Lucy's In The Sky With Diamonds
Friday Food: Labradors' Spinach Biscuits

Citius, Fortius, Altius: Carrot-us.

Yes, Peri and Gilly are faster, higher and stronger when there are carrots involved, month old carrots on the top of the green-things-to-go-to-the-tip or compost heap, and they can help themselves too. I knew Gilly was stealing carrots and radishes, but as the supply diminished so its value increased, and at the very last Peri was making sure she stole her fair share as well. As Pierre De Coubertin said: The most important thing is not to win, but to take part.

Carrot sneakers
I've been a little sad, not for me, but for my friends. The funeral for Lucy was perfect, but I was so sad afterwards that by the time I had made three previously composed and smiling people cry, I thought I should go. Not even a sweet cup of tea could have cheered me up. I wasn't sad for me, but for my friends: there was nothing I could do to make them feel better. I have been worried I might slip into a small depression. I haven't felt very social and I have been sleeping A Lot. So I've been taking my Vitamin D tablets and sitting in the Sun and trying to be cheery. I am somewhat cheerier now.

Baby Zoe is stable and I have a lovely picture on my phone of her being cuddled, but for the life of me I can't work out how to get the picture from my text inbox to my computer. I suspect I need a cable I don't have!!

Added 5 minutes later: and where are my manners?? Thank you so much for all the beautiful comments and kind words on the last post about Lucy. It was very comforting to read them and I passed them on to the family. Thank you.

I haven't been reading other people's blog posts, or checking my phone or email. I made an effort this morning and read an email from a friend just checking to see if I was sad or not well. Just sad, but it spurred me to write a post for my blog. And here it is.

I started knitting a doily for my mum, but I am counting it as a large tension circle. The No. 40 DMC cotton is just too fine. The pattern called for No. 50, but I don't think it correlates with modern cotton sizes. I'm going to start again with a perle or 2ply thread. I also didn't copy the abbreviations so I had to work out what to do each row by counting how many stitches I needed on the next one. It is very pretty and I shall enjoy starting the doily proper this week.

Doily 1.0
I bought some material to make a Spring dress. It is a modern 70s print. I'll be making a sleeveless Amazing Fit 2247, the dress I discovered fits me!! With a voucher and discount it only cost $13.

70s dress fabric, new
My lemon tree has one solitary lemon that has survived the Winter thus far and some Spring bulbs are already out.

In the garden
And on my car I now have our 'family': two K9s!! And you can see one real canine (Peri) looking through the icy back window, wondering what I am doing and why we haven't already driven off to go for a walk.

K9 family
Peri and Lorelai Gilmore love the cold weather and play outside even if it is raining. We have had fog and below zero temperatures in the mornings, but that always means a lovely sunshiny day!!

Peri and Gilly, lovely Labradors



Nice to see you pop up again. Sadness is ok, there's a lot to be sad about for little Lucy and her family. It's hard knowing there's little you can do to help. Be kind to yourself, take it easy :-)


I think the very hardest thing is feeling at a loss to help the ones suffering the most, but I know that by just being 'there' for them is always a comfort,the sadness never really goes away but gradually we begin to feel the little joys of life again and they also help us on the path to recovery...have you tried emailing the picture to yourself from the phone so you can copy or save the image ? Its lovely as always to see those beautiful furry faces of your family enjoying themselves, they also offer us comfort when we need it the most...keep well and do good things for you x


I'm sorry you are feeling so sad. As Deb said, that feeling of helplessness that you feel about her family doesn't help. But your kindness is one if the biggest helps of all, if you know what I mean.

Your mum's doily is lovely - I must knit one for my mum too.


It's totally understandable that you are sad after such a loss. It takes time. The fact that you are knitting and sewing and dog walking and back blogging are positive steps to help you carry on.
The flowery green fabric will make a perfect Spring dress.


Leonie said it quite right. I've read about the family's misfortune on the internet. Take care of yourself!


Hang in there, dear. It is hard to be cheery in winter anyway, let alone at a time like this for you.
Were you not so kind, you would not be so affected. Hugs to you and the K9 family!

Jennifer Rose

very good seeing a post from you :)

love that green fabric, very pretty :D

human make the car move! ;p


I wondered if you were ok so am glad you blogged. It is totally understandable you are feeling sad - a loss like that is such a blow. I hope things get better. I like your K9s.


It's great that you are feeling better. It's hard to handle such a sad loss & only time will heal. I have lots of lemons on my tree & have been giving them away. My tree fruits throughout the year. Love the idea of a spring dress. Take care.


hope the sun finds its way to your heart. No wonder the dogs and cat can be found basking in its glory.
Dog that eat carrot? hmmm My peper would eat anything but not Zeus.


I've been thinking a lot about you. It's okay to be sad, Cindy. You can't let it consume you, though. I completely understand depression and have lived with it my whole adult life. It's good to see you posting again. I missed you.

On another note, I keep forgetting you're on the other side of the world. When you post about it being below zero, I get knocked off my square. I always forget that our seasons are the opposite.

Hang in there, friend. Everything will get better in time. While those words might not help right now, you've got to believe it will happen. Peace.


oh yes, sadness can be so overwhelming. It sounds like you are giving yourself time and space, and some sunshine and puppy joy - it's the best you can do and it will help. In time.


I think a lot of people don't want to feel depressed and sometimes it's good to go through it because it's part of the grieving process. I'm glad you're better. I'm glad the pups are there to help you. Sending you lots and lots of hugs.


I love the K9 stickers


You and your friends have been in my thoughts and I have been wondering how you all have been doing. I must admit that I still shed some tears everytime I think about little Lucy, and what you have all been through, and the unfairness of it all.

Sadness is normal and healthy, but I'm glad to see you back blogging and talking to us all.

I hope it will please you to know that my own two little ones cornered The Baker into a rousing round of the Labrador Easter song to the tune of Waltzing Matilda the other day (I told you we had it!). Cheered me up no end to hear them saying 'AGAIN' every time he thought he had finished!

Lots and lots and lots of love to you and your carrot-nabbing labs. xxxx


I hope you are feeling a little better now, though I know it will take time.

The dress pattern looks fabulous - I think I will have to try it myself next year!

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