star Wars 5
Note Princess Leia's copper bikini top (Jabba had poor taste) and then Luke's artificial hand.

Star Wars 6
And finally, some TIE Fighters. With some pitiful yellow explosions underneath.

The End.

Peri went to the vet to donate blood for another sick dog. Being ten, she's at the upper end of the donating age and next time Lorelai Gilmore is going along as well to have a trial run. While Peri was at the vet Gilly and I went for a little walk in town to The Library and when we came home she spent five minutes running through the house and backyard looking for Peri. Poor Gilly!!

The vet rang to tell me Peri was a very good girl and she was ready to come home. Apparently she was a very good girl until Dr Tim opened his muesli bar and then it was all wriggly tails and small piteous cries from Peri Pumpkin. I am always very proud of The Labradors when they donate blood to help other dogs. Gilly waited impatiently in the car, but Peri was more interested in the other dog inside.

Peri donates, Gilly waits
It was, nevertheless, a joyous reunion!!!

Home again Pups
I bought three colourful cauliflowers and made some delicious cauliflower au gratin. I even used fresh breadcrumbs for the top.

Caulis for tea

I made a sewing machine pincushion for MrsDrWho and I will shortly be making one for myself.

Machine pin cushion
I have almost finished knitting some Gardening Gloves for Mrs GardyGardener. I made them longer in every respect because of the cold weather. It was -9*C last night on Ben Lomond and we can see it from our kitchen, well verandah anyway. I just have to so the sewn cast off and eight rows for the thumb.

Gardening gloves almost complete
We have been resting for two days, in the afternoon, just to make sure Peri is fully recovered from her donation. There isn't a walk on Wednesdays and so we will stay home and maybe make some Birthday Bunting for Lucy!!!



Your Star Wars book is amazing! You are so clever and kind to your friends. I think my favourite is C3PO! And I think your
Chewbacca puppet is very cool!

What a good dog Peri is, to help out another. I hope Gilly will be a good girl for the trial next time.

The purple cauli really looks like a flower! Too pretty to eat!


Love the shawl!


Maybe I won't need to double-knot with this tying method.
Nice shawl! I have the yarn for the Tardis shawl to make for my daughter.
The Star Wars book is amazing, what fun for lucky MrsDW!
How cool that Peri can donate blood.
I love cauliflower; there are so many yummy ways to prepare it.


Well I learnt something today reading your blog, that dogs donate blood, I never knew that. You have some patience there making the beautiful books, so much work involved. What lovely photos of those cute pair back together in the car.

Michelle Lee

Colourful cauliflower?????????? This is the first time I've heard or seen such a thing???


I didnt know that dogs donated blood. Well done on Peri for being such a good girl. I love your Star Wars book, how fantastic. Do the cauliflowers taste any diffent with the colors or are they just the same. I love cauliflower as long as it has cheese sauce on top, especially in baked potatoes! Hope your keeping warm. It sounds like your going through very cold weather.


The Tardis Shawl looks great & I showed the pattern to my girls who are Dr Who's fans. Peri is a life saver to donate her blood for another dog & she is setting a good example for Gilly.


I love the shawl! So do my girls.

Peri is lovely to donate blood.

I think your star wars book is fantastic !!

Jennifer Rose

that is a great star wars book :D

purple cauliflower?!?! very sci fi looking :p

love the tardis shawl, wish i could knit one :)


Oh what a good girl Peri is!!!!


look at that great tardis shawl! Well done!

And a sewing machine pin cushion? Oh what a wonderful idea!


Goodness, the Star Wars book is amazing!

I'd never thought about dogs donating blood, but it's obvious now that I think about it. What a nice thing to be able to do.


I love your Tardis shawl and the Stars Wars book is amazing!

It is such a nice idea that dogs can donate blood. I've not heard of it before.

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