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Lucy's In The Sky With Diamonds

Toddler LucyToddler Lucy died this morning.

My friends rang a little while ago to tell me.

And what a hard job that is, ringing to tell people so they don't hear it on the news or read it somewhere first.

I really appreciated that.

We're all very sad.

I am so lucky to have been able to know Lucy and to have her in my life, albeit ever so briefly.

She was so loved, so wanted and sometimes a rummun!!

I know that her mum and dad and family will find the strength to cope, and to continue to care for Baby Zoe, but it is hard.

Hard and unfair and just wrong.

Farewell Toddler Lucy and we send you on your way with Labrador kisses and lots of snuggly cuddles.

Bye Lovely Lucy: you sparkled.



As I said in my email, this is sad, sad news. Poor little thing.


Oh my goodness she is so beautiful. So very sad that she passed away, another beautiful angel gone to heaven.


My deepest sympathy to poor Lucy's family. Such a sad thing for a young one to have such a short time here.


My thoughtsn & prayers are with her family & friends......she had many I'm sure! Such a sweet precious girl.


I am so so sorry to hear this.

Gentle hugs


I'm so sorry to read this. Hugs to you and her family, but especially, angel hugs to little Toddler Lucy.


A life cut too short, condolences to all who knew and loved her.


What sad news :( A dreadful phone call to make and to receive, I can't even begin to imagine how hard it would be to do that call over and over. My thoughts with all involved.


Such love to you and to Lucy's family. What a hard road this is for all of you. Such a beautiful, loved little girl whose time with us was too short. xxx

barb brownlee

she already looked like an angel- what a sad sad event- i'm halfway around the world from you, but i can feel the heartbreak- i do so hope the dreadful disease that took her far too soon will someday have a cure- peace and comfort to her family and friends and know she is in loving arms in heaven-

barb in texas


so terribly sad, thoughts are with her family and community at this time xx


what very sad news, wishing extra courage for the family and friends, sending you hugs Cindy xxoo


I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy's passing. Sending you thoughts and prayers and warm hugs. She sounded like a special girl.


Oh Cindy, I only 'knew' Lucy through your blog but I am writing this comment through my tears for her and all of those who loved her. I am so sorry. I wish much strength and courage to her parents as they deal with the difficult days ahead, even though I know they must be incredibly strong and brave people already. Hugs to you all xx


I'm sorry to hear about Lucy. May she rest in peace.


I am so sorry Cindy. May love sustain you all. x


Puggle hugs to you, Cindy. Please share some with the family for me.


thinking of all of you. that is dreadfully sad.
sending hugs.

lynne s of oz

Such a sad thing. I'm sorry to hear of Lucy's passing. Condolences to you all, and wishing baby Zoe better things.


This is such sad news, Cindy. I am so sorry to hear this.


oh it's awful. so awful. Sweet, precious little life.

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