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It Is Better To Have Gloved And Lost.........

After my careful reconstruction of the cuff of my Dog Walking mittens, I lost one. I don't know where, and of course if I did it wouldn't be lost.

So I have started knitting some new Almost Gloves, in some lovely Zara Merino 8ply in a dark forest green. There was a slight misreading of the pattern last night which led to the unravelling of thirty or so rows of stocking stitch, but they are on track now. Always read the pattern carefully!!! I'm using 3.75mm needles and I am glad because they are not too snug a fit. I plan to knit up to the start of my nails, ending the last few rows with rib. Then I'll have my fingertips free to fiddle with dog leads and dispense seaweed rice cracker treats.

Slightly fingertipless gloves
Judy-May is off on an adventure and a few knitting friends met for brunch at the Milkbar for a farewell. I made her a Conversations Zippy bag in which she can possibly put some socks on small needles. It's a new twist on the normal pattern where the bottom of the zip is external and serves as a tab for pulling the bag shut again. I used to love Conversations lollies, not for the taste, but for the conversations. Happy and exciting new Adventure Judy May.

Conversations zippy bag
I made a conservative choice of toasted ham, cheese and avocado baguette, but everything was so perfect that I was very happy with my brunch. There was a wide choice, but I have to avoid semi sundried tomatoes. I just thought that as they make everything right there, I could have asked for my brunch without them. I shall be going back to buy a Colette pattern or two and check out the vintage fabric. I spied a piece or two I fancied.

I succumbed and bought Lorelai Gilmore some Plastic Cuppies, which are her favourite toy. She was like a dog with forty-two tails. She was so wriggly and fast that I could barely take her photo, she was a blur.

Not so good photos of Gilly and her cup
I did manage one picture that was passable.

Gilly's best cuppy picture

Peri was a bit subdued yesterday, but she was full of energy and played rough and rowdy rebel games while I was putting on my walking shoes this morning. Here she is doing an Arctic Roll on the icy grass at the dam.

Peri's arctic roll
I have finished my first plain 8ply sock, and I do think it looks very nice.  8ply socks knit up so quickly, I had finished this before I had my new Almost Gloves ready to start. I am doing cheat's twisted rib at the momennt, K1 tbl, P1. P1 tbl is just too much trouble.

A plain sock
It's been quite mild today and dull but we have had some lovely sunny days, and Peri and Gilly like to nap together on the couch. There is still, just, room for me!!

Sunny pups



I love the 'arctic roll'!!

What a lovely present this bag is for your friend :)

Hopefully your new mitts will stay together with each other for a while LOL


Sorry, I was just skimming today, and have to say, I LOVE the last picture! :o)

Jennifer Rose

gilly looks so happy with her cup! :D

i love that heart fabric, and still eat the candy, dont read it, just eat it :p


Love that bag. I have never seen Conversations lollies before. That 8ply sock is gorgeous. I also just finish a sock with the same rib cuff & it looks great.


What a really cute bag! Pity about the lost mitt, it seems that we should knit them in 3's doesnt it. Your doggies look as though they like snuggling on the couch which is perfect in this weather lately!


I love the photo of the girls in the sun, that would be my favourite spot too! I am glad there is room for you there as well!


I'm smiling at Gilly with her plastic cup and Peri doing an arctic roll :) Those 8 ply socks look fab and so do your mittens.


Such a cute bag!
You will probably find your stray mitten as soon as you finish its replacement. >:-(
How funny that Gilly prefers a plastic cup for a toy, just like kids being happy with a box, never mind the item in the box.
The couch looks like a snuggly place to be!


If you can stand it you could attach the gloves to a long cord that is to run up each arm and across the chest. Then when you slip off the gloves the glove will dangle from the end of your sleeve and may not get lost as easily ...

You probably know of this little trick, non?

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